Are You Ready To Declare War On The Scanners?

If you are ready to declare war on the scanners……listen up because in this post you will find a stealthy and lethal ninja writing weapon just sitting there quietly waiting to be put to good use.




The blogosphere is a huge, congested, noisy space where everyone is jockeying for position and fighting to get noticed. So to overcome this fact, you’ve done what you’ve been taught to do:

  • Come up with great ideas that readers will find useful
  • Created killer headlines that jump off the screen and demand attention
  • Spent hours writing and rewriting stellar content that delivers and reads beautifully
  • And yet readers still come to visit your blog and… (click) bounce just as quickly as they came.


The harsh reality of the situation is this:  They often don’t even finish reading the article that brought them to your blog in the first place.


“Readers have adapted to their environment. You know as well as I do that it’s not exactly uncommon to be lured in by a compelling headline, click through to the article and find weak content.  Because of that, readers have become expert scanners.  We’ve all learned to scan content and determine if it piques our interest in mere seconds. If it doesn’t grab us, we bounce – plain and simple”……..says 


So, what is this lethal ninja writing weapon that ALL bloggers need to put to good use that is recommended cure to use against the scanners?





The best tool you have in your arsenal is something that far too many bloggers overlook.………The subhead.




Gary Korisko in his post gives you a quick refresher and deconstructs the word and shows you how YOU can implement this powerful tool in your next blog post……

  • The name sub (under) head (headline) literally means a headline under the main headline.
  • And what do headlines do?
  • They hook, they entertain, they shock, and, above all, they create curiosity.
  • They pull readers further into your epic content so they stay with you long enough to realize that it is, in fact, stellar writing.
  • What the headline does for the post, the subhead does for each individual subsection of copy.
  • You need to treat your subheads as another opportunity to stand out, to grab your readers’ attention, and keep them on your site long enough to transform them into fans.


Every good subhead should, create curiosity for readers and compel them to continue reading.


The Four Ingredients Of Killer Subheads:

  • Curiosity
  • Surprise
  • Personality
  • Emotion


5 Simple Steps for better Subheadlines

When you’re writing your next post, follow these five simple steps from Gary, to craft subheads that hook your readers and keep their eyes on your post:

  1. Write the post as you normally do. Don’t worry about changing anything up just yet.
  2. When your draft is done, go back and look at your subheads in a different light. In your mind, isolate each subhead and the text that follows it. Think of that block of text as a short, all-inclusive post.
  3. Ask yourself what the purpose of that singular block of text is. What point are you trying to get across?
  4.  If that portion of text were a blog post unto itself, ask yourself what would its headline be?
  5.  Make sure your subhead creates curiosity – and then try to work in surprise, personality, and emotion whenever possible.


If you are not sure where to find some awesome examples of headlines, (they also work for subheadlines as well) here are Gary’s 3 favorite headline eBooks:



Whatever your blogging endgame is, its success hinges on your content being found (and loved) by tons of new readers. Now you have a simple but powerful solution in your arsenal.  Killer subheads will hook those scanners again and again – keeping them on the page long enough to discover once and for all that you are a writer worth paying attention to.


Go revisit your most recent content. Take a hard look at your subheads and be brutally honest with yourself.  If you’ve been throwing them away, stop it.


This post has given you all the information you need to write compelling subheads that magnetically pull readers from section to section of your posts.


Now go out and start using this sneaky ninja trick today!!!



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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington





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16 Replies to “Are You Ready To Declare War On The Scanners?”

  1. I never thought of this before you raised it Joan. Paying attention to SEO and H2 tags sometimes takes you away from stuff like this.
    Thanks for sharing the tips, I will certainly be looking at them in more detail.

  2. Hi Joan, I always add subheads to break the post up, make it look better and describe what’s coming next – with the occasional keyword in them. But, I just love the ideas in your post. I hadn’t considered using them for curiosity or surprise value. A plain old descriptive subhead can be very boring.

    1. Hi Sue 🙂
      Yes it can lol using them for curiosity or surprise value is just so important……people are naturally curious 🙂 Thanks for your feedback!!

  3. Hi Joan!

    I confess…I am a scanner. If I cannot easily see the information I was seeking, then I usually leave the page. – for exactly the reason you stated, that is, weak content.
    I like your tips about subheadings. Every blog post should use them. Another SEO boost – sometimes Google search will show the subhead in the search results instead of the title.
    Another method to use is break up the paragraphs. This should be obvious and yet, I still land on blogs with a big block of paragraph that I cannot even look at. That is a sure fire way to hit the back button!
    Using compelling subheads is a great way to capture someone’s attention and it’s good for SEO too!

  4. Great post Joan. One simple thing I do when I need a catchy headline and don’t have time to think, I go to huffingtonpost or any live-action media site and reverse engineer a topic that can work for my post. Sometimes, just replacing the keywords with yours is perfect and at other times, some restructuring is needed. I can’t remember who I learnt that from but it helps at times. Thanks for sharing

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