Blogging Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Are you making these 7 blogging mistakes?





If you are a blogger, you need to make sure that you never get blindsided with the following blogging mistakes:




1. Holding back the good stuff

  • If you don’t offer real value from the get go, no one will ever talk about your blog, and it’ll never grow.
  • Pretend like everyone is paying you to write, and make every blog post worth at least $100.
  • Make it so astonishingly valuable they can’t help but talk about it.


2. All you’re thinking about is money

  • So, you want to sell your “great” content, not give it away for free. And you’re constantly pitching your latest e-course or e-book.
  • That is NOT a good idea and here is why:
  • Selling anything, online or offline, is about TRUST.
  • If all you’re doing is pitching stuff, people won’t trust you, and they’ll write you off as just another sleazy Internet marketer.
  • People will want to eventually buy from you if you do these 3 things:
  • First offer advice, insight and solutions.
  • Make a difference.
  • Entertain.


3. Making empty promises

  • Be careful of what you promise.
  • If you make a big promise, back it up with advice people can take action on immediately.


4. Being repetitive 

  • You are repeating yourself by saying pretty much the same thing, over and over, but in a slightly different way throughout your post
  • You add unnecessary details into your writing.
  • You lose focus and don’t take enough time, care and attention to really trim your writing down to the essential message.
  • Just focus on being clear and concise 


5. Making it all be about YOUbloggingmistakes1

  • They’re interested in helpful, timely advice, innovative solutions and entertaining stories… with some extra inspiration and motivation for good measure.
  • Cater to your readers
  • Work hard to understand them.
  • Know them and what keeps them awake at night.


6. Not infusing your personality into the content

  • You can’t remove all of your personality from your posts, or it will just be boring
  • It still needs some relevant stories, funny remarks, and other personal touches.
  • Talk about what your audience is interested in, but do it your way share your stories and experiences while still focusing thoroughly on your readers’ needs.


7. Getting defensive

  • You can defend your thoughts and ideas, but don’t be rude
  • Everyone’s entitled to an opinion.
  • When your readers offer help and advice, thank and encourage them.
  • This interaction will breathe new life and energy into your blog. And those watching will feel comfortable to come out of the shadows and make a contribution of their own.
  • Your great post now becomes even more memorable.



If you’ve made a few of these mistakes, admit them and then take full responsibility so you can start making the most of the opportunity to turn your blog into a prolific online business that allows you to work wherever you want, whenever you want, on your own terms.


Start approaching your blog and your audience as if the stakes are enormously high.


If you want your audience to like and trust you, you need to understand that you are the servant, not the master.


Write with a little humility, and people will love you for it.



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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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0 thoughts on “Blogging Mistakes You Need To Avoid

  1. Hey Joan,

    Understanding and applying all of these tips will do wonders for anyone. It is definitely not about you but about the tips and solutions you provide for your audience that they can instantly use for themselves. But when they start to see the rules they want then you’ll definitely have loyal advocates! Thanks for sharing Joan!

  2. Yes, this is all so true. I find it’s a good idea for me to have others read my posts before publishing to be sure that I am offering good advice and putting some fun personality into it. Thanks.

  3. Really helpful content, Joan.
    In today’s post, I did post a short excerpt from my book but I used it to introduce a topic that is big in the vision impaired scene now, a change in a particularly visible mobility tool. I think my readers will find the content useful and informative, withether they’re vision impaired or sighted.

  4. The money part is huge. Most bloggers don’t care about connection. They just want the money part. Those who are pushy, salesy or repetitive, I just simply delete and move on.

  5. Not infusing my personality into my writing was one of my bigger early on mistakes for fear I would be making my blogging too much about me. And not objective enough. I’ve since gotten over that and my blog traffic is now growing steadily.

  6. I don’t want to say “another great post, Joan” but it’s short and sweet- another great post, Joan. Shared this on LinkedIn with my marketing contacts.

  7. Yes, yes, and yes! All of this is so true. Thanks for the reminder! 🙂 It’s hard to find that balance between infusing your personality and not making the post all about you.

  8. I’d say #1 mistake is not having anything to say. Just because you can blog doesn’t mean you should. I’ve read so many blogs that don’t say anything, other than how little the person has to say. For example saying “I’m ill today”. Why bother? Just wait until you are well then mention it when you can write something decent.

    I do agree with the others 100% though!

    Good list

  9. I am definately going to bookmark this post. I am sure that even seasoned bloggers need to be reminded of some of the mistakes that can crop up in their writing. Thank you so much for linking up to #MidLifeLuv. I am so pleased we connected!

  10. Great tips. I think I can safely say I don’t make these ones. I’ve had some pretty nasty comments left on my blog, but I think I maintained my poise and dialed down my snark factor in my response to them.

  11. Great points Joan
    Selling anything offline or online is about TRUST.
    “People buy from people they Know Like & Trust.”
    – ? Asked about this on Quora ?
    For goodness sake don’t ever be rude.
    I liked the ” you are a servant not the master”
    Great post.

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