Why Aren’t Your Readers Devouring Your Emails?

Do You Know Why Your Readers Are NOT Devouring Your Emails?







To stand out, your content marketing must evolve past the point of “good enough” into “indispensable”, so the time has come to take a long hard look at what you might be doing wrong – and instead do what the best email marketing newsletters are doing right.




What prevents your readers from gleefully devouring each new email?




Are you ready to find out?




In this post, Casey Farquharson , the founder and CEO of Business Essentials explains the 6 reasons why your readers are not devouring each one of  your new emails like you want them too…….




Reason#1: Offering Information Instead of Solutions

  • As a rule, people don’t subscribe to your email list because of an intense interest in what you sell.
  • Chances are, they simply find your content somewhat useful, or entertaining, or both.
  • It is your job to give prospects more reasons to care, and to care enough that in time they become paying customers.
  • To do this, you have to focus on providing incredible value for free.
  • Show prospects that you are ready to improve their lives without asking for anything in return.
  • Employ the give give give sell model.
  • Give them mini-courses and free goodies; give them actionable information they won’t find anywhere else for free; give them so much useful content it makes them giddy.
  • And just as your subscribers are reeling from the positive change achieved by following your advice, tell them in no uncertain terms, “You think that was good? You ain’t seen nothing yet!”
  • That’s when you roll out your paid stuff; that’s when they beg you to take their money.



Reason#2: Not Interacting with Subscribers

  • There are two kinds of selling, and they don’t contain the words “hard” and “soft”.
  • There’s selling what your subscribers want, and there’s selling your assumptions about what your audience wants.
  • Don’t be satisfied with just throwing content and products at your subscribers, no matter how awesome you think your content and products are.
  • Instead, ask them about what they want to see in their inbox.
  • Encourage them to share the problems that keep them from changing for the better.
  • Find out what information they want badly enough that they’ll pay for it.
  • And, use their replies to supercharge your sales copy!
  • As a result, you get free market research and better sales figures in the future, and your prospects get better content and better products.
  • As a bonus, audience engagement goes through the roof.
  • Invite subscribers to fill out surveys, encourage them to ask questions directly, spur discussions on social media, and refer friends with similar interests (or problems).
  • Your list doesn’t start out active and engaged.
  • You create that energy and interaction – one amazing email at a time.



Reason#3: Neglecting Useful Feedback

  • Whoever provides the most benefit to subscribers, wins the email marketing best practices game by staying ahead of the competition.
  • Asking for feedback and, most importantly, incorporating it into your content marketing, is another strategy that is as effective as it is undervalued.
  • Pay attention to how your readers react to what you do.
  • When a long-time subscriber with respectable open and click-through rates says something is wrong, they might be on to something.
  • Measured, specific criticism is worth paying attention to.
  • So listen and react to the feedback provided by the people on whom your business depends.



Reason #4: Trying to Please Everyone

  • You don’t want as many people as possible on your list.
  • You want as many engaged people as possible.
  • A super-responsive list of 2,000 subscribers is far superior to a 200,000 list of tire-kickers and freeloaders.
  • Always cater to the most active segment of your mailing list
  • Do not get hung up on people who NEVER read your content
  • There is no need to retain inactive subscribers, or to encourage passive consumption of content.
  • If you do these things you will end up with a poorly-optimized list, wondering why conversions are so bad.
  • Striving to please everyone, repeat customers and non-paying lurkers alike, is not a marketing strategy – so stop pursuing it!



Reason #5: Not Holding Subscribers Accountable

  • Hold your subscribers accountable.
  • Make your subscribers apply what you teach them and tell you about the results.
  • Show people that you are invested in their continued success.
  • Let them know how confident you are in the quality of advice you give.
  • If you didn’t slack off when creating the content, why should they get the easy way out by not applying it?
  • The end goal of this strategy is two-fold.
  • If your content is as good as you claim, holding subscribers accountable for applying it is going to provide you with killer testimonials, and give your subscribers a compelling reason to make a purchase.
  • And if your content doesn’t deliver, you will have a chance to make it better, instead of staring blankly at plummeting metrics and wondering what you did wrong.
  • Even mediocre advice will yield positive results if consistently acted upon.
  • Assuming you’ve worked hard to fix the previous mistakes, your content could be amazing.
  • Encourage readers to take action; it will make all the difference.



Reason#6: Abusing Subscriber Goodwill

  • You can’t afford to undermine the trust you have built with your subscribers.
  • Even though it took you months and months to develop this relationship, make no mistake – one mishap is all it will take to demolish it.
  • So don’t waste readers’ time.
  • Don’t abuse your subscribers by giving them low-quality content they could quickly find for themselves using Google.
  • Keep your content relevant; keep it helpful; deliver on every promise you make.
  • And most importantly, don’t expose your subscribers to questionable products just to make a profit.
  • All this will lead them to stop trusting you.
  • And once it happens, good luck trying to sell something again.





The money is in your relationship with subscribers, no matter how many there might be.





To be profitable, your relationship must be based on mutual trust.





You achieve this by listening to your audience, helping them overcome their biggest problems, and showing active interest in their success.




Prove that you are worth their time and their money, and you will see massive earnings – even with a modest list.






The Money is In Your Relationship With Your Subscribers








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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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0 Replies to “Why Aren’t Your Readers Devouring Your Emails?”

  1. Excellent advice, Joan. I must admit it’s all too much for me. I just want to write my blog and not bother selling anything. I don’t care if my readers don’t buy my books, as long as they keep flocking to read my daily thoughts on news. Defeatist? I guess so. I’m no businesswoman.

  2. Great advice. I’ve worked really hard to grow my subscriber list and I’ve got a steady following. I do want to create more engagement however. You gave me some excellent ideas. Thank you!

  3. Hey Joan,

    I had to come to this post since I want to improve my emails. Out of all of your tips, one tip really caught my eye which is “You want as many engaged people as possible”. These are the people you definitely want to keep your focus on. You don’t want to waste too much time on other people who are just “there” taking up space. Those engaged people are the ones that are going to be easily to build a relationship with, your customers, as well as the ones that will refer business to you!

    Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Great post Joan…

    The big takeaway here was not wasting the reader’s time…

    One of the biggest email responses I had was when I sent out a message asking them what they wanted to learn more about…

    It doesn’t hurt to ask your subscribers what they want to know more about

    Dr. Lisa

  5. Joan, another value packed blog post. I think I fit into the number 4 category of trying to please everyone. Email marketing is not my strong point. I know myself I get hundreds of emails a day and I don’t even know how I got on some of these lists and think people just added my email address because on some there isn’t even an unsubscribe. I definitely need to follow the points you made in this blog and I know my interaction will be better. Great post as always..

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