How To Become a Prospecting Magnet

 3 Simple Tips on Becoming a Prospecting Magnet




Here are 3 gold nugget tips on how to become a prospecting magnet from Doug Firebaugh, Passionfire

There are many ways to PULL people towards you but the following are things that you can implement right now in your business.


You must remember this most important rule of prospecting called “The Ultimate Prospecting Magnet Rule” :   You MUST become the type of person that people want to do business with and keep doing business with.  Period.



Here are 3 gold nugget tips that you can do to insure you become that type of Leader:


1. You must be more interested in what is best for the prospect than what is best for your income.

  • There are only 2 types of people in this profession:
  • People that are focused on their INCOME
  • People that are focused on the best OUTCOME for the prospect.
  • Which one are you?

2. You must come across like you do not need them, because neediness is a turn off, but you really do want them to join you along this Leadership path.  

3. You must focus on HOPE not hype like so many do.

  • Hope is the substance that drives this profession online as well as offline and the bottom line of magnetic  copy that works and converts many sales and recruits most people is one word:  HOPE.
  • It is that simple.
  • When people see HOPE in you and your message, then they will be drawn towards you to connect to that solution or benefit that you have available and if it is viable, will remain there.


You can become a prospecting magnet and PULL people towards you by not what you DO or SAY but who you ARE.

This is one of the biggest secrets to prospecting in network marketing.

Have you ever wondered why many people are not willing to follow you or even look at your message you have to offer with your home business?

  • There are many reasons why they do not.
  • One of the biggest reasons are people who are looking to build a team not understanding what Doug calls “The Art of Gentle Recruiting.”
  • This is something that Doug believes can help the average person that is struggling in recruiting and building a team to accelerate their results pretty quick.
  • It is based on asking a very simple but powerful question to someone that is non-threatening and is a normal part of any conversation, online or offline.  And if done right, you can PULL the person towards you like a magnet on steroids. 

There is one simple question that can PULL a TON of people towards you and your home business:

“Are you in a place in your life right now that you would be open to some additional income? Just curious.”

Simple yet powerful.

You are not pressuring them or even trying to get them to do anything.  You are simply asking a question and it is either YES or No.


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  1. I used to be a direct sales rep, and I had much more luck recruiting sales reps than I did selling product. This was not a great situation in building a business. I truly wanted to help others MORE than I wanted to help myself. LOL. At some point there has to be a line. The bottom line for me, is I’m truly not a salesperson. I’m simply a people person!

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