How To Attract More Prospects and Sales Using Video Marketing

How To Attract More Prospects and Sales Using Video Marketing










Whatever your market is, video gives you more opportunities to expand your brand by gaining it visibility and establishing credibility within your niche.





Establishing a good video marketing strategy should be one of your goals if you want to target a wider audience.









Here are 4 benefits of video marketing and why it’s such a
powerful promotion strategy






1.  Low barrier to entry

  • Online videos require very little investment to create.
  • Essentially what you need are a web-cam and a YouTube account.
  •  Over 80% of marketing executives include video content on their marketing strategies
  • Online video accounts for more than 50% of all mobile traffic




2.  Allows you to convey strong, compelling messages

  • Establishes credibility and enhances your trustworthiness.
  • People are much more likely to trust you and relate to you when they can see you and hear your voice.




3.  Is like social media

  • Online video allows you to make a stronger personal connection to your clients and prospects, making sure you build a personal connection even before you meet them face to face.




4.  Good for your search engine rankings

  • A stronger presence on YouTube can get you higher rankings because video has up to 50 times better chances than plain text to get to the top of search rankings.





Here are a few other ways video marketing will benefit your business

  • Video is easily searchable
  • Video makes it easier to share your brand or service
  • Video sharing is an integral part of social media and this can have a tremendous impact on your brand’s visibility if used properly
  • It levels the playing field.
  • Online video can be accessed and used by anyone, regardless of the size of their marketing budget.
  • Real-time feedback and interaction.
  • A lot of people leave comments on videos, which is an excellent way to learn more about your consumers.
  • When you create videos that captivate and present the viewers an interactive platform to post views or comments, you’re basically giving the consumers a voice
  • Video is easily measurable.
  • Analytics exist in the form of simple tools you can access online and they do a great job of measuring every aspect of the video marketing campaign
  • Video doesn’t die.
  • The videos you upload on YouTube will play a part on your marketing strategy for a much longer time than other forms of content.
  • Video is always one click away from the BUY button
  • Every video on your website should captivate the viewer and have them spend more on your services or products.





How can you use video marketing in your business strategy

  • Start with welcome video on your homepage
  • As a business owner you need to learn how to implement video in your strategy.
  • Whatever you’re budget is, you need to build the identity of your brand and speak the language of prospective buyers, and video facilitates all this.
  • You will need to learn to leverage video for the success of your marketing plan.
  • If you want real effect, aim to create video that speaks to and offers real value to your audience
  • Online video gives you the power of sight and audio, which means more ways to keep the viewer engaged while you sell them on the value of your product, service, or brand: and why they should be using it









Here Are The 4 Steps To Creating Your Own Online Videos





1.  Goals

  • Every video you make has an intended purpose so keep in mind what you want to accomplish when creating the video
  • Boosting exposure
  • Redirecting traffic to your site
  • Building credibility and trust
  • Developing the brand
  • Gaining a foothold in the market
  • Whatever you have in mind, make sure it’s part of the overall marketing strategy because video needs to be integrated into the larger marketing plan in order for it to be more effective.



2.  Message

  • Effective video focuses more on content rather than technology.
  • When creating the video, keep your audience in mind and give them something valuable.
  • If the video message is clear and coherent then people shouldn’t have a problem understanding your message.
  • Customers don’t like complicated messages so if you consistently provide simple, clear messages, the message will become a part of your brand



3.  Format

  • Decide  on the type of delivery you’d prefer
  • You might choose to be on camera, create a slide show or screen capture, do a live webcast, etc
  • Remember whatever delivery you choose for your video, the format also determines to a large extent the effectiveness of the message conveyed.
  • Consider your personal style, attitude, and that of your target audience, and then find an angle that works.




4.   Distribution and promotion

  • Operating on a single video content channel can curb your marketing potential and impact the growth of your brand; which is why we’re going to look at several other avenues you can explore in your effort to gain more exposure.
  • Keep in mind some platforms may make more sense than others, in regards to your brand or goals, but these are the top players:
  • YouTube:  Hardly surprising, with more than 1 billion unique visitors every year and over 4 billion hours of video watched monthly, YouTube pretty much dominates the video market.
  • Vimeo:  With close to 1 billion visitors last year, and a constantly growing member list, Vimeo is quickly becoming a major force.







If you’re creating promotional content as a way to market your brand to consumers, then you’re already utilizing inbound marketing.







When you combine the power of email, blogs, social media, podcasts and other promotional channels you get a proven strategy that grows your brand and by adding video, you move to another level of engagement where you maximize your potential for viewership







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