How To Attract More People To Your Blog

The Secret To Attracting More People To Your Blog








Somehow things aren’t working on your blog.



You’re not getting the likes, and tweets, and comments your blog posts deserve.



Your blog isn’t generating the business you’re hoping for.



What is the secret?



Blogging isn’t hugely different from copywriting.


You still want to inspire your reader to take action –




 “When you’re writing a blog post, the action you inspire your reader to take is not directly sales-related”……says Henneke



Your blog helps, advises, and inspires your readers.



You’re building a relationship.



You’re on a mission with your blog.



You attract people when you are on a mission.



When you stop trying to sell and focus on your mission instead, sales flow in naturally.



You attract more inquiries, more clients, and more business.



A mission attracts, energizes, and motivates people.

  • When you’re on a mission, you become happy to give away your best tips.
  • You link freely to other bloggers.
  • You look for opportunities to promote your mission and other bloggers can help.



Here are some signs from Henneke, that your blog is lacking a mission:

  • You’re nervous about giving away information for free because you’re afraid to lose business;
  • For each post you’re writing, you wonder how it’ll generate business;
  • Before you start writing your blog posts, you worry about getting it to rank in Google;
  • You don’t really know the problems your readers are facing;
  • Or you might know their problems, but you don’t know how you can help;
  • You quickly need to find new business with your blog;
  • You don’t want to link to awesome resources on the web because you’re afraid to lose business.








Once you know your mission, blogging becomes much easier



When you use your blog to make the world a better place (even if it’s in a small way), people take notice.



People start commenting, and sharing, and spreading the word about you



Before you write your next blog post – think about this: How can your knowledge, your experience, your wisdom help others?


How can you make the world a better place?



You don’t need a big mission.


Start small.



Do something you feel passionate about.





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Joan Harrington

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0 Replies to “How To Attract More People To Your Blog”

  1. Hey Joan

    With passion and a mission you’ll definitely start to attract people to your blog with ease. The key is to be passionate about what you’re doing and giving the value people need in order for them to give value back to you! Great tips!

    1. Thanks Sherman!!! Must have passion and a mission to attract people to your blog with ease!! Appreciate your comment my friend!!! Have a great evening!

  2. Thanks Joan,

    I think when trying to attract people you need to think about what those people are wanting and looking for. If you are too worried about things that benefit you then it could cause poor results for your blog.

  3. Hi Joan,

    Great write up and I personally think that many people think that if they write a great post they will automatically get visitors. You have to go out there and promote your blog if you want to get visitors.

    Like you said, you have to start spreading the word about “YOU” otherwise no one will even know about the blog.

    Great tips and thanks for sharing, have a great day.

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