What Is The Biggest Mistake You Can Make In Your Business?

Do you know what the BIGGEST mistake you can make in your business is?




The biggest mistake most people make when they’re just starting out is believing that they have to do EVERYTHING themselves.


Is this you?



Do you feel you have to:

  • Drive Traffic

  • Make blog posts

  • Post to Facebook

  • Post to LinkedIn

  • Post to Google+

  • Post to Twitter

  • Post to Instagram

  • Answer every email within 5 minutes

  • Give everyone and their brother your personal cell phone that they can call 24 hours per day

  • Create Products

  • Create Sales Copy

  • Build webpages

  • Find images for your posts


The problem is, you can’t possibly do all of that yourself.  Or, if you do, the results won’t be very good.

You see, to do something really well, you have to master it.

And that’s the trap.


Here’s what I mean:

Since you don’t know how to write sales copy, you convince yourself you can learn it.  So you buy 17 courses and start one.

But then everyone says you NEED to be doing Facebook ads.

So you buy 6 courses that teach you how to do that.  You start one and get 50% through when someone tells you that a single website is no longer enough… you need an entire sales funnel.

You rationalize that you need someplace to send people FIRST before you can buy ads… so you buy 12 different software programs that all promise to be the “easiest, most brain-dead way to build an entire sales funnel in 7 minutes or less!”

You start building your sales funnel when suddenly a huge marketer on Facebook tells everyone… “periscope is the next billion dollar traffic source.  But only if you get in right now!

So you buy his course and…

Months later you’ve accomplished nothing,  you haven’t added one subscriber to your email list and when your coach asks you how’s it going you whine that you have no money to buy paid traffic and no time to get anything done.

Does this sound familiar?


thinkaboutitThink about it this way:

When you watch a football game or a basketball game, what do you see?

You see a coach working with each player. He harnesses each player’s expertise to win the game.

So the important lesson for you to remember in your business is this……There are different players for different situations.

In football, they have special teams; they have a defense; they have an offense team. The coach orchestrates all of it to maximize the best of each player on every play. You never see the Quarterback trying to kick a field goal.  Could he learn to do it?

Probably.  But why would he when there is someone who already knows how to do that?

In your business stop trying to be the quarterback, kicker, wide receiver, and defensive line………

Be the coach.

Find the best people for every situation and guide them toward the goal line.



Fortunately for you, I am already part of a proven marketing system……That has already done a lot of the heavy lifting….writing the sales copy, building the sales funnels, optimizing conversions, etc. You will even have your very own coach, assigned especially to you, where they will help you to figure out what part you play…..Maybe you don’t have the money for paid ads.  Focus on writing articles or making videos. Whatever it is that YOU do best and spread the rest out.



See what I am already part of>>>> HERE!


You just have to step out on to the field and play your part.

But you MUST choose ONE THING that you can specialize at, because it will become the foundation upon which you build your financial fortress moving forward.


To see what I highly recommend…….>>>>CLICK HERE



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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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38 thoughts on “What Is The Biggest Mistake You Can Make In Your Business?

  1. I can only laugh, Joan–that was me! I thought I had to do it all myself.
    What a game changer when I hired great professionals to do the things that, well, let’s say I wasn’t proficient at 🙂
    Made all the difference!

    • Yes lol it was me as well Susan! Absolutely, you must hire those that have the skills that are you not good at….as you will become much more productive that way 😉 Thank you for your awesome feedback!!

  2. Just reading your list was overwhelming & I recall thinking I couldn’t do it all. And I don’t. My daughter & I have divided areas & we have each learned them. We have an awesome webmaster/SEO/coach who has taught us as we go. Good you found a network system to enroll others into.

    • Thanks Roslyn! Sometimes it is best to have those that know more than us to show us the best way to do something 🙂 Just makes sense 😉

    • Absolutely Christy lol it happens more often than I can count for me as well 😉 Getting the help you need definately makes our businesses more productive! Do not be afraid to ask for that help…….it makes a HUGE difference!

    • Thanks Teresa! Absolutely, we all deserve to be supported and we certainly do not have to know everything when it comes to our business….if you can, outsource 🙂 Still struggling with this one lol

  3. Learning to seek the right help and to delegate is something I really need to work on. I’m realizing I can’t do it all and should take advantage of the expertise of others to help me reach my goals. Great advice.

    • Thanks so much Tamuria 🙂 We can not do it ALL and we must ask others for help. It is something that I need to do a lot more often!!

    • Yes it is really important to know exactly what we CAN and CAN NOT do, Sabrina 😉 As business owners we must not be afraid to ask for help 🙂 Thanks for your comment!!

