How To Bond With Your Readers

What is the most obvious way to bond with your readers that most forget to do?








You want to build an audience for your blog…..But not just a casual, passive audience – a mob of fanatical fans….you want your readers to feel strongly connected to you – the way people feel in real life




“But getting that connection online is tough. No matter how well you write, a blog creates a certain distance between you and your readers”…….says Adam Bean




So how do you create this connection you crave?





The “Obvious” Secret to Creating a Deep Connection with Your Readers

  • Think about a popular blogger you feel a connection with.
  • When you read their latest blog post you can’t help but hear it in their voice.
  • When they tell a story, you can vividly picture them in that situation.
  • In other words, you feel much more connected to them because you feel you know them.
  • Which is exactly how you want your audience to feel about you.




Fortunately, a way does exist that will  create that kind of connection that you crave……









Obvious, right?




Most bloggers have considered using video at some point and I am sure you have too, yes?

  • You might have been inspired by other bloggers that were using it successfully.
  • Or you were tempted by the video capability on your new smartphone or tablet.
  • Or sensed that video could help you take your audience engagement to the next level.




But you  fail to act.



And the reason is simple.





You are scared.





Why is it that one simple five-letter word – video – can strike such fear into the bravest of bloggers, who are otherwise fearless with their content?

  • Actually, they have LOTS of reasons……
  • They’re scared they won’t look right on camera.
  • They’re scared their voice will sound weird.
  • They’re scared of saying the wrong thing and looking stupid.
  • They’re scared that the technology will get the better of them.

Just know that it is totally normal to have these fears when starting out with video – but here’s the cold hard truth.

  • Unless you find a way to powerfully bond with your audience, your blog will be left in the dust by other bloggers who do.
  • And video, done right, is one of the quickest and most effective ways to create engagement.
  • The sooner you get past your fears and start using video to create a deep personal connection with your readers, the sooner you’ll stand out from the crowd.




Put it this way – you’ve got no excuse at all for not trying.




If you hate the results, don’t post them on your blog, but you’ll never know if you don’t try…….And you might be pleasantly surprised.







Here is The Best Type of Clip to Create When You’re a Video Virgin says  Adam Bean , a Keynote Speaker, Marketing Consultant and Construction Superintendent.

  • Video really isn’t as terrifying as you might first have thought.
  • So you’re going to create a specific type of video: a short, standalone,single-take video.
  • Here’s why:
  • Keeping your video short means it’s simpler to create and also easier to hold the viewer’s attention throughout.
  • Planning for your video to be standalone means you’re not committing yourself to recording a whole series (after all, you’re a blogger, not a vlogger) and ensures it will be effective even if it’s the only video on your blog.
  • Recording your video in a single take (i.e., no editing required) keeps the technical stuff to a minimum and usually results in an on-camera performance that looks more natural and down-to-earth
  • We’re going to focus on just one type of video: a simple welcome video.
  • This is a video that will sit on your About Page and give new readers a quick introduction to you and your blog.
  • And if you have an email list it’s also the perfect place to encourage them to sign up.




Adam Bean’s 4-Part Formula for Creating an Engaging Video Script

  • Although some people can say exactly what they want to say, how they want to say it, without planning it first, most of us don’t have that superpower.
  • So when recording your welcome video, it helps to have a simple script to keep you on track.
  • You don’t have to learn it word for word (in fact it’s probably best that you don’t) but it will give you a template to work with.
  • And to structure your script we’re going to adapt a simple formula borrowed from standup comedian turned copywriter Kevin Rogers:
  • Identity, Struggle, Discovery, Surprise.
  • Here’s how it applies to your welcome video script:
  • Identity – Say who you are and welcome visitors to your blog.
  • Struggle – Describe a personal struggle your audience will relate to.
  • Discovery – Talk about a discovery which turned things around.
  • Surprise – Surprise viewers by making a helpful offer.




