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Boost Your Credibility By Getting Noticed By The Online Influencers









Today, I want to share with you these tips on How to Get Noticed by Online Influencers (and Boost Your Credibility!) by Firepole Marketing’s author, Kristen Hicks a freelance copywriter and content marketer




I bet you thought if you built a business and did great work consistently and reliably, that should be enough.



Instead, you’ve learned that the positive word of mouth of a few happy customers doesn’t cut it.



The steady stream of new customers and sales you need to keep afloat just isn’t materializing.





In business, how good you are matters, but how good others think you are often matters more. 






Building authority in your field requires a slow and steady process of good work for your clients, good content that shares your knowledge, and the extra work of getting that content in front of the right people.



In order to turn your knowledge into an effective marketing tool, you must get on the radar of the people who make up your target online community.



“The good news – you don’t have to start from the ground up”……..says Kristen Hicks



Most of your target audience is already paying close attention to what a small group of individuals with already-established credibility has to say.



These influencers can be incredibly valuable to you.



Not just through the great content and advice they offer (hence their status in the community), but also through the connections they’ve already developed.



They’ve succeeded in building a committed audience of the people you want to reach.



Once you can get their attention and gain their trust, their recommendation can be an invaluable tool to building credibility with your target audience.



How do you do that?









You Have to Earn the Relationship



Your goal is to become more than just one in a crowd.



You need to make them see you as an individual worthy of their attention.



To convince an online influencer that you’re worth paying attention to, you have to think more about what you can give them than what you want in return.



The key to gaining their attention and respect is simple: become a contributing community member.







Here Are 6 Ways to Be an Active Community Member





1. Take Advantage of Social Media

  • Connecting with people you admire has never been easier thanks to social media.
  • It’s a powerful tool for positioning yourself as part of the larger business community.
  • It’s also an efficient way to make yourself a more visible member of your influencer’s community.

Start Simple

  • One of the tricks of doing social media well is following the 80/20 rule: make about 80% of what you do on social media about promoting other people’s work.
  • Don’t always just share posts with the given headline; customize what you say so that you’re adding something as you share.
  • When you derive a tangible benefit from some advice given by your influencer, let them and others know.
  • Write a blog post that mentions them, and promote it in as many social media venues as you can.


2.  Email Them to Ask Questions, Express Gratitude, or Provide Feedback

  • Some influencers are too busy to answer every email they get, but many will take the time if your questions or comments are clearly genuine and bring some personality into it.


3.   Offer to Help

  • You have to look for any opportunity to offer some extra value.
  • Think beyond just the influencer for this one, and look for chances to help their audience as well.
  • They’re regarded as experts because they’ve become some of the best at a particular area of expertise, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help them with something you know more about.
  • If you can figure out what that is and solve a pain point in their lives, you’ll definitely make it onto their radars.


4. Pitch a Guest Post

  • Guest posts are a practice designed to be beneficial for all involved.
  • The poster gets a boost to his or her reputation, and the blog gets some quality content, usually for free.
  • Most importantly, guest posting is a means of building relationships.
  • Your post idea has to offer value to the blog’s audience.
  • Do your best to promote the post yourself as well.
  • The further its reach, the more your words help promote your influencer.


5.   Seek Out Opportunities to Meet in Person.

  • Meeting people in person is a surefire way to make a more memorable impression.
  • Personalities shine through offline in a way that’s often hard to replicate in an online persona, so if you spot a chance to meet one of your online idols in person, go for it.


6.   Become a Customer

  • Plenty of popular bloggers do a great job of responding to questions and comments from any of their readers.
  • Those same bloggers make a special point of giving more personal, focused attention to their customers.
  • Purchasing a course or consulting services from an influencer isn’t required to build authority in your field, but according to the examples of many current influencers, it certainly doesn’t hurt.





You’ll never be an influencer in your field without putting some serious time and effort into reaching that status.



The most successful influencers in every industry don’t just have skills and knowledge in their field; they have a reputation for having the skills and knowledge in their field as well.



You can build up that reputation too.



You can join the ranks of industry influencers with the right strategy.


If you gain the attention and trust of those who have already established their credibility, you’ll gain a valuable head start to joining them.






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