Branding Secrets You Need To Know If You Want To Stand Out Online

Branding Secrets To Help You Stand Out Online 


Your online brand is one of your most important assets

Because it’s not enough to just have a social media account and a blog, you need to make sure that there is a brand behind it that ties all of your content together under a single message.

Think about why people come to your site?

These are things that people can really relate to and that will really motivate your audience to sit up and take notice.

It is promoting a lifestyle. And that gets an emotional response.

If you can do this with your own brand – if you can find the lifestyle and the emotional drive behind it – then you can build a dedicated and passionate fan base that will help you to get a LOT more exposure.

An easy way to do this is called ILT – Invest, Learn, Teach (a model taught by Ray Higdon) which is where you invest your time and money to learn things around your profession and then you teach them via online content.

It’s the feeling that you’re giving that really matters.

Be consistent, make your social media inspiring and encouraging for those people because you are selling your lifestyle and helping more people to buy into that promise.

If you want to promote yourself and be heard online, then you need to understand what it is that drives audiences and that generate sales and clicks.

The answer to that is always emotion.

You need to make sure that you are thinking about the emotion behind your message and that you are appealing to something deeper with your audience.

Nearly all decisions to click or buy are impulsive and that means they’re driven by emotion.

Here’s a really cool graphic about Personal Branding you may enjoy 🙂 


How To Build a Strong Brand Online

The best way to build a strong brand online is to work on helping, serving  and addressing the pain points of your target market by focusing on putting value into the marketplace, attracting people to you, and then connecting with those people through the following channels:

Social Media

  • When it comes to social media, you cannot just create profiles and be done with it.
  • You have to streamline your profiles to match your website to promote brand synergy and interact with your audience on a daily and consistent basis by setting up a Facebook Fan Page 
  • Daily posting and interaction will help you to build up your brand on social media

Your Blog

  • Branding of a blog is the most important feature that often many bloggers miss out on.
  • It gives you a platform to share your expertise.
  • Will help boost your traffic exponentially
  • The header of your blog should be able to catch the attention of your readers as this will help in making your blog stand out of other blogs and be easily memorable.

Video Marketing

  • Utilizing Live streaming has become one of the best ways to forge an authentic, one-on-one connection with customers.
  • Make sure to actively engage the people joining your live stream.
  • This keeps the comments up, spreads the visibility of the viewers’ activities, and encourages sharing.
  • The more often you stream live video, the easier it gets.
  • Your comfort and confidence will increase, which will ultimately improve the quality of the videos and the value you share.

The most powerful force in the marketing world isn’t creativity or what kind of deal you are offering.

It’s relationships.

If you take the time to build relationships, beyond the logical exchange of money for goods and services your brand will stand out above all of the noise that is online 🙂  I promise.


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Building Your Personal Brand Here’s What You Need To Know To Get Started

Your Personal Brand……..Why Is It Important?






Your personal brand is important because it is what separates you from everyone else in the world and it will open up professional opportunities for you in today’s job market and the entrepreneurial landscape, as there is no room for being just another face in the crowd.


Being different gives you an advantage over the competition. You have to be more appealing to your target audience and the ONLY way you can achieve it is by creating a recognizable personal brand.



So, how do you do that?


By organizing your thoughts utilizing the following 5 steps to creating your personal brand vision. (the way you want yourself to be perceived by others and how you want to live your professional and personal life.)


“The foundation of personal branding rests on authenticity: The ability to tap into your genuine, humble, and individual human qualities from which your identity, personality, and character stem”……says Lida Citroen, Social Media Today


Step #1 –  Set Your Values 

  • Your values are the things that drive your life.
  • They’re at the core of your being and you refer to them when making decisions.
  • These values define the things that are most important to the person.
  • Consider the people, feelings ,and situations in life that make you most happy.


Step #2 – Prioritize Your Values 

  • As you go through the things that make you happy in life you’ll realize that your values aren’t all created equal.
  • There will be situations in life when you’ll be faced with decisions that put your values at odds.
  • The goal of building your personal brand is not just to get a better job or to grow your company.
  • It’s about finding happiness with your professional life.


Step #3- Identify Your Passions

  • Your passions are the things that you like doing with your time.
  • A passion is something that interests you.
  • Passions intrigue you and make you want to investigate.
  • They make you want to get better for personally driven reasons.
  • A passion is something you would do even if you weren’t being paid or even something that you would pay for yourself if you had to.
  • Passions can be both personal and professional.


Step #4 – Identify Your Ideal Traits 

  • These are the unique aspects of your personality that help to shape the person you are.
  • Traits are things that give others a key inside your brain.
  • The Big Five include the following traits:
  • Openness to experience
  • Conscientiousness
  • Extraversion
  • Agreeableness
  • Neuroticism
  • Each of the traits is measured or assessed on a scale.
  • Each person falls somewhere on the different scales and that makes up your personality.
  • You can take a test on the Big Five Personality Traits for free here where you’ll be asked to answer questions based on your scale of agreeability.
  • This test will give you insight into your personality and your traits.


