Why Have A Business Blog?

How To Build A Business Blog








You’re in business; and you’d like your blog to generate more leads, more clients, more business.



“A business blog is written to attract and engage potential clients”……says Henneke





Here’s how a business blog will help you:

  • raise awareness of your company;
  • increase web traffic;
  • start a “conversation” with prospects;
  • develop your authority;
  • get readers to trust you and your advice;
  • build relationships as readers get to know you and like you.



Your blog should be so useful, so inspirational that your readers want to hear from you again and again.



Blog posts are educational and inspirational.

  • A blog post doesn’t have an immediate sales objective, but it does have a marketing purpose.
  • Your blog can attract potential clients to your business; and by encouraging readers to sign up to your e-newsletter, you earn an opportunity to send an occasional sales email.



Once blog readers get to know you, like you, and trust you, it becomes easier to sell to them.




Learn how to tempt Google to send you more (relevant!) traffic as well as how to write attention-grabbing headlines and blog posts that not only will spark your creativity with ideas for your next 19+ blog posts but will captivate your readers too..…



Here are  12 free articles about business blogging from Henneke, that will help you build your business blog right from the start.




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