Why The Benefits Of Your Product Are More Important Than Its Features

The Benefits Vs The Features Of Your Product or Service








As an entrepreneur, you must go beyond selling the features of your product,  and figure out how your product will benefit your customer instead.  




It is far easier to sell around existing desires than it is to create desire.




Remember that customers generally won’t care about how your product or service works…….What they really want to know is, “What’s in it for me?”




Features tell and benefits sell

Features are the “what” of your product or service, while benefits are the “why” behind it.





“As with many aspects of marketing, it all comes back to having a compelling proposition of value”…..says  Gregory Ciotti, Help Scout

  • A value proposition is the art of communicating “here is why you should buy from us” to your customers, so it can and should permeate your whole site and your customers’ experience.
  • A great value proposition is essential for any business hoping to clearly communicate to customers why they are different, better, and worth purchasing from.
  • It’s especially important for small business owners making their name in the world, because without brand recognition, you’re going to have to paint a very clear picture as to why you are worth people’s time.





Letting features “tell” still matters a great deal—once you’ve sold a prospect on what you can do for them, the details ease their decision-making

  • For example:
  • Take buying a car; what you need is a car spacious and safe enough for your family, but when it comes down to a split decision, you might select the one with the heated leather seats. Until the benefits are obvious, stuff like this is just eye-candy.




Features can often connect the dots and put the benefits into a greater context.

  • There are two important ways they do this:
  • Justification:
  • Once the benefit is sold, features are used to explain how you’ll make it happen.
  • Sell the benefits first, then highlight the great features you offer to close.
  • Differentiation:
  • Describing your point of difference means elaborating on your features.




Remember that by not selling on benefits, you’re doing a disservice to customers.




Give them what they want by showing them why your product is that “one thing” they’ve been searching for.




Be wary of selling “fake benefits,” or completely hiding away your features, especially when appealing to a highly technical or business audience.




Features matter, and are an essential complement to the solution selling that gets prospects interested in the first place.






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