  4. Great tips and that which I work to tell folks… you don’t have to be building your website, blogging, SEO, PPC and social media… outsource to those who can help… and by all means… get a freaken coach/mentor or support team. 🙂

  5. Although I agree with you 100% that you can’t do it all, and I never did when I owned my personal training studios, when you are just starting out, you do need to wait until you have some sort of income before you can pay others to do the tasks you don’t want or need to be doing. I think the key is in knowing when you can start outsourcing.

    • So very true Lisa….when first starting out we must make sure that we have that extra money to outsource those tasks we do not have the skill to do well 🙂 Thanks Lisa for comment and awesome feedback, very much appreciated!!

  6. I tell my time management coaching clients — focus on the 3 most important things that have to be done each day. How you determine which are the most important is by finding the ones that provide the highest ROI for your time investment. We don’t have to do it all — that’a sure path to burnout — and failure.

  7. Oh how enticing the online world is! Always something to attract us and make us believe this program or that course is the key to our success. I also have certain things, like my website developer and my designer, who I could not emulate. I like that you have found a system to attract new followers and that offers you already proven techniques. I like to focus on what I am best at and I guess the desire to be unique and standing out in a crowd, probably keeps me doing more than I should. Learning to go with the flow and not to drop everything to answer an email when it arrives. Not doing life on my iPhone, certainly helps. Unless I am near my computer, I am offline. Thanks for sharing this with us, Joan! It’s wonderful you’ve found such a great system for yourself and your business!

    • Yes the online world is very enticing, Beverley, there is ALWAYS something to attract us and totally make us believe that whatever the offer will be the key to our success 🙂 Just need to be careful and choose the best program or service that is best for you.

      So glad you enjoyed the post Beverley, appreciate your awesome feedback!

  8. Joan – lucky (?!) for me, when I started this media-platform building project to promote my book, I didn’t have to worry about hiring someone to help, because I knew NOTHING. I was basically computer-illiterate. I’m now getting into the 21st century, and what a ride this has been! Thank you for reminding me that as this journey continues, it’s perfectly fine to hire people for various tasks for my platform building & media marketing. I think it would be too easy to think “Well, I can now do this, so I should.”

    • You are welcome for the reminder Joan! Yes it is very ok to hire others to do what you do not know how to do, sometimes it is a necessity 🙂 Thanks for your comment!!

  9. With all of the algorithm changes that get rolled out between all the social media giants, a lot of these things which bloggers and business owners do have to be changed on a consistent basis. It’s good to have assistants to help with that stuff.

    • Hi Abbey,

      It is definately a good idea to have assistants to help you with the stuff you do not know how to do! It will make it much easier on you as a business owner.

      Thanks so much for your feedback! Appreciate it 🙂

    • That is great Joyce that you stay highly organized and focused 🙂 Awesome traits to have! I learned that lesson too lol Thanks for your comment!!

  10. Hi Joan

    You are so right and still trying to remove the mindset that I have to do it all by myself. Yeah! there are some things that others can do better . Thanks for the lovely post. Take Care

  11. Perfect advice, Joan.

    There’s really nobody I know of that is highly accomplished in any field… who hasn’t relied HEAVILY on coaching. Think about athletes, dancers, artists, teachers… they all needed to have somebody show the HOW to do what they do. In business we call them consultants, but it all adds up to shortcutting your path to success by looking over the shoulder of someone who’s already doing what you want to learn to do.

    You want to set up your TV’s remote control? Call in a 10-year old.

    Sure, you could read the little tiny manual that comes in 187 languages. But why? The 10 year old will show you how to do it in 3 minutes.

    You want success online? Call in someone who knows the ropes.

    Sure, you could figure out on your own… after months and years, if you can stick it out that long.

    This is crucial advice, Joan, and I hope folks are hearing it 🙂

    • Thank you David! Appreciate your awesome comment! There is always someone that knows more than you and to learn from them is crucial if you want to see success in your own business….simple as that 😉

  12. It’s so easy to spread yourself too thin, especially when you’re first starting out. I hired a copywriter last week to do one sales email; I’m excited to get it today. And I’m hiring a VA this week for a project I just don’t have time for. Baby steps. And I will get to your link. I promise.

    • Baby steps exactly Carol 😉 It is always best to hire those who know how to do something you do not and just do not have time for….makes sense 😉 It will help you and your business in the long run….absolutely!

      No worries Carol, little by little 🙂 I know you will…..Thanks for your awesome comment! Appreciate it!

  13. You are so right! I have paid more than I can afford for courses that I have not completed. Luckily, on a cloudy day, I tend to land on blog’s that gives me hope. I will be reading more of your stuff.

  14. I have done it all on my own from designing how my blog/website works to social media. I have learned so much through the process. I totally agree with having others help you. My husband started trying to help me with my Facebook page and my kids help me with Instagram. I want to teach my son to help me edit videos and pictures. Thanks for reminding me that I don’t need to carry the burden all on my own.

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