How To Build a Better Relationship with Your Facebook Fans

Building A Better Relationship With Your Facebook Fans










Do You Want A Better Relationship With Your Facebook Fans?





How often do you ask yourself this……”How do I get my fans to love me”?



You may think you have bribe them or even bombard them.



The key word here = connected








To build a better relationship with your fans, you need to connect with them!



If you want a genuine relationship with your fans, you must engage & build your community through conversation — and become a resource that solves your fans’ problems (with no hidden agenda).



How can you build a better relationship with your fans — and also get them to spend more money on your products & services?





Here Are 12 Ways to Build a Better Relationship with Your Fans by Ravi Shukle, PostPlanner








1. Use your fans’ first names in status updates & comments

  • Using a name to sign off on comments/updates helps build trust with fans — because they have a person to relate to (instead of a logo).
  • Instead of just “liking” comments left on your fan page, try to engage & create a conversation with your fans.



2. Give your fans insight into your business

  • Take your fans on a journey with you!
  • It’s important to be transparent with your fans — ie. not just show your successes but also your challenges & failures.



3. Involve your fans

  • With the rise of social media, brands should be leveraging 2-way commutation — not only for brand transparency & customer service, but also for content creation.
  • The term UGC refers to “user generated content” — or content that has been created by your audience.
  • UGC is a great way for businesses to encourage sharing & include their audience as part of an overall content strategy.

Here are a few ideas to help get you started:

  • Ask for photo uploads around a theme — “What does your workspace look like? Send us a picture of your desk – we would love to see!”
  • Use Photo/video uploads as a contest or give away – “What reminds you of summer? Upload your photo/video using #iLovesummer for a chance to win.”
  • Ask your audience to share their thoughts or images on your products/services – “Where are you enjoying our fruit smoothie this morning? Upload your photo/video for all to enjoy!”


4. Use Facebook competitions

  • Facebook competitions are a great way not only to reach & involve your audience, but also to build leads for your business.

There are many benefits to running a competition on your Facebook page, including:

  • Increasing your fan base
  • Raising awareness of your product/service
  • Increasing the size of your email list
  • Encouraging customer loyalty



5. Be transparent & authentic with your community

  • The businesses that kill it on social media are mostly the ones that are transparent & authentic with fans. Ie. truthful in their marketing & open in their sharing.
  • Remember: relationships are not built overnight — you need to be a consistent & genuine to build those raving fans over time.
  • The more you get to know your audience, the more genuine & trustworthy you can become.



6. Host a Q&A (Question & Answer) session to help your fans

  • A great way to further develop the one-on-one relationships you have with your fans is to answer their questions.
  • One way is to host a Q&A on your page or via a Facebook app.
  • It’s a great way to build your reputation as a helpful, “go-to” resource — and can be done by responding to questions in comments below a status update — or via video reply.



7. Don’t ignore your fans

  • Part of being social is being open & responsive with your fans — including responding to customer questions & complaints — and providing feedback.
  • Responsiveness will help strengthen your relationship with fans & is essential to your overall strategy when building an online presence.



8. Ensure you’re there to engage with your fans

  • We all know that no matter how hard we try, we can’t be online 24/7.
  • The key factor is to make sure you’re there to engage once your scheduled posts publish — and not just schedule & forget about the posts.



9. Showcase your fans

  • Now that you have your fans engaging with your page & creating conversation, the next step is to show them you appreciate their input.
  • How?
  • By thanking them for their participation.
  • For example: post a thank you message as a status update highlight your top fans via a cover image showcase the most active fans via a Facebook app



10. Ask fans for input

  • Brands that have good relationships with their fans listen to them.

The benefits of asking fans for feedback are:

  • Feedback is from your target audience — so you know the opinions directly reflect those that will be purchasing, viewing or downloading your content
  • Info can be used to gather more marketing data from your audience — are they mobile only?
  • Do they prefer eBooks, videos, emails?  (this information can be used to target & promote future content)
  • Help to generate content ideas — ask your fans what topics they’d like to learn more about & provide content you know your audience is hungry for.



11. Post at the right time of day

  • Only a small percentage of your fans see your updates in their news feeds anyway.

So how do you increase the chances of being seen?

  • Apart from promoting the post, a great organic way to do this is to identify the times your fans are most active online.
  • Facebook has rolled new Insights that allows you to view this very stat — helping you to identify when your fans are online & the average number who saw your posts in an hour.
  • Use this data to help you identity the time of the day your fans are most engaged & you will increase the chances of your post getting seen & engaged with.
  • You have to see what times works best for your specific audience — with regards to both frequency & the times you post.



12. Celebrate your successes with Facebook Milestones

  • Facebook milestones are a great way to build your relationship with your fans by sharing your journey & giving them insight into the key moments of your business’ journey.
  • Milestones are automatically expanded on your Facebook timeline & also offer a great way to showcase your brand’s history.

Here are a few ways you can use Facebook milestones today:

  • Highlight the launch date of your business
  • Highlight a milestone in fans reached e.g. 10,000 fans
  • Highlight the launch of a new product/service
  • Highlight your brands history – how & where it started

To add a milestone above your Facebook status bar:

  • select “Offer, Event”
  • Click Milestone
  • Add a headline, location & details of your milestone
  • Choose to add a photo
  • Click Save

Milestone photos display at 843 x 403 pixels.





So, there you have it, 12 proven ways to build a better relationship with your fans.



Leverage these ways on your Facebook Page & watch the relationship with your fans blossom.





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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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  1. Hi Joan,

    Excellent tips! Sherman, no worries buddy….me too 😉 I am improving. Sometimes I see low numbers of little engagement and devote my energies to my networks which hum. I do know that engaging frequently makes me attract more engaging folks.

    I like the idea of asking your fans questions. Engage. Ask them to post pictures of themselves. If you can feel truly involved you will be an engaging, and likely rabid fan over time, and these individuals become brand ambassadors.

    Thanks for the powerful share Joan!

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