How To Become A Content Marketing Ninja

3 Steps To Becoming A Content Marketing Ninja









How do you create content that sticks in your audience’s mind?








Here is a three-step process to becoming a content marketing ninja master, that you can start today by Stanford Smith Managing Director, Pushing Social







Step #1: Answer The Toughest Question in Business

  • Why does your product matter?”
  • The answer requires a connection between your business and your reader’s desire or need.
  • Invest the time to strip your message down to a single unique reader-focused insight, and then create a content creation strategy around that insight.




Step #2: Demonstrate Street Smart Competence

  • There are many consultants who can offer ideas but they quickly exit the stage when asked to implement them.
  • Standford calls this “Street Smart Competency” and it’s the main ingredient in content that builds a profitable audience.
  • You know Street Smart Competency when you see it.
  • Think about the last blog post that made you immediately change the way you do business.
  • You can detect the raw expertise of the author.
  • You also know when Street Smarts are missing.
  • Instead of confidence, you clutch your wallet a bit tighter and move on to the next article.
  • Content Marketing Ninja Mastery requires you to put your competence on display.
  • Your posts should be filled with solid advice backed with evidence and experience



Step #3: Real Content Marketing Ninja Master’s Teach






So,  how long does it take to become a content marketing ninja master?





Your readers will let you know when you’ve arrived: they’ll share your posts, they’ll download your videos, podcasts, and your blog posts and share them all over Social Media,  they will wonder when you will publish your first book…..CLICK HERE to learn how you can Co-Author The Million Dollar Day Book with one of the industries outstanding leaders, Mark Hoverson. (not an ILN member yet, you can sign up here now  to take advantage of being able to work intimately with Mark)





Best of all, prospects will want to become customers.





What are you waiting for?





You Can Start HERE today!!!








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  1. Marketing ninga! Love it! Best marketers teach their butt off…love that too! I agree, the best way to be the ninga of your market is to teach it. Great post!

  2. The best marketers are the one that teach, inspire, and provide insight to others. Great post! And I am a huge fan of Mark Hoverson. His “Irresistible Marketing Blue Print” is a amazing!

  3. This is my first visit to your blog, and I really enjoy the content you have put out. I will be following and stopping by as often as you make posts! I have seen you around before online, but just now finding your blog! Great content, see you soon!

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