How To Build Your Reader Engagement On Your Blog

The 5 Essential Qualities Of Creating Effective Content That Builds Reader Engagement On Your Blog



What makes some content marketing succeed, while other efforts fail?


There are 5 essential qualities that you need to know when writing content for your blog, do you know what they are?


“The formula for effective content marketing and better reader engagement is Education + Personality = Effective Content says Sonia Simone (Copyblogger)




The 5 Essential Qualities For Effective Content








1. Effective Content Educates

  • Content that sells (whether you’re in the premium content business or you use content to sell another product or service) is content that makes itself useful.
  • Effective content teaches your audience something they want to know more about.
  • It answers pressing questions and makes your readers’ lives better in some key way.


2. Effective Content Has Personality

  • Aim to create a content-driven website that has personality, that’s reader-friendly, and that’s written to both educate and entertain.
  • Bringing a consistent voice and personality to your content is a lot of work — but it’s also highly rewarding, both personally and professionally.


3. Effective Content Has a Great Headline

  • If you’re going to put in the work to create strong content that educates in a reader-friendly way, please don’t bury it with a lousy headline.
  • Great headlines make it easy for readers to share your content.
  • They attract more links, social media sharing, readers, and customers.


4. Effective Content Keeps SEO in Mind

  • Creating content that’s both educational and reader-friendly has SEO benefits.
  • Just remember, effective content works for human readers first and search engines second.
  • If balancing those two still seems mysterious to you, take a look at Copyblogger’s SEO Copywriting ebook.


5. Effective Content Puts The Reader First

  • All of the “rules” of great content marketing come from one rule: put your audience first.
  • It’s not about how much money you need to make with this launch, where you want to rank in search engines, or what your cat had for breakfast this morning.
  • It’s about your audience — the readers, prospects, and customers — not you.


When you create content that both benefits your readers and makes them feel good, you’ll find that your marketing goals become a lot more achievable.



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  1. Hey Joan,

    One of the most critical objectives for content marketers is increasing engagement with website visitors. While the term has been around for decades, the concept of engagement has taken center stage in the digital age. In an era where multi-screen usage is nearly at saturation point among connected consumers, the problem of distraction is only going to get worse.

    Successful engagement is different for every blogger, depending on his or her goals and blog purpose, but it’s vital to note that every blogger should have goals for engagement and the blogger should be tracking those metrics to make sure things are going smoothly.

    Infographics, graphs and charts, screen shots, product images, and more can be used to enhance our content and encourage our audience to hang around long enough to perceive the value of what we’re writing. Eventually, thanks for reveling a light on this topic.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

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