Are You Losing Readers?

Is Your Blog or Website Losing Readers?












How To Keep Readers On Your Website By Giving Them A Reason To Stay





Improve Your Readers Experience With These Tips From Ezine Articles





In article writing, part of providing a great user experience is the fine art of linking.



When you consider linking, think of it as an ongoing conversation with your readers that takes them to the next stage of your discussion.



They expect a link because it’s a convenient open door that promises access to more information they want or need.



Part of opening that door to readers is ensuring there isn’t anything on your website that would make them “run for the hills”.



How you design your website and the content is entirely up to you.



Simply make sure readers feel welcome and will want to stick around because of the great user experience you provide.






Here are 5 website basics to “think” before you link checklist from Ezine Article’s that you can start following today:








 1.  It’s working.

  • Great content creates forward momentum.
  • Test the links in your articles to ensure they work and they lead readers to active websites.
  • Avoid impeding readers on “404 Page Not Found, “403 Forbidden Error, or “Under Construction” pages with a plan of action for pages you remove or update.



2.  It’s safe.

  • You don’t want readers exclaiming “I’m outta here!”
  • Test your links to ensure they lead to active and safe websites that are free from and not in promotion of malware, viruses, hacks, or undesirable software



3.  It’s informative.

  • Readers want a website that over delivers informative content and benefits them.
  • Provide a substantial amount of original value with quality, informative content.
  • That means more than a sign-up box, more than a short video, and more than a couple of lines of text with a link.



4.  It’s balanced.

  • Look at your favorite content-driven websites and take note on the balance of their reader benefit-oriented content with their ad content.
  • Review your website, make improvements, test, and review again until you find the right balance.



5.   It’s relevant.

  • Readers should feel properly introduced to the link prior to clicking.
  • Use the content around the link and its anchor text to cue readers on where they’ll be going.
  • This will help continue the conversation by creating a smooth transition from article to link.





All that it takes to creating a great user experience on your website is really about meeting your reader’s expectations and then providing them with the desire to stick around.





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