Why Do Most Bloggers Fail?

Are You One of the Bloggers that Fail?










Here are the 5 reasons that most bloggers fail from Blog Mastermind 








1. Motivated by money

  • If you just blog for the money, as you head into month three of your blog’s life and you have yet to earn a penny, chances are you won’t be there in month six when you are still not making anything.
  • Focus your motivation on enjoying the process of writing about a topic you care about and interacting with others who share your interest.
  • You will have more staying power, will enjoy the journey and will keep at it long enough to be financially rewarded as well




2.   Have no credibility

  • Do not to start a blog about making money from blogging or making money online unless you already make very good money from blogging or Internet business and can present this information in a way that is not already being done by someone else (unique writing style, unique life experiences, etc).
  • Credibility can be established with proof or through the quality of the information provided, which generally comes only from people with experience.
  • If this isn’t you, don’t make your life hard.
  • Move on and find a topic you can dominate.




3.  Choosing the wrong niche

  • Just like entering a crowded marketplace can spell doom for a blog, blogging about a topic that there is little interest in won’t get you far either.
  • If your topic is not mentioned anywhere else online – no forums, no websites, nothing – don’t assume it’s an untapped niche.
  • It could be that there just isn’t an audience.




4.  Jumping from blog to blog

  • If you want to be in the blogging game long-term you have to focus long enough on one blog to give it a chance to succeed.




5. Thinking blogging is easy money

  • Many people have entered the blogosphere thinking that with an hour or two a day they can become famous and earn several thousand dollars a month or more.
  • If you think it will happen to you within a week, a month or even six months, you are going to be disappointed.
  • It takes work, especially at the start, to build a successful blog, but the rewards make it worthwhile.
  • If your timetable is presently full and you are not prepared to make room for regular, and I mean regular work on your blog, you probably shouldn’t jump into the game just yet.







You must understand these 5 reasons most bloggers fail, and then you will have the awareness to move beyond them in your own blogging career.








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0 Replies to “Why Do Most Bloggers Fail?”

  1. After reading this, I am glad to see I got into blogging for the right reasons. I enjoy writing and I enjoy learning something new in the process (how to run a business). For me, the money is secondary and just one of the many gauges of success.

  2. Blogging is not for the faint of heart. It takes so much time and energy to put your best foot forward. Thanks for this article. It helps put some things in perspective.

  3. There are exceptions to the rules. I started making passive income the first week I entered the blogging arena. It’s how you present the offers (and not making them sound like a sales pitch) that makes the difference.

    Transparency in this blogging game is essential for success. Doesn’t matter what niche you pick as long as you can convey honesty and the desire to serve people by eliminating their biggest fears and/or problems.

    Anything is possible!

    BTW: Do you know your formatting of this post is out of whack? There are major spaces in between your article. Just thought you would like to know. 🙂

  4. Hey Joan,

    I went through the process of asking myself “why am I blogging” and “what about blogging do I like” ? Then all of a sudden, it just hit me! Once it hit me, I blogged about topics I was more interested in and resonated with me. When I did that, I changed my style a bit, my target market became more targeted, and I started getting better results! So yes, these reasons that bloggers fail are some of the same reasons why I was failing. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Great advice! I would love to make money from blogging, who wouldn’t?! BUT it takes the fun out of it (for me anyway) when that is what I focus on. When I forget about the $ and concentrate on making a great DIY project, then I get REALLY excited and love writing and blogging! So, if it happens, ok, if not, ok too! I’m loving the blogging community in general and love comments! Isn’t that what makes us all happy, besides money?
    Thanks for the straight to the point tips!!

  6. Nice tips! I failed on number 4 since this is my 3rd blog, but this one, I am sticking to it!
    I didn’t pursue the other 2 because I wasn’t getting enough readers in 2/3 months, well, now I know that you have to be patient and keep on writing for yourself…

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