Step #5 – Discuss Who You Are With Family, Friends, and Peers

  • Discuss your findings with those that are closest to you – family, friends and peers.
  • There are your own assessments of who you are and those are important, but it’s good to get an idea of who you are from others too.
  • Ask people what their perceptions of you are.
  • Ask them about what they think your values are, what your passions are and what your traits are.
  • The outside perception might differ from your perceptions or they might align closely.
  • Either way, you’ll have more information about the person you are and you’ll be better able to understand where you can make changes to go where you want to be in your professional and personal life.



Your key to winning with your personal brand is to figure out what makes you different, learning to embrace that uniqueness and using it to get people to pay attention and to choose you over everyone else.



Click here for further reading about personal branding



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(P.S. If you would like to further your knowledge about personal branding click HERE )


How To Know If You Are A Marketing Rockstar

Are You A Marketing Rockstar?



Do you have what it takes to be more than a one-hit wonder online and make your marketing out-of-this-world awesome?


To be a marketing rockstar, let’s compare your marketing strategy to one of the following 3 different kinds of rock bands to see where your business stands….






Garage Band  (Despite how great you think you are, no one knows who the heck you are)

  • No real strategy
  • Weak online presence
  • No blog
  • No keyword research or implementation of any kind
  • No social media presence
  • Your website has no lead generation opportunities
  • Not utilizing email marketing
  • No marketing automation
  • No sales and marketing alignment
  • Unaware of website analytics

How do you get out of the garage?

  • It starts with significantly shifting your mindset. 
  • The first step is shifting your allocation of resources toward a more unsolicited, lead generating approach that focuses on creating a powerful online presence, which right now, you simply don’t have.
  • Provide a valuable, educational experience through resourceful content in order to attract more visitors, rank higher in search engines, and generate more leads.


Click Here To Learn How To Implement A Content Marketing Strategy



Cover Band

  • Sure you have some recognition, but you have no real brand identity of your own.
  • You’re struggling to stand out among the competition.
  • As a result, it’s extremely hard for your brand to separate itself from the competition and control a share of the market.
  • While you may be driving some traffic, you’re really not doing much to set yourself apart from your competitors, particularly those who have a more powerful online marketing strategy.

Your focus needs to be on making your website the hub and central focus for your entire business, and getting the most out of the tools and strategies needed to execute a successful campaign.

  • This means creating more content.
  • Blogging more.
  • Improving your search engine rankings.
  • Increasing your social media engagement.
  • Revamping your email strategy.




Opening Act

  • Your ability to stay current has allowed you to stay somewhat relevant.
  • You’re very close to the big stage but still need that edge.
  •  The good news is that you aren’t far off
  • While you may be generating leads from your website, you have yet to develop a lead nurturing strategy to effectively push these leads further down your sales funnel.
  • You may not even have a clearly defined sales funnel yet.
  • Without one, you can never efficiently track and nurture your leads through the sales process.
  • Blogging consistently but lacking in readers, shares, comments and subscribers
  • Consistently posting to social media, but not driving followers back to your website
  • Sending frequent email blasts to entire contact list with no target audience in mind
  • You’re aware of traffic and lead sources, but unsure which marketing initiatives prove ROI

Your problem is with the details.

  • You have goals, but aren’t sure if the strategies you have in place will get you there.
  • You have a lead generating website, but it isn’t optimized for mobile devices

You can’t sell to everyone.

  • You need to know who is more likely to buy, and focus your marketing efforts on attracting and converting these types of prospects
  • This will allow you to have a much clearer picture of your target audience, which in turn will allow for sales and marketing to be more productive.
  • Start by creating detailed buyer personas, which are basically fictional representations of your target audience.


Once you have a better idea of who your ideal prospects are, you can more effectively create more relevant content that aims to push them further down your sales funnel.


Click Here To Learn How To Implement A Content Marketing Strategy



What does being a marketing rockstar exactly mean?

  • It means that you understand how the modern consumer is digesting and receiving content, and you’ve adjusted your marketing strategy in order to reach and engage your target audience more effectively.
  • People are using smartphones, tablets and laptops to consume and digest content and media.
  • You are what they want to consume…….You get this
  • You have a clear 12-month strategy to achieve SMART goals…
  • You have a lead generating, mobile optimized website that shortens your sales process
  • Your consistent blogging is driving traffic and leads and generating shares
  • You’ve seen improved search rankings by successfully tracking & implementing relevant keywords
  • You have a large following that consistently visits and engages your site
  • You generate a high volume of quality leads, drastically shortening your sales process
  • You’re sending highly-targeted emails to segmented lists of your contacts
  • You’re nurturing a high volume of leads through sales funnel with automation
  • Sales and marketing have shortened your sales process
  • You’re tracking and measuring lead and traffic sources, adjusting your campaign accordingly



Being a marketing rockstar simply means that you now understand what your ideal prospects want, and more importantly, know how to implement the strategies necessary to attract them. 



Click Here To Learn How To Implement A Content Marketing Strategy



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Do You Have A Value Proposition For Your Business Yet?

Your Value Proposition…What You Need To Know



Do you know what your value proposition is?


