Are You Courageous Enough?

Are You Courageous Enough To Find Your Own Path To Business Success?


If you said, YES, then you need to listen up!


When you look at other bloggers, do you admire their confidence?


Do you perhaps feel intimidated by their success?





Often we don’t see other people’s mistakes. And if we do witness their missteps, we consider it part of their learning curve.




But when YOU make a mistake?


Missteps crush our confidence, sending us into the dark pit of self-doubt and embarrassment.  Why do we forgive others but not ourselves?  Why does our self-image crumble each time we make a tiny mistake?


“When we make a mistake in one part of our business, it doesn’t mean our whole business sucks.  And making mistakes doesn’t mean you suck……says Henneke  I bet , like me, you would like to have a blueprint and know exactly what you need to do and how“.


In business, we can’t know exactly who our audience will be. We can’t know exactly what they’ll like to buy and how much they’ll pay for it.  To move forward in business, we have to embrace uncertainty. We have to accept a trial-and-error approach.


Do you think uncertainty is risky?  Uncertainty also means unexpected opportunities. A testimonial can help write better sales copy. A blog comment can give you an idea for your next book. An email from a reader may give you an idea for your next course.


When you see running a business as an ongoing learning experience, you become open for new opportunities, and more forgiving of your mistakes.


Don’t you just wish there was a magic switch that all you need to do is FLIP THAT SWITCH and be more kinder to yourself, accept your mistakes and totally enjoy the journey.


But the truth is … changing your mindset is hard work. Learning to be kind to yourself is difficult.


A few things you need to keep in mind to help you find your courageous self:

  1. Realize how much energy you are wasting by getting frustrated with yourself. What would you rather do with this energy?
  2. Take better care of yourself. Eat well. Sleep well. Take more breaks.
  3. Find like-minded people to support you.


Where do you feel the most courageous?


As a small business owner, you have a huge advantage where you don’t need to appeal to everyone…….you need to find your own tribe


When you work with the people who share your attitude, work becomes more rewarding, more energizing, and more fun.


So build your business on your strengths.


Your beliefs.


Your personality.


But above all…….Believe in yourself.  And be kind to yourself.



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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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0 Replies to “Are You Courageous Enough?”

  1. It is so true and the scary part for many, is that to move forward in business, we have to embrace uncertainty.
    Another great post Joan – Hugs and smiles, Coach Donna

  2. Great phrase to embrace uncertainty. Hardly anyone talks about this. They suggest you measure your ROI, look at analytics- all so you know what’s working or not. Fortunately, any doubt I have based on results, a comment, a disappointment lasts no more than 24 hours. I’ve always been able to dust myself off and self -generate. Social media marketing is probably the most challenging thing I’ve ever taken on, so I embrace uncertainty.

  3. For me, I have always been most courageous when it does come to my business life. I’ve been one of those people who have wanted to explore as many things as possible in my life and have taken the leap more times than I can remember to begin a new job or to start a new path. I am probably less courageous in my personal social life, which is often the opposite of what would be expected. I’ve also learned (sometimes the hard way) that taking care of yourself and stopping the ongoing mind chatter about where you haven’t succeeded or why is it taking so long etc., is so much healthier and makes for a calmer and less stressful life. This does come with trial and error in life and definitely with age as well. Love the idea of redirecting our energy to things that are productive rather than wasting it or frittering it away on things that really end up being merely a waste of energy. Thanks for another wonderful post with gentle and friendly reminders for us all.

  4. Such sound advice, Joan. I believe in having the courage to do anything and everything. Of course, there are some days, I’m not so sure. 😉 That is part of life. I do my best and if I have a challenge with something, I search for answers. With all that we have available at our fingertips, there really is no reason to be afraid.

  5. Excellent Joan! You are so right, courage is so important and it starts with me! I see it as a feature of Self-Love.

    Self-love is the most important gift you can give yourself because it is the cornerstone of everything you do in life, including running a business. You need Self-love when things go wrong so you can gracefully accept it as part of the process rather than beating yourself up. You recognise those who come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime so when people let you down, it never stops you on the way up!

    Self-love is is your way of honouring who you are and creating a conducive environment for your growth and evolution. It dictates being kind to yourself as you so eloquently state in your blog. It brings about the kind of framework you need to take risks, make mistakes, be courageous and embrace change.

    Your blog offers a powerful reminder to anyone in business to power on from a position of strength . Great read! 🙂

    1. Thank you Michelle!
      Courage definately starts with YOU 🙂
      Everything should always start with you and self love like you outlined, thank you for your wonderful insight and comment, much appreciated!!

  6. Hi Joan,

    When it comes to courage, I am very courageous with my business. I’ve been an entrepreneur offline in the past and now online.

    When it comes to business, I find myself doing things I never would have thought in a million years I could do. It is because I put business first. Like doing my first video years back….I was scared but for the sake of my business I plunged ahead. That is just one small example of courage.

    I guess I see my business as my baby lol! I’ll do anything for it.


    1. Hi Donna,
      I can totally relate to that! I find myself doing things with my business as well that I thought I would never do. I have more courage and I feel totally committed to my business and helping others achieve their dreams as well……Having a purpose on why you are doing what you are doing makes it so much easier to get the courage to keep going and never giving up 🙂

      Thank you so much for your insights girl, always enjoy your comments 🙂


  7. I’m never frustrated with what anyone else is doing when it comes to business. I get frustrated with myself because my market is a bit tougher than most, and sometimes I lack the courage to really put myself out there to get it done. It’s a block because sometimes you know your industry just a little bit too well and it’s hard to overcome the feelings you had when you were actually an employee.

    But I have my moments when I break out of it and do what needs to be done. I just need more of those moments…

    1. Totally understand where you are coming from Mitch, thank you for your awesome insightful comments, much appreciated 🙂 I can tell that you will get more of those moments my friend just never give up and remember why you do what you do 🙂

  8. Amazing how we treat others better than we do ourselves! It does take courage to take care of our own self with TLC that we might offer another. I have been guilty of being too hard on myself, still am, but I find that if I don’t perform, no one else does either. I am the only adult I know, so I need to do it all myself. It makes for a lot of baggage! I need to learn to cherish the process of giving and receiving!

    1. Yes it is so very amazing in how we treat others compared to how we treat ourselves 🙂 Being courageous is key to being truly happy with our own selves 🙂 Totally being able to cherish the process of giving and receiving is important 🙂 Thanks for your feedback and comments!

  9. Great advice, it is true you don’t know what will work until you tried. If you keep listening you’ll find the next service/product will come out of what your audience is telling you.

  10. It comes to perspective. And that we have the power to change the perspective – from beating ourselves up to seeing opportunity. I once heard an amazing phrase that has stuck with me: Don’t compare your back stage from someone else’s front stage. This means that every one struggles – we just may not see it. What we see is their more polished front stage. Don’t let that impact your confidence – instead know that you can also be that polished. Again, guess it is perspective.

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