How The Buying Brain Really Works

This is how the buying brain really works.








The buying brain – the mental and emotional triggersthat drive people to pull out their credit card and buy your amazing products and services.






“People make “buying” decisions based on EMOTIONS, and then they use LOGIC to “justify” their purchases”……says Adam Collins, Social Strategizer





Think about it this way Adam says:

  • You walk into a store and see a nice shirt.
  • You start visualizing yourself in this shirt and start connecting emotionally to it.
  • Then in your mind you may say something to yourself such as… “I need that shirt because it will look good on me, or it will go great with those new pants or new dress” etc.
  • What just happened?
  • First, you reacted to the shirt on an emotional level and then started justifying “why” you needed this shirt.





The simple truth is: People buy on emotions and then justify purchases with logic.






“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.” ~Simon Sinek / Author of the amazing book: “Start With Why”










When you start your messaging with “WHY”…with what you believe and what you’re passionate about… it magnetically attracts the people that see things the way you do.





This is the key to greater profits and fulfillment for any business and business owner.






  • Think about it.
  • If you were to clearly speak directly to who your IDEAL client is, THEIR emotional desires, that is, what they most want to feel, you will magnetically attract your ideal clients that will be thrilled to give you their money.
  • This is what some call becoming IRRESISTIBLE to your clients.





It’s all about speaking to the EMOTIONAL BRAIN and of course then delivering on your promises.








Here are 2 action steps to help you get clear on your WHY marketing message so you can use these billion dollar secrets in your own business.











STEP 1:  Answer these questions:

  • What are your top 5 core values? I.E.. Integrity, quality, love, patience & creativity)
  • What you would do if you already had all the money you could ever ask for?
  • Apart from making money, why did you start your business – what change do you want to see in the world?
  • What inspires your to get up in the morning?
  • How do you help people get results?




STEP 2:  Pull out the words that can be used in your marketing.

  • Do this by showing your customers why you REALLY do what you do.
  • Let them know the WHY behind the brand.
  • The deeper force that truly inspires you.
  • Play with it an all your communication from emails, to sales pages, videos, webinars or whatever.





So by asking yourself the questions in the action steps listed above, you will start to pull out your core values in life which are directly related to your business and marketing as well.






Once you know your big WHY you can master your messaging and start attracting your ideal clients with ease!






You’ll get paid more, work less and attract the type of people who are a joy to work with and are aligned with your mission and values.





People feel the difference when you come from a place of authenticity because they know you truly care and are there to add value & serve…







Does your messaging start with “Why you do what you do?” 












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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington






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0 Replies to “How The Buying Brain Really Works”

  1. Hello Joan,
    Thanks for this reminder – I think advertisers have used emotions since the first sale of the first rock chipper that cave men used 🙂 For me, the tricky part is trying to get into my readers’ minds. For instance, in my blog for people who are dying…fear is the emotion. Fear of death, fear of pain. Then I guess I need to figure out what they need to help them cope with the fear.
    Interesting, thanks for giving me this to chew on.
    All good things,

  2. Always love to learn more in this area and thank you for the and know why is huge 🙂 So fun to post back and forth on our blogs and learn as we go, thanks, Joan

  3. I resonate with what you shared! I’ve noticed that I have to plug in more to my emotional intelligence. I used to be more emotional and worked toward being more logical to ease off the intensity of my feelings and to understand them better. But in terms of relating to other people, I have to be willing to engage emotionally. Emotions distill the thoughts in our minds where words can be left to interpretation.

    I’ve noticed that when I’ve talked to the emotions (deepest fears and hurts) of my family- I’ve reached them in the most intimate way. And I feel that they want me to return to that place of connection. As much as it seems like I should be doing “that” for them, I have to remind myself that it’s good for me too. I try to do that virtually with my blog audience. It’s enough to keep me blogging despite the fact I don’t earn anything from it.

    This post connected with my interest in psychology, sociology and the brain!

    1. Thanks Meredith! Appreciate the fact that you resonated with my blog post, I totally agree with you that by being open and emotional will definately help in the long run every thing we share on our blogs 🙂 Thats ok if you have not earned yet by blogging, it takes time……just remember to stay focused and consistent and it will happen for you girl!!

      Have a great weekend!

  4. Absolutely, yes, yes, yes…. So as business owners our key to making money is simply to understand why we emotionally chose to do what we do and to find people who resonate with that emotion by asking questions about them to understand their emotions? It seems like a plan to me. THANK you, Thank YOU, THANK YOU

    p.s. thanks for the Sinek book recommendation too. Had not seen he/she mentioned before…

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