Are You Turning Off Visitors To Your Website?

Are Visitors Turned Off By Your Website?









How To Avoid Turning Off Your Visitors






Here Are 3 Website Mistakes To Stop Doing Today By Vanessa, Editorial Manager, Ezine Articles





You spend your precious time focused on gaining exposure, building an audience, and writing great content that will benefit your readers.




All of your off-site, exposure-building strategies – from article writing to social media – help you build trust with your readers in order to gain credible traction and traffic back to your blog or website.






If your website has poor-quality traits that lead visitors to click away because of a poor user experience, your website is a poisonous burden to your efforts.





Improve the quality of your blog or website to encourage visitors to stay on your webpage (and convert visitors into clients) by avoiding these top 3 website mistakes.




Mistake #1.  Pop Ups and Exit Pop Ups

  • If you feel the need to utilize a pop up of any kind, stop right there.
  • Avoid appearing desperate and annoying by considering what you’re attempting to achieve with the pop up and if there is another design element you can incorporate in the webpage as a whole.




Mistake #2.  Infinite Scroll

  • Scrolling inhibits a visitor’s ability to immediately see everything that’s relevant to them on a webpage and it’s considered tedious.
  • Organize your website content by creating categories, limit scrolling to 1-2 screens, and make the navigation easy.




Mistake #3.  Automatic Audio or Video

  • Visitors love video and audio, but on their own terms.
  • There’s nothing more jarring then audio unexpectedly leaping into a user’s environment.
  • Let your visitor decide when they want to watch or listen by giving them the opportunity to start and stop the audio.








Great content is content that is creative, informative, relevant, helpful, clever, quality, etc.




It’s not spammy, stuffed with keywords, repetitive, or riddled with incorrect grammar.




Consider your content as an extension of yourself.




No matter where it is, your content reflects you and what you offer the reader.




Spend time with your content: Ensure it’s relevant, benefit-oriented, and proofread.




Avoid these mistakes and get on the right track to a quality blog or website.





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