How To Build Relationships Through Landing Pages & Sales Funnels

Building Relationships Through Landing Pages and Sales Funnels…..What You Need to Know










Relationships are the most important thing in marketing.





Relationships are key.





You can’t have a relationship with someone you don’t know….things have to start somewhere, and because you have a business to run, you’ve got to keep the end goal of mutually beneficial sales in mind.







At the beginning of your relationship with a new person, you have to set the stage for them to become a customer, and you do that by directing them to a landing page, and putting them into a sales funnel.

  • A landing page makes an offer to the website visitor – something valuable that will be of real use – for the bargain price of their email address, and the permission to make further contact.

  • Once the relationship has begun, you can spend all the time you need to foster and develop it until eventually you know enough about your website visitor, and they know enough about you, that you can make a valuable offer to them, that they will buy.

  • This, essentially, is what a sales funnel does.

  • A sales funnel, which we sometimes call the chain of conversion, is the process that a person goes through from not really knowing you or wanting anything from you to making a buying decision.

  • It can take the form of a series of emails, or perhaps a series of webpages with different offers that will appeal to slightly different “website visitors.”

  • After all, someone who doesn’t really need the high-ticket item could HUGELY benefit from a less expensive, less detailed one, and if you’re able to identify this and make them the offer, everyone wins.




This is a topic that’s featured quite regularly on Firepole Marketing




Does it seem like people don’t understand why they should buy what you offer?




Or even join your email list?







There are two reasons you might have trouble getting through:



1.  They don’t know they need what you offer

2.  They don’t understand why your offer is better





Did you know that you can solve both issues with the same solution

  • You need to help people see what they really can get from you.

  • In other words, you build a “bridge” from what they want to what you offer – and you do that by communicating with them.





You need to figure out what your target customers are thinking about (in relation to what you have to offer).

  • And you need to know what are the best reasons for them to do what you want (e.g., buy your product or join your list).





When you know those reasons, you can create the connection between what they’re already thinking and what they need to think to choose you.






The building blocks you need

  • Your value proposition is the collection of the best, believable reasons your target customers have for taking the action you want them to take.

  • In other words, when they understand your customer value proposition, they’re as motivated to act as they can be.

  • So, you need to build the bridge (from what they’re thinking about to what you offer) with the ideas in your value proposition.

  • Start with the idea (reason for taking action) that’s the closest to what they’re already thinking about.

  • Then talk about the reason they’re most likely to respond to positively after hearing the first reason.

  • Then the next. And so on.

  • You would then introduce your product as the most durable option.

  • That’s what people are already thinking, so they’re going to notice your message.

  • Next you could point out that your product is also very affordable because when you talked about durability, you created an expectation of high price.

  • You always need to be handling objections, and price is a big objection, which you need to take away.

  • Finally, you’re left with great customer service.

  • That’s going to be the last (main) idea you use to really communicate with your customers, building a bridge from what they want to having it.

  • With those ideas, you should’ve made a clear connection between what people want/need and what you offer.

  • Even if they weren’t interested in what you have to offer before, that bridge will make the connection in their minds.





Knowing those main ideas of it – the core of it – will help you make people understand why they should join your email list, buy your products, or hire you even if they didn’t seem to care at all.





If you want to find those reasons quickly, you can use this 5-step system for finding the core of your value proposition.





When you know what are the best reasons people have for taking the action you want them to take, you can focus your marketing on those reasons.





You should also make your website and landing pages focus on getting those reasons across as quickly and clearly as possible.






When you do that, you’ll see a significant difference in your conversion rates and overall success.







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