How To Achieve Engagement with Email Marketing

Achieve Engagement with Email Marketing











One of the biggest challenges facing marketers is achieving engagement with email marketing.






Obtaining someone’s email address is an awesome privilege, but getting that person to open an email can be an impossible task.








Here are three steps for achieving more engagement through email, from start to finish from Zach Bulygo , a blogger for KISSmetrics







Each step will need to be completed successfully in order to get engagement.





Step One: Headline – Keep It Short to get Attention

  • The headline is the most important aspect of an email.
  • You can’t pull readers through the door if your subject line doesn’t get attention and provoke curiosity.
  • Remember that the subject line and the first few words of an email are crucial for attracting readers.




Step Two: First Few Words (Important for Email Preview)

  • The first line of the email is a key part of the email message.
  • The first line of the email accompanies the subject line.
  • It’s like the sub-headline that promotes intrigue and provokes reader interest beyond what the subject can do.
  • More and more email programs (even on mobile) include a preview of the message.
  • Yet many marketers have not adapted their email message to fit the preview.




Step Three: Message and Call-to-Action

  • It’s best to do everyone a favor and keep the email message short.
  • People want to save time, and long email messages don’t help them achieve that goal.
  • Most emails give readers a few call-to-action buttons, such as “Buy Now” or “Click here to ___.” 







Email remains one of the most relied upon tactics for acquiring new customers and keeping current customers engaged.



Getting good at it requires experimentation and patience.






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