How You Can Utilize Your Blog to Make REAL Money

Do you dream of making a living with your blog?




There are ways you can utilize your blog to make REAL money….you just have to go in with a plan.


Here are 10 profit for blogging tips shared from Kim Garst’s 10 Mind Blowing Blogging Tips valuable post to help you make money blogging…..Enjoy 🙂


1. Don’t assume selling ad space is the way to go.

  • “Many bloggers think that selling advertising is the best way to make passive income from their blog. And while advertising can certainly be one revenue stream, says Kim, “keep in mind you are essentially helping someone else profit from YOUR hard earned traffic.
  • Instead, consider creating your own products to sell on your site.
  • This could be e-books, webinars, online courses, or a membership program

2. Make the decision: single sell product or continuity program?

  • You will need to decide whether you would like to promote and sell a one-off product like a downloadable e-book, or a “continuity program” like a paid membership forum.
  • Here is something to consider when making this decision: would you rather sell a product and make a one-time sale, or generate passive income month after month?
  • You set up a membership program where users pay a monthly fee for access to a private members forum, discounts and a bunch of free content.
  • You need to attract customers ONCE, but you get paid EVERY month!
  • “Of course, there are benefits to selling a single product too: as you build up a loyal following, you can continue to promote and sell your new products”.….Kim says
  • So in this way, you also have some ‘continuity’.

3. You MUST have a solid marketing funnel.

  • Before you can consistently profit from your blog, you need to decide what your online marketing funnel will look like.
  • This means asking yourself: what process will I use to move customers from finding me through to actually buying my product(s)?
  • Here is what a very basic marketing funnel may look like this:
  • Social Media -> Landing page on blog -> Capture email address -> Promote and sell product via email

4. You MUST have a call to action.

  • Depending on your marketing funnel, WHERE you place your calls to action may vary.
  • If you ultimately plan to make sales through your weekly emails, you will want to make sure each of your emails includes a strong call to action (for instance, “click through to purchase my program”).
  • If you plan to sell directly through your website, you will want to make sure your blog posts contain a call to action to entice people to buy your product(s).

5. Provide tons of free content.

  •  A mistake some bloggers make is to immediately try to sell off their most valuable information before they have been around long enough to have gained the trust of their audience.
  • Kim says….“Before people will trust you enough to buy from you, they need to know you as a source of valuable information.”
  • And the best way to do this is to provide tons of content via blog posts, social media and free e-books.

6. Focus on a niche.

  • Another mistake many bloggers make is focusing on too broad of a topic.
  • When you do this, you set yourself up to compete with the ‘big guys’ (and this usually doesn’t end well).
  • Instead, focus on a more narrow, focused niche where there isn’t much competition.
  • “For instance, rather than building a blog around ‘online marketing’, focus in on something where you can offer highly specialized insights, like ‘Instagram marketing for authors”.…..Kim says

7. Drive targeted traffic.

  • Your ability to profit from your blog is largely determined by how targeted your traffic is.
  • Getting thousands of hits a month is great, but if these visitors don’t care about your topic, you will never make a penny.
  • Drive targeted traffic to your blog using social media, through guest blogging on complimentary sites and through optimizing your blog for relevant keywords so you can get targeted search engine traffic.

8. Build a community using social media.

  • Social media is the best way we have of building connections with our current and potential customers and clients.
  • Build a strong presence on social media and make a point of engaging with your followers.
  • This means asking AND answering questions, providing valuable information and advice, and letting your audience get to know you.
  • This is the best way to build community and trust!

9. Don’t undervalue yourself.

  • Don’t undervalue your time, effort and expertise by selling your e-products for a few bucks.
  • It has likely taken you years of blood, sweat and tears to get to the place where you can offer valuable insights about your niche to your audience.
  • It is also important to keep in mind that the more you charge for your products, the more time you will be able to justify spending on providing amazing service and support to your clients.

10. Consider getting help.

  • If you are used to managing every aspect of your blog or business yourself, this can be a hard idea to get used to.
  • But it’s important to ask yourself the following questions when attempting to profit from your blog:
  • Could someone else do a better job of ___________? (writing these blog posts, interviewing this expert, designing the graphics for my e-book, etc.)
  • If I hired someone to do this for me, would I ultimately have a better (more expensive) product?
  • If I hire someone, can I get it done FASTER, and start making money SOONER?


These 10 mind-blowing blogging for profits tips shared from Kim Garst, BoomSocial will give you a good starting point for generating revenue from your blog.

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  1. Great post – and making your own content is great and fun – and…time consuming – affiliate marketing is faster, just not as fun! 🙂 And, of course, Joan you know I agree with your great posts! Thanks for sharing this info 🙂 Big hugs, girlfriend!

  2. Hi Joan,
    Wonderful tips, ideas and suggestions. All to often I see people trying to monetize their blogs too soon and it just puts them further behind in getting anywhere. There is plenty of time for that, just provide the best that you can.

    Have a great day.

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