Are Your Blog Post Headlines Generating Serious Leads?

Does Your Blog Post Headlines Generate Serious Leads?





How To Write Lead Generating Headlines With These 9 Tips








Are your network marketing blog post headlines generating serious leads?





Or do you have a tough time generating a single lead with your blog posts?




You are missing 1 key element…….says my friend, Ryan Biddulph





Your HEADLINES NEED to move readers into high energy action.





You can write the most empowering blog post on earth.





Without a good headline, crickets are your audience.





Here are Ryan’s 9 tips on how you can start creating a lead-generating headline……Enjoy!





Tip 1 – Use Power Verbs

  • Start network marketing headlines with power verbs. 
  • “Download”, “Seize”, “Snag”,  are a few examples.
  • People can picture these verbs, meaning if you can visualize yourself acting on the verbs, you’re more likely to click through.




Tip 2 – Use Colorful Adjectives

  • Again, words like “vivid”, “cantankerous”, or “disastrous” are easy to picture, painting a vivid image in the mind of prospects.




Tip 3 – Pain

  • Speak to reader’s pain points.
  • Write about horrific failures, or acts to avoid unless you plan on failing miserably.
  • Prospects need solutions to their biggest problems.




Tip 4 – Pleasure

  • Speak to your reader’s pleasure points. 
  • Pen headlines centered on the joys of traveling the world, or how to generate 30 leads in a day.
  • Prospects want to find out how their dreams can come true.




Tip 5 – Curiosity

  • Pique your reader’s interest , reel ‘em in.



Tip 6 – List

  • Numbers create order in our mind.
  • “7 Simple Steps or Tips”  is easy to read and understand.
  • You crave order, so you click. 




Tip 7 – How To

  • How can you solve problems?
  • People have problems and need your solutions. 
  • “How to Make Money Online with Facebook Groups” is the perfect solution for spammers who have no idea how to use the network to prosper.




Tip 8 – Keyword Optimize

  • Include niche specific keywords in EVERY headline your create.
  • Note how Ryan begins each post with a specific keyword in mind.
  • Target your market.




Tip 9 – Play Back

  • Read headlines out loud 5 times before hitting publish.
  • Sound awkward?
  • Re-adjust until it sounds right.





Start growing your network marketing business by using these 9 tips to supercharge your headlines.





If you enjoyed these 9 tips from Ryan, and found TONS OF VALUE, please do yourself a favor and share with everyone you feel will benefit from knowing this information…..Thank You!





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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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