How To Build Your Brand On Social Media

7 Ways To Build Your Brand On Social Media





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By building a community of followers on social media , you can promote your brand, establish a loyal customer base and attract new customers and this will help turn your business into a successful enterprise.









Here are 7 ways to help build your brand on social media







1. Optimize your online presence

  • This simply means completing your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social profiles
  • Many business owners start a page on social media sites but fail to put in the extra work to complete their profile page.
  • Remember having a complete profile page and placing your keywords (those that relate to your business) in the profile is exactly what will get you noticed on social media.




2. Promote your pages

  • While it’s important that other people know about your business website from your pages or profile, it’s also crucial that they can actually find your Facebook and Twitter profile when they visit your website.
  • Most people find it easier and more comfortable to comment on posts or else give feedback on the social media sites than on business websites.
  • Take advantage of this by placing links to your Facebook pages or profile on your website (nowadays there are”buttons”) and get useful feedback from customers.




3. Interact with your fans or followers

  • People love to engage in conversations with others but no one likes being ignored.
  • If you will not be replying to comments and posts from your fans and followers, avoid the trouble of owning social media pages early enough.
  • You have to react to the feedback you get from other people, whether it’s positive or negative.
  • This way your customers will see that you’re concerned enough to listen to their complaints, opinions, ideas and so on.




4. Offer incentives

  • People love gifts and incentives and you can use this fact to increase followers and attract new customers.
  • Organize frequent contests and offer something to the winners (gifts can be something simple like a discount coupon or a free download).
  • The trick is to be creative and identify ways to let your customers or followers feel the benefit of following you.




5. Post relevant content

  • What kind of information are you posting or tweeting about?
  • What kind of articles are you sharing on LinkedIn?
  • The things you put on social media sites should reflect your brand and business.
  • Make sure you post about things which are valuable to customers or followers, those that they are interested in or are likely to be interested in.




6. Place social sharing buttons

  • People love sharing useful information or good promotions.
  • Having sharing buttons on things like articles and posts can help followers to share information about you, your brand and business with their friends and followers.
  • Simply make things easy for them.
  • If your potential customers find it a lot easier to comment, follow, share or like your content, they will likely be keen to do so.




7. Have random surveys

  • Surveys can be a good way to get feedback from your followers or customers.
  • There are sites that offer survey design and distribution services so you shouldn’t have any difficulty putting up a survey.
  • Be sure to ask your followers and customers to contribute to your business planning process via social media.
  • Let them feel part of your business.






There you have it…………7 ways to help brand you on social media












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