Are You Aware Of These 7 Conversion Killers?

As a copywriter and blogger, you should become aware of the following 7 conversion killers



“Discomfort is the mother of all conversion killers”.…….says  Barry Feldman (@Feldmancreative)




As Barry explains in his post  “Any copywriter worth his (or her) weight (or rate) needs to understand this reality and quickly wordsmith newcomers down a path to their comfort zone. Where a web page is the terrain, the copywriter’s the tour guide, instructor, concierge, maître d’, and of course, sales clerk. If the copy can’t seal the deal, it must offer something compelling to start some sort of relationship.”




This thing we call conversion isn’t so much about transforming someone’s way of thinking; it’s tapping into a need they already have and motivating them to agree this is the time and place to take action.  You need to get them into a comfort zone.



By avoiding in your copy, the following 7 causes of discomfort  (7 conversion killers):


1. Confusion

  • Confusion is your worst nemesis.
  • Clarity is the key to overcoming it.
  • Connect the before with the after.

2. Distraction

  • Focus is the solution.
  • How can your copy keep your readers focused?
  • By keeping it simple


3.  Apathy

  • Apathy is a lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern.
  • How to keep your readers “emotionally” infested:
  • State how your offer applies to the readers’ needs
  • Deliver the answer to the question, “What’s in it for me?”
  • Be specific


4.  Boredom

  • As a communicator, no matter what you want your audience to do—learn, respond, share, attend, sign-up, try, buy—if they tune out, you lose.
  • Boredom’s the deal breaker.
  • What can you do?
  • Make it fun. 
  • Tell a little story.
  • Find an appropriate emotional hot button and push it.
  • Ask questions.
  • Get them involved.
  • And always, always, remember the fastest way to bore your reader is fixating on your company.
  • Your page must be about the reader.
  • The goal is to keep the reader engaged and her eyes moving.


5.  Friction

  • Friction subtracts from your conversion.
  • You avoid it by:
  • Introduce ease. 
  • We face difficult challenges and crave simple solutions. 
  • Reduce risk. 
  • “What if” always lingers in the mind of the potential buyer.
  • Speak to the dream. 
  • Assure your reader the dream is attainable.
  • Overcome objections. 
  • With each solution you propose, anticipate the reader’s subsequent objection and address it.


6.  Lack of trust

  • “Know, like and trust”
  • Increase confidence by getting known, liked and trusted.
  • Write conversationally. 
  • You’ll gain credibility and your reader’s confidence when your copy feels conversational, casual and caring.
  • Use first person. 
  • Want to be likeable?
  • Be real.
  • Empathize.
  • Do your research and win your customer’s trust by writing the things that show just how well you understand their needs. 
  • Offer proof
  •  Heighten the reader’s trust with testimonials, reviews, ratings, badges, customer logos or any numbers that suggest what you offer is a winner.


7.  Mystery

  • Creating a curious “itch” is an effective tactic for email subject lines, headlines and social media updates.
  • But, when it comes to moving website visitors to the next step in the buying process, the last thing you want to create is mystery.
  • Give your visitor ultra-clear directions.
  • Call for action
  • People are far more likely to do what you want them to when you ask them to in the form of a call to action.
  • One choice wins.
  • To achieve conversion, your page should focus on one clear request.
  • Reiterate the value. 
  • An effective call to action reminds the reader one last time what they will get.
  • Use compelling verbs. 
  • You’re asking for action.
  • Use active verbs.
  • Words such as “get,” “reserve,” “try,” “buy,” or “start” are all strong candidates.




Your goal as a conversion copywriter is to steer the reader into a comfort zone.  So remind yourself to avoid the following 7 conversion killers, with every line you write on every page, your challenge is to lead the prospect closer to doing business with you…..


  1. Overcome confusion
  2. Avoid distraction
  3. Foil apathy
  4. Elude boredom
  5. Prevent friction
  6. Displace lack of trust
  7. Remove mystery



And, that’s how you put your readers in a comfort zone and feel good about taking action.



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  1. Sandy KS says:

    This are great tips. I try and make my blogs interesting. I think I could use a lesson in creating better topics for my boogs.

    • Thank you Sandy! Glad you enjoyed the tips!! Well if you like you can always get access to my FREE blogging course? Let me know if that is something you would be interested in 🙂

  2. Another great guest post by Barry Feldman – who I had not heard of – thanks for sharing – as bloggers, we need to really study the art of copywriting and SEO – big hugs, 🙂 Coach Donna

    • Yes we do need to study the art of copywriting as a blogger, most definately 🙂 This is why I shared his post because it is a great way to get him known 😉 Thank you Donna for your feedback, big hugs my friend 😉

  3. There is so much contained in this post, Joan.I think you could create a large series of posts concentrating on lots of the individual points you’ve made in each heading.

  4. Hi Joan,
    Some very good insights here… boredom, apathy can certainly be picked up in the TONE of your writing … we often don’t realize this .. but if the article has a ho-hum tone, I’m gone… thanks for sharing!

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