Are You A Smart Online Marketer?

Smart Online Marketing Is About Help, Not Hype


So, how do you think like a smart online marketer?


“Marketing today is harder than marketing yesterday. And tomorrow? Tomorrow, marketing will be even harder, because the competition will be even greater”…….says Mitch Meyerson,



One of the best ways to succeed in today’s massively competitive online marketing environment and become a smart online marketer, is to be truly and inherently useful—to focus your energy on creating marketing that people actually find helpful , and easily implemented, not marketing that people simply tolerate. Create information and education that’s helpful and useful, and attention, sales, and loyalty will follow, eventually.


This is known as “Youtility,” says Mitch, and more and more businesses are using it in their online marketing.

There are 3 Types of Youtility

1.  Self-Serve Information-giving people the opportunity to inform themselves how and when they wish, instead of being funneled through contact mechanisms of the company’s choosing.

2.  Radical Transparency-which provides incredibly forthright answers to nearly every question a customer could conceivably ask, before they think to ask it.

3.  Real-Time Relevancy-being massively useful at particular moments in the life of the customer, and then fading into the background until the next opportunity to help arises.


Today’s consumers want to know all the facts and having this kind of self-service information (i.e. a series of videos, comprehensive blog, ebooks, slideshare presentations, or a podcast-more than likely it is a combination of all of these)  about what you do, how you do it, and for whom, is what turns interest into action and is what will make you a very smart online marketer.



As a smart online marketer, you need to remember that Trust is the most important ingredient in your success, online or offline. Without trust, you have no customers and you have no future. Unfortunately, we often engage in online marketing activities that diminish trust. For example: Squeeze pages that are too aggressive. Email that isn’t opt-in. Stalker-ish retargeting ads.


You will gain more trust easily if you utilize Youtility.


How to Create Useful Youtility With Real-Time Relevancy

  • There are three ways to provide real-time relevancy with Youtility:
  • Be useful based on the customer’s location
  • Be useful based on the customer’s situation
  • Be useful based on seasonality or external factors


Providing value via a mobile app or mobile-enabled content marketing program is the easiest path because when using a mobile device, customers and prospective customers are often sending a steady stream of information about what they might need. Tapping into a consumer’s location and then providing geography-specific usefulness is the most common way businesses can be helpful in a mobile context.


What you need—and what we all need—is a north star; a guidepost that helps us make better decisions about our online marketing. That north star is Youtility.


When you’re confused or frustrated or uncertain about what and how to deploy and optimize your online marketing program, just ask yourself this simple thing, and then reassess your options: Is your marketing so useful that people would pay for it? Is your marketing a Youtility?



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