Are You A Creature Of Habit?

Creatures Of Habit










We Are All Creatures Of Habit






Here is some great advice on managing your self-talk, and creating positive habits… Brad Worthley






We are creatures of habit and as you go through each day, old habits will be challenging you and trying to get you to revert back to your old ways.






Habits can come in the form of behavior, thinking, feelings, or perceptions.





A Tibetan Buddhist Rinpoche named Chogyam Trungpa once
wrote: “No one is more arrogant than someone who is caught
up in habits, that they cannot understand how another person
can interpret things in a different way, or can desire to do
something different.”





If your habits have created success for you in the past, then
your brain tries to keep you using those same habits……


However, times change, and people need to change with those









Relying on past habits for future success can lead to habits that make you lethargic or complacent.

  • Changing habits is difficult because our brain is constantly monitoring inbound information, and trying to protect us from pain.
  • As our brain monitors our thoughts and other inbound information, it is seeking to protect us from either physical or emotional pain.
  • But in its effort to protect us from emotional pain, it becomes overzealous and keeps us from sometimes making positive changes.
  • To keep us safe from these pains, our brain will send us messages that try to drive us back into our comfort zone.

  • When we are taught how to do something new, our brain will react and say; “This isn’t the way we normally do this –let’s do it our way because it is safe.”





Your self-talk can take a long time to go away, and
sometimes it never goes away.



In order to be successful in change, you need to manage your self-talk and be aware it is speaking to you.

  • Awareness creates change, and if you are aware of your self-talk, then you can manage your change much more successfully.
  • Many people are also addicted to giving up their power, and find comfort in doing so.
  • As long as these people believe that other people control their lives, then they can continue to play the victim role that suits them so well.
  • Life can actually be simpler for victims because there aren’t many decisions they have to make……And if others are making the decisions in their life, then it reduces the chance of them ever having to be wrong.
    • Life is sweet, because anything that goes wrong in their life was certainly someone else’s fault.








Being open to new ideas and new ways of doing things is a universal strength of the truly successful.










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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington










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  1. Great Post Joan and it’s so true. I am one of those that are set in my habits in many ways. It is hard to change but you did provide through you post some good advice to change. πŸ™‚

    Thank you,
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