6 Simple Tips for a Painfree Recording Experience

  1. Memorize Your “Bookends.” You don’t need to memorize your script word for word – you’ll lose spontaneity and risk sounding like a robot. But it is a good idea to memorize your opening and closing sentences to ensure a strong start and finish.
  2. Create a Safe Recording Environment. Nothing is quite so frustrating as getting almost to the end of a perfect take and having it ruined by a text message arriving, the doorbell chiming or your partner calling you in for lunch. So do what you can to minimize interruptions.
  3. Run a Simple Test. Plug in the microphone and perform a quick test recording to make sure everything is working. Check that the audio is clear and that your face is neatly framed by the screen and not cropped or biased to one side.
  4. Record Your Practice Runs. Practice with the camera rolling. You never know when you are going to completely nail a take, and you don’t want to miss a good performance simply because the camera wasn’t running. Remember, you’re only creating a short video so if you happen to knock it out of the park on the first practice – mission accomplished.
  5. Breathe, Smile, Begin. Once the camera is rolling, take a deep breath, look directly into the lens, and then smile for three or four seconds before you begin to talk. Once finished, smile again a few seconds before stopping the recording.
  6. Whatever Happens – Don’t Stop. Even if you make a mistake – keep going. Small stumbles often aren’t as bad as they seem in the moment, and for bigger mistakes, simply take another breath and start that section again.




Take a Deep Breath and Press “Record”

  • Will you actually do it?
  • Will you put your fears aside and record your first video?
  • Because if you want a truly engaged audience, sooner or later you’ll need to step out from behind the keyboard.
  • No matter how well you write, readers will struggle to bond with you if they can’t picture you in their mind’s eye.
  • That’s why video is so powerful.
  • Even the simplest video can transform you from an almost anonymous blogger, into a living, breathing human being.
  • And remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect.




People connect with real people, with their flaws intact.




For some awesome motivation come on over and check out my YouTube channel here….





So, what are you waiting for, get out from behind your keyboard and SHOW people you are REAL and AUTHENTIC…….all you gotta do is START 🙂








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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington
















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  1. This was encouraging to me! It is my goal to be real and authentic with my readers, but sometimes I fear I come off didactic. Video is a great idea! My husband and I used to run and blog together and we always wanted a video feature, but we never completed it. Of course, the first one we tried to put together was after scaling a mountain. I almost passed out . . . But I like the idea of a simple welcome video. 🙂

  2. Joan, this is such a wealth of information. I needed this today and had just yesterday thought about taking the step to doing video, but the fear of hearing my own voice stopped me. Going to take the plunge. Have a great week!

  3. Yikes. You hit the nail on the head, the first time, Joan. I am scared to do a video. But you’ve given me the inspiration and the instructions on how to do it in this excellent post. Maybe I’ll just shake off the jitters and do it!

  4. Joan, you are so right. Video’s are one thing that really helps a person get to know you better and helps them connect with you. I used to hate doing video’s but come to enjoy them now. My only issue was during my 6 month break from the business I got out of doing them and really need to get back to it.. Thanks again for a value filled post.

  5. I did a video – once – a suggestion from a blog challenge I participated in a couple of years ago. It was nothing like you described or suggested – and the blog challenge didn’t give the participants any real advice. So, should I try again? Right now my iPhone is stuffed with 3700 plus pictures – my son calls me an electronic horder. Well, the worst that could happen is – I clean out my photos.

    1. Yes YOU should definately try again Alana 🙂 It would be great to see you:) If you get a chance go check out my YouTube channel that I referred to in my post and get some inspiration that will help you begin again 🙂 I know you can do it!!

  6. I used to be scared doing videos, but it’s amazing how powerful they are when your subscribers can see, hear, and feel your passion coming through. They know that you are a real person and that’s what increases engagement.

    Great post!

    Dr. Lisa

  7. Excellent advice Joan!

    This is most definitely a proven step by step “how to” make your very first on camera video a raving success, sort of blueprint!

    You’ve done such an excellent job addressing a lot of the all too common objections and fears that lots of beginning marketers have for not actively using video marketing as a part of their long term marketing strategy!

    Your advice is so spot on! Thanks!

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