How To Become Seriously Influential Online

Become Seriously Influential Online









Do you ever have a nagging doubt you’re not good enough or that you don’t have enough clout to make a living online?





Here are 5 steps you need to achieve before you can become influential online by Henneke




Step 1: Narrow your focus

  • Start with a narrow focus for your business and write in-depth posts for your blog.
  • As a social media expert, you might want to focus on Google Plus only.
  • As an interior designer, you could start writing and learning everything about color schemes or textures only.
  • As an content marketing expert, you can focus on strategy and work with others to implement social media campaigns.
  • Gaining in-depth knowledge is easier when you focus on a narrow topic.
  • Becoming known as an authority is easier when you focus, too.


Step 2: Stop reading blog posts

  • You can’t become an authority by following blogs.
  • Sure, blog posts help you stay up to date, and you can learn a few useful tips. But reading blog posts alone won’t build authority.
  • Real authority requires in-depth knowledge–knowledge you’ll gain by reading serious books, listening to real experts, or gaining hands on experience.
  • Real authority requires you to do the work.
  • To dig deep.
  • To relentlessly focus on improving your knowledge.
  • And then to share your knowledge online.



Step 3: Write authoritative articles

  • You know your stuff.
  • But how do you show that to others?
  • A few tricks exist to boost your authority:
  • Answer specific questions. Avoid short list posts. Write longer posts that solve specific problems.
  • Quote other authorities in your industry. Ask well-known bloggers or authors for specific quotes, or simply use existing quotes from blogs or books. Show you know what others are talking about.
  • Don’t be afraid to take a contrarian view. Authorities have clear opinions. They’re known for their ideas. And they don’t moderate their views with ifs, buts, and maybes. They tell you how it is without an almost apologetic in my opinion.
  • Use stats and detailed case studies to add substance. If you’re a cycling coach, you could use real life examples of how a specific training regime improved performance. Or you can use stats about calories burnt per mile. Details boost credibility and trust.
  • Repeat your ideas. Re-phrase them slightly, use a new metaphor, or different examples. Repetition makes your ideas sticky. You don’t think that everyone remembers everything you’ve written, do you? So, repeat your message from time to time.



Step 4: Build an Audience

  • Building an audience is hard work.
  • My favorite method is guest posting.
  • Piggy-backing on a big blog’s audience immediately boosts your authority.
  • But guest posting means you’re building your authority on borrowed land.
  • And you’d like to build an email list with people who read your own blog posts on a regular basis, don’t you?


Step 5: Build a Fan Club

  • I’m not sure how to define a true fan, but I’m sure not every Twitter follower is a fan.
  • Not every Facebook friend is a fan.
  • And not every email subscriber is a true fan.
  • True fans are reading each of your emails–they miss your voice when you’re on vacation.
  • Or they might help you spread your ideas by writing raving book reviews or sharing your post on social media week in week out.
  • Or they’re the first to buy your new products because they believe in what you do.
  • True fans believe in you.
  • They’re groupies.
  • They feel you’re having a positive influence on their life.
  • Do you know how many fans you have?
  • True fans?







Online authority isn’t about how many Twitter followers or Facebook likes you have.




It’s not about how much web traffic you get.




And it’s not even about how much you know.




>>>Real authorities solve their audience’s problems<<<












That’s why people listen to them and spread their ideas.









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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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0 Replies to “How To Become Seriously Influential Online”

  1. I love the way you spread this blog out. I may (will?) borrow this idea. Number 3, “Write authoritative articles,” was probably my favorite (oops, not “probably” was.) Appreciated the tips with each idea and yes, repeating is important. I’ve heard that someone needs to hear a message seven times before they will “buy” into it. Not sure if it’s true, but have noticed saying the same thing in a different way does help.

  2. I think you hit it with #2… It’s similar to when I was taking my Masters course and my classmates were citing wikipedia. While there is valuable information there it is not reliable and in order to be taken seriously you need reliability in your information!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Kassy @ Purposeful Productions

  3. Joan,
    This is EXACTLY what I needed to read today! I’ve been floundering about a little with my blogging, and these points are just what I needed to hear. Now, to narrow my focus . . . to what? Thanks so much for giving me lots of ponder today, Joan.

  4. Great article Joan! If you don’t mind I’d like to share a bit of advice an expert in my field (personal development) gave me one time about quoting experts in articles. She is a well known psychologist so when she gave one of my books a 5* rate and glowing review I was thrilled, but she also emailed me with the following advice. It’s better to quote experts sparingly – here and there it’s okay but if you’re trying to establish yourself as an expert referring too much to what others have said gives the impression you don’t have the confidence to present the information based on your own knowledge and expertise. Just a different perspective, but it’s something I think about with every article now. Thanks for the inspiration and advice!

    1. Thank you Marquita for your fantastic advice 🙂 I will heed your advice as I am always looking to better my personal development:) I appreciate your awesome tips……thank you! Always working on establishing myself as an expert. Finding others who have so much value, I always enjoy sharing 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the post……much appreciate your comments 🙂 Thanks again……

  5. Thanks for sharing Joan. I think its also important to always be authentic. let people get to know you and that is what will draw people in more than anything. Those that resonate with you will follow you.

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