How To Boost Sales Utilizing Social Media

Boost Sales Using These 7 Social Media Tips









Social media is vital to your business.




Social Media can grow your brand awareness and your profits.




Here are 7 tips by Grant Cardone/,  that helps build a presence and a following on the social media platforms




1. Start

  • The most important thing to do is to start, and start fast.
  • You don’t need to know anything to do this.
  • Create an account and commit to posting content.
  • That’s all!
  • Nothing is going to happen without starting.
  • Billions of people are using social media worldwide — proof that it’s not complicated.




2. Post often and keep posting.

  • There is no such thing as posting too much content.
  • The only way you are going to get attention is through frequency.
  • Those who quit following you because you post too much aren’t your market and won’t buy from you anyway.
  • If people aren’t complaining about how much you post you are not posting enough.




3. Be the celebrity expert in your space. 

  • Post content that makes you the expert in your space.
  • Think in terms of providing information based on what you know and the service your business or products offers.
  • Offer tips and insights such as how to, how not to, what to avoid, how to find the best, what makes it the best, how to fix it, repair it and what you must know.




4. Make planet Earth your target. 

  • Unlike traditional marketing, social media allows you to pitch the world.
  • In the beginning, you want attention from anyone.
  • Understand from the start that anyone worldwide can see your content and be inspired to take some sort of action.




5. Create varying content. 

  • Use every form of content possible: videos, photos, quotes, articles and blogs and curating the content of others.
  • Content sharing is the easiest and the one that may get you more followers faster.
  • By sharing the content of a competitor or another expert and giving them credit, you will pick up followers from those that follow them.




6. 80/20 rule. 

  • Eighty percent of your content should be information based, not promotional.
  • No one is going to come to you because you posted something promotional because no one is even following you.
  • You have to get an audience that wants your content.
  • As you grow followers, you can increase promotions.




7. Do not delegate. 

  • No matter how important your position or how busy your schedule, you must take ownership of your social media presence.
  • Your voice is your own.
  • You have to be authentic.
  • Many brands miss this.





No matter who you are, how old you are or what you do, social media platforms can be great for your brand and business, but first, you must get started and get a following.






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