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  1. I found tip #2 headline a little strange, but the point of gifts behind it is valid. Overall, great tips that can be applied to help make a list responsive (if only it was as easy as changing a theme)! 😉

  2. FABULOUS Article!

    This was the most telling point “The responsiveness of your list is determined by the quality of the relationship you take time to build with those on your list.”

    And I loved the first tip “Kiss” them – Brilliant 🙂

    Dr. Lisa

  3. This is a marvelous post Joan! I love all of your advice and if more bloggers followed it then I might actually subscribe to a few lists.

    Re your tip on staying cool – very important! There was a time with my last blog that I really came close to losing it with someone who unsubscribed with a testy note that made no sense whatsoever. When I finally cooled I decided this person was probably having a bad day and receiving one more email (mine – lucky me) was the tipping point. So what I decided to do was create a “so sorry you’re leaving us” message in the off change that this may come up from time to time and it worked like a charm because the very next person who unsubscribed sent me a lovely email and rejoined the list.

  4. I am definitely going to try your suggestions. I literally just signed up for mail chimp because I keep hearing how important it is to get people signed up. Thanks!

  5. Joan,

    Your tips are wonderful. Reminds me to go back to my autoresponders and re-think them or add some new ones to spice up the romance. And I am also thinking that it is good to vary what you send. Provide some videos and podcasts, Q&A, quizzes, maybe even contests.

    Dr. Erica

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