9 Persuasion Techniques What You Need To Know

Persuasion Techniques That You Need To Know About Before You Write Your Next Post



You pour your heart and soul into creating a piece of content but it falls flat. No comments or shares, not even one


Has this ever happened to you?


“Well, if it’s any consolation, you are not the only one. We have all been there. However, we learn over time. And so can you. You can learn how to use words that persuade people to open your emails, click through, consume your content AND respond to your call to action”…says , (author Blog @Get Response.com)




Here are 9 timeless persuasion techniques that you need to know BEFORE you write your next blog post





#1 Use the word “YOU”

  • ‘You’ has got to be the most powerful word in English language.
  • When you use it, your reader feels like you are talking ‘to’ them, and not ‘at’ them.
  • They truly feel part of the conversation and feel like they matter.
  • When you use it, you put the focus on the them and it becomes all about them.
  • Use the word ‘you’ generously when you write a blog post, social media post or a sales page.
  • Use this word to make your writing that more persuasive.


#2 Use “THEIR” name

  • You love hearing your name.
  • It’s music to your ears.
  • You feel like you are being heard and taken care of.
  • You want your readers to feel like that.
  • Use their name when you respond to their blog comments, or on social media.
  • People feel pampered and they remember you.


#3 “ASK” for what you want

  • You’ll never get what you want until you ask for it.
  • We all know this and still we ignore it.
  • Where can you do this is your content?
  • You can ask people after every blog post you write.
  • Ask them to leave a comment and pose a specific question to make it even easier.
  • Ask them to share your post on social media



#4 Give a reason “WHY”

  • If you want somebody to do something, give them a reason why they should do it.
  • People make decisions on emotions but justify them on logic.
  • Next time you want people to share something, say something like this, “if you found this useful, share this with one friend who will find it helpful and thank you for it.”
  • Give people a reason to do something because it gets results.


#5 Make it really “EASY” for people

  • If they are going to your sales page and yet nobody’s buying, do you think you are asking them to jump through too many hoops in order to purchase?
  • Whatever you want to do, if you break it down and make it really easy, the likelihood of people doing exactly that goes up significantly.
  • Remove any obstacles and confusions, and you will see people starting to respond more favorably.


#6 Follow the “AIDA” sequence

  • What is the AIDA sequence?
  • A = Attention
  • I = Interest
  • D = Desire
  • A = Action
  • This is a super powerful persuasion technique that you can use to make any piece of communication work ten times better.
  • How can you persuade people to click the link, open it, read it all the way through and share it as well?
  • Using the AIDA sequence, will look something like this:
  • Grab their attention by writing a compelling headline. You can do this by arousing their curiosity or hinting at a straight benefit.
  • Capture their interest by creating a hook. Meaning, write an opening that continues to hold their attention. This is where most people fail.
  • Build desire (read till the end to gain full benefit) by continuing to create a blog post that is conversational, flows well and is highly relevant to this reader.
  • Convince them to take action by creating a strong call to action.


#7 Give your images a “HUMAN” touch

  • Many people buy for emotional reasons.
  • If you make them feel right, they are sure to take action.
  • So how can you use this insight within your content.
  • In your blog content use images that draw attention and keep people focused
  • Choose images wisely.


#8 “PUSH” people’s buttons (in a nice way)

  • The idea is to choose topics that get people talking.
  • These six buttons are: Taboo, Unusual, Outrageous, Hilarious, Remarkable and Secrets.
  • Here’s how these content types are defined:
  • Taboo: Content around topics that labeled by a society as improper, unacceptable, prohibited, or profane. These topics make uncomfortable. Think potty humour.
  • Unusual: The topics are not common, or ordinary. Unique pieces of content that stand out from the rest.
  • Outrageous: Content that is shocking or unconventional.
  • Hilarious: Content that have people in stitches. Funny.
  • Remarkable: Extraordinary, epic, worthy of notice. Attention grabbing.
  • Secrets: Kept from general public but available to a select group of people.
  • Next time when you want to create a piece of content, think about how many boxes does the piece tick?


#9 Make your writing “HYPNOTIC” 

  • Don’t tell your reader what you want them to hear.
  • Tell them what they want to hear.
  • Don’t focus so much on your product, focus on solving your reader’s problems and helping them achieve their desires.
  • Imagine your reader asking ‘so what?’ or ‘why should I care?’ to everything you are saying to them. Then write in a way that answers this question.
  • Meet them where they are mentally. Enter the conversation that is already happening inside their heads. Ask yourself what are their beliefs currently. Acknowledge those and then add your own insights.
  • Use vivid language that paints a picture in their minds. Use words that let them imagine how it’s like to use your product or service. Show, don’t tell.
  • Ask questions. Answer any objections they might have.
  • Infuse your personality in your writing. Write like you are writing to a friend. Here’s a trick if you find it hard to make your copy conversational. Call a friend and tell them about your idea and record your conversation. Transcribe it and edit for clarity.
  • Get excited. When you create something that moves you, it has a great chance of moving others as well.



So, at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter how much time you spend creating a blog post. It doesn’t even matter how good you think a blog post is.



[tweet_box design=”default”]What matters is if your reader thinks it’s really good.  So, put the focus on them. Ask ‘what’s in it for them’ every chance you get. Hook them in with a strong headline, intro and ask them to do something with a strong call to action.  Make them the center of your content universe. And you’ll have them eating out of your hand.[/tweet_box]




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14 thoughts on “9 Persuasion Techniques What You Need To Know

  1. Have to agree I had this problem when I started blogging but then built it up just to be knocked down by hackers so now having to go through it all again and got very disheartened knowing I had to start from scratch so not doing much blogging at the moment but will get back to it. Thanks for sharing these tips.

  2. What a value packed post Joan! You want your writing to speak directly to that person and using the word “you” often really makes it personal allow you to connect with people through your writing. Thanks again for sharing this post.

  3. Hi Joan,
    when you understand the psychology of what triggers people to buy, it helps to grow your business … not for manipulation, but for connecting with what they want .. Merry Christmas my friend 🙂

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