The Art Of Copywriting

The Art of Copywriting……How to Write Persuasive Copy









You may feel you need to be a “real writer” to be good at copywriting 




You may think your writing skills aren’t good enough.




You read, and re-read your copy.




You can’t quite put your finger on it.




What’s wrong?




How can you improve it?






Just follow the right process of copywriting, by turning average text into persuasive copy, with these 13 tips from Henneke








Start with understanding your reader by sneaking into his mind to find out exactly what is stopping him from buying with your copywriting words.





Tip #1 – Avoid filler phrases like “excellent customer service”

  • Because it is an empty promise…..
  • Everyone says that



Tip #2 – Avoid superlatives

  • Because they are hypey and no one believes them



Tip #3 – Use sensory words

  • Because they help build a vivid picture



Tip #4 – Focus on beliefs

  • Because readers what to know what is in it for them



Tip #5 – Mention problems

  • Who doesn’t want to avoid glitches, problems and hassle



Tip # 6 – Overcome objections

  • Don’t walk away from difficult questions



Tip #7 – Focus on your reader

  • Stop talking so much about yourself



Tip #8 – Don’t use exclamation marks

  • Because they are a sign of a sleazy salesman



Tip # 9 – Ask questions instead

  • Because questions engage your reader



Tip #10 – Never address your reader as part of the crowd

  • Because we are individuals



Tip # 11 – Use specific examples

  • Because specifics increase credibility



 Tip # 12 – Tell mini stories

  • Because we enjoy reading stories



Tip #13 – Make your call to action BOSSY

  • Never use the word “IF” in your call to action






 Understand your audiences’ wishes, dreams and secret desires and then simply tap into these desires with your words.






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