How To Attract The Right People Online

What You Need To Know To Attract The Right People Online







When you start marketing your business online, you will feel like a total newbie….in fact, we all start at zero……





Zero followers….Zero web visitors….Zero email subscribers.






To attract the right people online you need to think about this……








What problem can you solve for who?







When you consistently solve people’s problems with helpful content, you will attract the right people online…..all the time





Focus on what you know





“You probably think that you need to learn more, master more, research more….but it’s impossible to master everything”……says Henneke





Focusing on what you DON’T know is a sure-fire way to self-doubt and business failure.





To market your business online successfully to the right people, you need to focus on what you DO know.





How can you help others?

  • As a social media specialist, you might not know much about Google Plus yet, but you might be a master at networking on Twitter……That’s where you can start.
  • As a SEO specialist, you might not know how to do SEO for large ecommerce sites, but you do know how to drive traffic to local companies…..That’s where you can start.
  • As a marketing coach, you might not know how to help people market themselves online, but you might know how to turn inquiries into business…..That’s where you can start.






Think about what skills and knowledge you already possess that you can share with others and to solve their problems?










Stop looking for the perfect blueprint








Marketing your business online IS overwhelming……..But the only way to move ahead is to get started.





Stop looking for the magic trick, the foolproof method, or the roadmap to a six-figure salary while working 4 hours a week.





Focus on what you know.



Solve people’s problems.





Keep moving ahead.



Step by step.





All you need to do is GET STARTED….








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