How You Can Implement These 7 Critical Elements In Your Content Marketing Strategy

Do You Have A Content Marketing Strategy In Place That Is Working For You?





If not, you are in the right place, because today you will learn about the 7 critical elements that you need in your content marketing strategy that will ensure that you get much better click-thrus and lower objections from your readers.


Your blog post should preframe (pre-framing is an NLP thing) readers….Removing doubt….Removing objections.  And ultimately, putting them all in the right frame of mind to take action, because, if you don’t preframe the objections and proof through pre-framing  people will hang on to their objections and then respond to your ideas with: “Yes, but…” 


So, to ensure that the people reading on your site click through to your sales material and landing pages, your content should have AS MANY of the following 7 points as possible without being too pushy or salesy.”…….says Jason Drohn


1. Engaging Deeper With Your Brand

  • By allowing someone to share experiences with you, learn from you, and ultimately sign up for your email list, share your post, and/or buy from you – you’re engaging the readers who really, truly want to be engaged.
  • You’re not sending them right to a sales video or a promotional piece
  • You’re putting a buffer in the way so that only the most qualified, actionable of your readers will take you up on your offers.
  • And, the better your content does, the more sales and optins you get


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2. A Call To Action

  • Most importantly, every blog post should have at LEAST 3 calls to action….why?….better click-thru rate
  • For example you can have:
  • Banner ads in your sidebar or displaying right in the content of your article
  • In-text links going directly to your landing pages and sales pages
  • Native ads that appear as being part of the article or aside, linking right to a product or landing page
  • BUT, You should only post a link AFTER you’ve given the reader sufficient time to get out of his or her own head which means, when they click that link, they should be thinking what they need to be thinking to make the purchasing decision.


3. Internal Content Links

  • There are certain readers who need more proof – more support – before buying and they go looking for it throughout the rest of your site.
  • For these people, it’s important to include links in your content to other material available on your site.
  • This reinforces your brand and positions you as an expert…  Plus, you reader can simply back up to the first blog post, click a sales link, and buy.


4. Links To External Content

  • Another thing that you’ll want to do is link to outside content
  • What we want to do here is show actual human beings that our site is authoritative
  • A great way to do that is to link through to a Youtube video, another writer’s great blog post, or some of your stuff on another site


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5. Images

  • Whether you get the images from a piece of curated content, or you buy stock photography or post Creative Commons work in your blog post – it must have images.
  • Plus, with so much traffic hitting your site from mobile devices, images are the storytelling medium that really bonds your content together like glue



6. Social Sharing

  • You want your readers to have a way to share it with other people they’re connected with
  • So, make sure to have social sharing buttons enabled on your site.
  • Remember, people share stuff that makes them seem smart, educated, valuable or entertaining.


7. Good Flow

  • Your content needs to have good flow to it:
  • Use sub-headlines to call out individual sections of your content
  • Include relevant keywords to the text so Google indexes and ranks it
  • Make sure that your links show up in a different color from the rest of the text
  • Post well through out articles that take your readers on a journey
  • Overall, deliver value




You need to remember that your content will live long after it’s published AND it should stand the test of time and work as a resource ALWAYS live and always selling for you, whenever someone’s reading it.


Make sense?



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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington


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25 thoughts on “How You Can Implement These 7 Critical Elements In Your Content Marketing Strategy

  1. Great content about your saying wait for the person gets into the right frame of mind. I hate blogs where CTA’s pop up before you even have the time to read one word!

  2. Hi Joan,
    Very informative post. Images are very popular as
    we all think in pictures & they are so much fun!
    Just downloaded your blogging guide
    can’t wait to dig in 🙂
    Thank you for sharing!

  3. Hi Joan,
    7 Great points on implementing content marketing Strategy.
    1 Engaging the reader 2 CTA 3 of them Banners In text links
    Native ads and more on your site. 3. Internal links.
    4. External content 5.Images 6. Social shares 7. Good flow-
    sub headlines revelent keywords VALUE. Great looking ebook !
    Great article Joan!

  4. Hi Joan,

    I was very interested in what you said about preframing the objections….. I’ve done posts where I’ve tried to do that, then I’ve gone back and read them and wondered if I’d made things too complicated – and maybe even raised objections that people would never have thought of LOL.

    Good to hear that it’s an accepted way to do it – and I’ll probably carry on anyway, because I like full disclosure beforehand – I don’t want people getting nasty surprises!

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

  5. Building those internal links is a great tip for SEO. Google loves it when you link to other content on your site. Helps reduce your bounce rate too. Great post Joan thanks for sharing!

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