Are Your Lead Generation Efforts Up To Par?

Are Your Lead Generation Efforts Getting YOU The Kind of Conversions That You Expected?



How do you know if they are or not and with no clear picture of whether or not you’re on the right track, it is easy to feel stuck.


To help unstick you,  in today’s post I share 5 tips from Carly Stec, Content Marketing Manager, IMPACT, who sheds some light upon the situation and address the all-too-common question – “what is a good landing page conversion rate?” and how it will help with your lead generation efforts.


While landing pages are easily the most important pages on your website (it’s where you convey value, earn trust, and convert visitors into leads), marketers often struggle to understand their performance.


The truth about landing page conversion rates is that They’re subjective.

  • Factors like your industry, product or service, and your target audience all weigh in on your ability to convert visitors into leads, and leads into customers.
  • The average conversion rate falls around 2.35%.  The keyword here is average.


Why settle for average when amazing is attainable?


The businesses that are really going to stand out are the ones that refuse to settle.  Here are 5 tips aimed at turning a good conversion rate into a great conversion rate:


1) Convey the value 

  • Don’t make people guess.
  • You need to leverage your value proposition to ensure that all of their visitors can easily identify the benefit of using your services.

2) Reduce risk 

  • According to Dr. Robert Cialdini, “People see an action as more appropriate when others are doing it.”
  • In an effort to make people feel more comfortable about taking next steps, consider the benefit of including a testimonial or alternative bit of social proof on your landing page.

3) Leverage scarcity

  • Often times by limiting the quantity of something, you’re increasing the desire for it.

4) Eliminate distractions

  • What’s the first thing your eye is drawn to on this page?
  • Keeping the design of your landing page minimal, by placing more of an emphasis on your form and call-to-action and think about eliminating your navigation on your landing page to ensure that visitors won’t wander off the page, but rather stick around to convert.

5) Make it easy 

  • While you certainly don’t want to sacrifice lead quality, finding a way to eliminate a form field (or two) could have a serious impact on your conversion rate.
  • According to Dan Zarrella, your conversion rate improves by almost half when the number of form fields are reduced from four fields to three.



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0 Replies to “Are Your Lead Generation Efforts Up To Par?”

  1. It is interesting! The real pros go for one field, your email address, on their first contact, because they know lead generation and any client interaction are just the first step in the relationship building game. Like a first date, no one wants to be asked for their full life story. Little bites over time, while you provide tremendous value, can make a great lifetime relationship!

  2. I’m bookmarking this. I’m taking a course in product offerings and am working hard to develop a product to hook my audience. A landing page will come next! Thanks for this 🙂

  3. Fabulous advice Joan!!!
    I’m working on re-doing my website a bit so reading this comes at a good time for me.
    I’m looking to “remove distractions” so thanks for the tips!


  4. Wow Joan… there is such a lot to consider for a landing page. I really appreciate your article… it is so important to think of these things when creating, what can look like a simple page to collect an email… but the key is to Get the email and not let that click be in the 97% of people who turn away.
    I will be considering these points when making my next ones 🙂

  5. Lead gen is the name of the game, Joan.

    This article puts it in perspective, and I’d say the one thing that jumps of the page for me is “simplicity.”

    Make things easy for people to follow you, keep your message simple, the design clean and non-distracting, and the steps for conversion so simple that any prospect can follow.

    It’s not a complicated business, but certainly one that requires consistent action and a direct approach.

  6. Hey Joan, great post, learning how to optimize landing pages to increase conversion is a very important skill of being an online marketer, and you gave great points here how to make those landing pages convert better, good job!


  7. AWESOME Joan!

    I often find myself getting stuck when it comes to crafting my pages etc. and sometimes I just don’t know how to really get straight to the point! I know!! Sounds weird LOL.. But reading these pros and cons really helps me clearly in the proper directions to take! Epecially if I am wanting to gain conversion. Like you mention, don’t have the visitors “Guess”. etc.. So true!! Gotta be crystal clear and call to action is totally a must!!

  8. Excellent advice–I’m bookmarking it to come back later and spend more time with it. It’s interesting how we tend to want to jump in, rather than entice, yet the enticement approach is more effective.

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