How To Add Vitality To Your About Page

Add A Little Vitality To Your About Page




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Why is writing your own About page so darn hard?





How can you make your About page stand out?





When you write your About page, says Henneke,  forget about yourself for a moment, and begin with defining:

  • Who are you writing for?
  • What action would you like him to take?
  • Would you like him to email you to ask for a quote or sign up to your newsletter? Or pick up the phone?
  • Why would your reader take action?
  • What can you promise him?







Your About page is a sales page; and selling starts with understanding what your reader is looking for.







You need to start utilizing these 3 steps in your about page from Henneke, to encourage your reader to take action





 Step 1. Quick intro

  • Start with telling people what you do.
  • When you describe what you do, avoid words like authorityguru and expert.
  • Tell people simply what you do, and add an adjective–like irreverent–to give a glimpse of who you are.
  • Your personal intro can be a 3-sentence caption under your picture or a separate paragraph.
  • And you can use the same approach for your social media profiles.




Step 2. Your mission

  • Explain how you want to make the world a better place–even if it’s in a small way
  • Don’t write a corporate mission.
  • Avoid words like market-leadingbest-in-class, and state-of-the-art.
  • Because your mission is not to be the best; your mission tells people how you can help.
  • A good mission energizes or makes people smile.
  • Make your mission part of your company story, and explain how each of your team members contributes to your mission or how they make your client’s lives easier.




Step 3. Credibility enhancers

  • Can you mention well-known clients or show the logos of publications you’ve appeared in?
  • Or can specific details demonstrate your knowledge and expertise?
  • What would you like readers to remember about you?
  • Share a fascinating detail or tell a mini-story demonstrating your passion.
  • Business stories can help you bond with your readers, allowing them to get to know you.
  • But keep it short.
  • Share only relevant details that make your personality shine.





What’s important is writing a page that enchants your readers and entices them to contact you.




Small touches make a big difference.




Each detail should engage your reader.




Lower the barrier for getting in touch.




Be personal.




Be welcoming.







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