Are You Still Wasting Money on Getting a College Degree?

Are You Still Wasting Money on Getting a College Degree, (and have nothing to show for it?)



“Qualifications, degrees, diplomas, accreditations are all certainly useful. A lot of us have them and spent a bucket load of money on them (or are still paying those degrees off!), but they DO NOT equal expertise”……says Leah Hynes and Nazrin Murphie (Live Your


[tweet_box design=”default”]“If everyone waited to become an expert before starting, no one would become an expert. To become an expert, you must have experience. To get experience, you must experiment.” – Richie Norton[/tweet_box]


Learning leads to knowledge. Experience leads to expertise. So, the #1 reason you don’t feel expert enough may be because you have next to zero experience in the area you are passionate about. Getting into the ‘arena’ is the most amazing education – and something that money simply cannot buy.


With that said, here are 4 steps to unlocking & leveraging your hidden expertise (without you having to go back to school) by Leah Hynes and Nazrin Murphie (Live Your

1.  Tap Into Your Existing Skill Sets

  • What you may not already realize is that you currently have in your possession skills and talents that other people desperately need.
  • And the reason you can’t see these things is because they come so naturally to you that you easily discount them.
  • Perhaps you are:
  • an incredible listener
  • a talented graphic artist
  • an amazing story teller
  • a captivating speaker
  • What is one thing you currently have in your possession that others could benefit from?


2. Embrace Your Uniqueness

  • We all have our own unique expression of who we are.
  • You will simply never feel expert enough if you’re trying to be a carbon copy of someone else.
  • You needn’t worry if you’re expert enough in a particular field because your version of the thing that you’re passionate about will be your own unique expression in the world.
  • It will have your own special ‘edge’ and flavor.


3. Provide Epic Value For Free

  • When you lead from a place of genuinely wanting to help people rather than simply from a place of trying to make money, the world seems to help you in return.
  • Some examples of “FREE” value:
  • If you want to be a coach, mentor or teacher, find someone you feel ‘safe’ with to coach or teach for no charge
  • Run a mini workshop – at your office or local meetup on a subject area you know well and are passionate about.
  • Provide value ‘just because’ – for example, review the design of a friends website and offer to provide feedback/suggestions for improvement.
  • Provide a service
  • Write a ‘How to’ eBook or guide


4. Take Advantage of The Market Gap

  • Have you noticed there are many ‘experts’ out there that are simply out of reach to people just starting out on their journey – either due to cost or availability?
  • Those super successful people can only serve so many people, and this leaves a huge gap in the market for you to help those who are a few steps behind where you currently are.
  • It allows you to more easily relate to the struggles or pain points of those only a few steps behind.
  • It’s as simple as taking your unique knowledge of a topic and sharing that with others.
  • A few simple ways to bridge this gap:
  • Put things into action immediately.
  • Did you read something recently that you thought was incredibly eye opening? Verbally share that idea, thought or topic with someone else.
  • Create a free 5-part video series
  • Give back! When someone does something that you find massively helpful, TELL them how useful it was to you and why.


yourexpertiseYour next step is to simply: Embrace Your Expertise and Take Imperfect Action


Knowing all of this stuff makes zero difference if you aren’t ready to do something with it.


Are you ready to accelerate your journey to living your most amazing life, truly experiencing the joy of being an expert and helping one (or perhaps hundreds) of people along the way?



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22 thoughts on “Are You Still Wasting Money on Getting a College Degree?

  1. I completely agree that a degree does not make you an expert. However, I still think there is a lot of value in a college degree. Not only do you learn something, but you are showing employers that you are dedicated, passionate, and committed. Sure, there are other ways you can do this, but I think both my undergrad and graduate degrees helped me get to where I am today. With that being said, you have some great advice on how to become an expert. I especially love how you explain bridging the market gap. Great advice!

  2. I love the part about taking imperfect action! You are also right about the market gap. We are in an age where anyone with a genuine desire to help people can just step up and do it. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I’m really glad I bailed out of that train! Last time I checked it was going in the wrong direction for me. 😉

    For me, I’m all about learning a few very specific skills and putting those into action. A college degree isn’t really worth the piece of paper it was printed on. At least for me, as I believe there are way better ways to get the right knowledge and become an expert at something.


  4. Hi Joan,

    My college days are a distant memory. I’m putting my daughter through college and she’ll be there for eight years. 🙂 I do make time to learn new things. I read how-to articles, video tutorials and I’m currently looking for online courses to take.

    I’m definitely taking advantage of the market gap. My goal is to help bloggers who are just starting out. 🙂

    As always you’ve shared some great suggestions here. I like the idea of doing a mini-course. I’m going to have to think about that one.

    Hope you’re having a great night.


    • Hi Cori,

      I am with you, though I did not go to college, I make the time as well to learn new things, always
      a good thing especially for us online marketers/bloggers 😉

      Great to hear that, my friend, looks like we are on the same path!

      Thanks so much for your awesome comment, always appreciated 🙂

  5. The HAVE NOTHING TO SHOW FOR IT part I think was the main point though not stressed enough that most thought the pieces was bashing getting a college degree. The fact is, many pay money to start a business and also HAVE NOTHING TO SHOW FOR IT. Anything we ‘invest’ our money, time and effort in should result in an outcome, a return.

    • Thanks Trudy for your feedback and comment 🙂 Personally, was not “bashing” college was just
      sharing that there are “other” ways to learn and get an education.

      That is true, “anything we invest our money, time and effort” should definately result in an outcome
      a return yes!

  6. Wow what a great post. I went to college for so many years. Part time while homeschooling my 4 children. It was so hard. I’m glad I did it because I am able to teach my children. I know so many who go to college and then do not end up doing anything with it. I think education is super important and I will encourage my children to go to college even if they don’t do anything with it. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment, really appreciate it! Yes education is important, whether you get a college
      degree or invest in something else that works 🙂

  7. I have 2 degrees and I can assure others that college degrees don’t mean as much as they use to. Experience means a lot more than being book smart.

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