How To Attract More Readers

Attract More Readers with Seductive Headlines






Here’s a few questions for you:



Do your blog posts receive the attention they deserve?



Are your headlines so tempting that people feel compelled to click through and read your posts?





Here’s how you can turn mediocre titles into irresistible headlines that captivate attention and pull readers towards your posts by Henneke…..




Simple steps to writing a seductive headline


Think about your reader and decide how your post is going to benefit him or her.

  • How is your post going to make her/his  life better?

Write a simple how-to headline explaining the benefit of reading your post.

Use your simple how-to headline as a working headline and write your post first.

Write 10 to 20 headline versions using different power words – these are emotional or sensory words.

  • Power words are the honey attracting readers to your posts
  • Learning how to use power words is one of the most important skills of a writer.
  • Power words grab attention.
  • Power words make your blog posts more persuasive and engaging, because they make your reader feel something



To exercise your power word muscles, think about different emotions – like fear or happiness – and sensory experiences.

  • Why are sensory words powerful?
  • They help readers see, feel, hear, taste, or even smell your words; and that’s why they engage more brain power and attract more attention.

A few examples:

  • 28 Ways to Dazzle Your Followers with Colorful Tweets
  • 28 Ways to Add Sizzle and Sparkle to Your Tweets
  • 28 Easy Ways to Make Bland Tweets Deliciously Attractive
  • 28 Ways to Write Yummy Tweets that Make Your Followers Crave For More


Talking about mistakes in a headline makes people curious, compelling them to double-check that they’re not making one of those mistakes.

Some examples:

  • 28 Ways to Bore the Bejesus out of Your Twitter Followers
  • 28 Dumb Mistakes that Make You Look Like a Fool on Twitter
  • Warning: Use these 28 Twitter Tactics at Your Own Risk
  • 28 Little-Known Factors that Could Negatively Impact Your Twitter Popularity



Intrigue people with unusual words or unexpected contrast like shockingly good.

Examples include:

  • 28 Easy Ways to Write Outrageously Good Tweets
  • The Zen of Twitter: 28 Ways to Become More Popular on Twitter with Less Effort
  • 28 Ways to Add Pizzazz to Your Tweets
  • 28 Simple Ways to Engage Your Followers with Shockingly Good Tweets


The power of lust, seduction, and being irresistible

Some examples:

  • 28 Ways to Charm Your Followers with Seductive Tweets
  • 28 Ways to Hypnotize Your Followers with Breathtaking Tweets
  • 28 Ways to Woo Your Followers with Enchanting Tweets
  • 28 Ways to Become Mesmerizingly Popular on Twitter



“Writing compelling headlines requires practice…..lots of practice”….says Henneke


The “secret” to writing great headlines is to create a swipe file with headlines that grab your attention.

Understand how they promise you helpful advice, a dash of inspiration, or simply a happier life.

Analyze the words (and numbers!) that attract your attention.


Learn how to use your favorite power words…..remember power words are the honey attracting readers to your posts


And give your posts the attention they deserve.





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  1. When I first started blogging, I made my headlines ‘fit’ my content. Now I do it in reverse. I think of a powerful topic to write about- create my headline and then write content. I keep a list of ideas to stimulate blogs. I do believe if you are in social media you have a VAST array of topics to write aboout and using #s works easily. Jewelry is more emotional and I am broadening my topics to cover areas that relate to jewelry, such as fashion, creativity, self confidence.

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