Building A Facebook Business Page Vs Building A Home

How is building a Facebook Business Page like Building a Home?










Here are 7 ways that building a Facebook Business Page is like Building a Home






Just like building a house, Facebook can help you build your business just the way you want — and there’s no heavy lifting.








Get your hard hat ready & let the construction begin! 






Here are 7 Ways Building a Business Facebook Page is just Like Building a Home 







1. Detailed Vision & Plan

  • Before work can begin, you need a blueprint to help determine the structure & vision for your property.
  • This also applies to your business Facebook page — whether you’re starting a page from scratch or launching your next campaign.
  • A marketing plan is essential for tracking goals & results.
  • Your marketing plan will also provide structure & help you with design. 








2. Right Materials

  • Once you have a plan in place, it’s time to find the right materials.
  • On Facebook, that includes your ideal customers.
  • Customers are the building blocks for your business on Facebook.
  • Make sure you know what materials you need before you start looking.
  • In regard to Facebook fans, you must research & identify your target audience.
  • If the definition is too vague, then just like choosing the wrong materials for your house, you’ll find the structure of your page begin to weaken & the building won’t last.





3. Firm Foundation

  • To ensure your house continues to stand strong, it’s vital to build a solid foundation.
  • A content strategy is the key to building a strong foundation for your business Facebook page.
  • The easiest way to create a content strategy is to start with your business goals.
  • Why is your business on Facebook?
  • To get web traffic?
  • Sales?
  • Customer engagement?
  • Once you’ve established goals for your business, you can begin creating & curating content to achieve those goals.





4. Showcase Your Personality

  • There’s one thing that makes every house different.
  • The owner!
  • Showcasing your personality makes your property stand out.
  • And don’t be afraid to also showcase your personality on Facebook.
  • That’s what some of the most successful small businesses do.
  • So go ahead, let it shine!
  • In the same way that someone may compliment you on your furniture, your fans will love your content if it conveys your personality.
  • Share your thoughts about topics that interest your fans.
  • Highlight the people behind the scenes & tell fans what you like to do in your spare time.
  • People love doing business with those they know, like & trust.
  • Expressing your personality is a great way for your business to build relationships & open dialogue with fans.





5. Elegant Design

  • It’s time to think about design.
  • Beautiful design adds the finishing touches to your home.
  • And on Facebook, instead of choosing the paint colors, your business must focus on branding.
  • Branding goes way beyond your logo.
  • Your brand is the way your customers perceive you.
  • Branding extends to your website, your voice & tone, the way you conduct business & your interactions with fans.
  • These are what help your customers form opinions about your business.






 6. Regular Maintenance & Upkeep

  • All your hard work is finally paying off.
  • Step back & be proud of your beautiful home.
  • You want to keep your new house in great condition, right?
  • And the same thing goes for your business Facebook page.
  • Running a successful Facebook page requires consistency.
  • Social media is a marathon — not a sprint.
  • Being consistent with your content & replies will help you build lasting relationships with fans.




7. Permission to Expand

  • What happens when you want to expand your property or do a significant remodel?
  • It often means you need a permit.
  • And when it comes to Facebook marketing, this permit comes in the form of Facebook advertising, which helps grow your business.







As with any building project, it’s important to have a vision of how you want your property to look upon completion.





This is also true when marketing on Facebook.





Having a clear set of goals & strategy to achieve them will help ensure your business moves forward in the right direction — and sees results along the way.






Have you created the perfect blueprint for your business Facebook page yet?








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