Do you even have one for your business?





What exactly is a value proposition?
  • Your value proposition is a strategically crafted statement that is definitive of your unique selling point.
  • It seeks to encompass everything that sets your business apart from everyone else, and it helps to guide your potential customer’s decision-making process



[tweet_box design=”default”]Without a value proposition, you lose your opportunity to speak directly to your target audience, and tell them why they should pick you over any of your competitors.[/tweet_box]



Here are 4 questions that you need to ask yourself to help you define what your value proposition is before you can cement it in stone


1.  What exactly do you do?

  • Start with your industry.
  • Within your specified industry, what is your expertise?
  • What sets you apart from your competitors?
  • In order to develop a strong value proposition, you must be able to clearly, and confidently define what your business does and how you do it differently than the rest of the businesses in your niche.


2.  Who is your target audience?

  • It is senseless to create content with no clear concept of who you are trying to reach, which is why it is critical to align your sales and marketing efforts.
  • Take the time to sit down and map out who are communicating with, and find out what people are expressing the most interest.


3.  What are their pain points?

  • Find out what the main challenges are that these people are facing.
  • Aim to uncover if their problem is unavoidable, urgent, or underserved.
  • This type of information will help you generate a greater sense of importance when it comes to encouraging your customers that your product or service has what it takes to fill in the gap.


4.  How will your product or service remedy the issue?

  • Think about the products or services that you’ve bought lately.
  • Almost everything we buy serves a purpose because products and services are designed to the solve problems we have, and the problems we didn’t even know we had.
  • Take a step back and look at your products or services in terms of solutions.
  • What types of problems do they have the potential to solve?
  • Once you have a good understanding of how your products or services can remedy your target audiences pain points, you can begin to present this information in such a way that will showcase them as a solution.



You must position your product or service as a helpful resource that your customers can’t do without.


Once you know what this key problem is, it then becomes surprisingly easy to position your product or service as a helpful way to solve it.




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Why You Need To Use An Intro Video On Your Website?

Are You Using An Intro Video On Your Website, If Not Why Not?




“Did you know that on average, people stay on sites with videos two minutes longer than they do on sites without them”…..says Carolyn Edgecomb,



[tweet_box design=”default”]Incorporating intro videos into the layout of your website can be an effective way to capture your audience’s attention, captivate your visitors, inspire them to connect with you and even drive them to make a purchase.[/tweet_box]



You will need to start with a plan that will ensure you are evoking emotions such as trust, confidence and curiosity that will make your story come alive in your intro video.



How can YOU do that?



By following these 6 tips below for crafting an impressive introductory video that not only generates leads but will help you to build a connection with your audience.





1. Make sure you have a goal/purpose.

  • Don’t create a video just to have a video.
  • Your video has to have a goal/purpose.
  • What do you want it to do?
  • What are you trying to communicate?
  • An intro video gives your audience an opportunity to better experience your brand and understand if it can help them truly solve their pain points and achieve their goals.


2.  Keep it short and to the point.

  • Your audience will determine whether to watch your video based on two things; your thumbnail and the videos length.
  • So, in order maximize the impact your intro video, be sure to keep it short.
  • In order for you to capture and maintain their attention, your video should be between two and three minutes long.


3.  Humanize Your Brand.

  • Intro videos are a great way to humanize your brand, show personality, and share what it’s really like to do work with your business.
  • Just be you……
  • It makes it easier for your audience to relate to and connect with a business that shows personality than one is cold and professional.


4. End Your Video with a Call-to-Action.

  • You could have the best introductory video that was ever created, but it won’t matter if you’re not telling your visitors what to do next.
  • Don’t leave them hanging.
  • No matter what type of action you what them to perform, make sure that it’s clearly stated at the end of the video.


5. Turn off Auto-Play.

  • Don’t force your audience to watch your video, make them want to watch it.
  • Give your visitors the opportunity to glance over the content of the page.
  • If they’re interested in what you have to offer, they’re more likely to stick around and hit the play button.
  • There’s nothing more annoying than having several tabs open, hearing a video start playing, and not knowing where it’s coming from.
  • Try adding some visual or written directional cues in your content to further encourage people to watch.


6. Don’t Skimp on Quality.

  • Remember, you’re introducing people to your brand on your professional website.
  • To ensure that you’re producing a high quality video, you’ll want to:
  • Avoid any feedback / noise when filming.
  • Pay attention to lighting.
  • If you’re highlighting your team and office, make sure everyone looks their best and that the office is clean.
  • Be sure to use a tripod to steady the camera




Now it’s your turn…….Try crafting an impressive introductory video that not only generates leads but will help you to build a connection with your audience and gives them the best representation of your brand.




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How To Find Your Ideal Client and Hone in on Your Target Market In 5 Easy Steps

5 Easy Steps To Finding Your Ideal Client (hint….it is all about honing in on your target market



What I’m about to share with you may not be revolutionary or mind-blowing – but it works……..Over and over again.





As a business owner, you will want to pay attention to the following 5-step formula that has been proven to finding ideal clients for your business by rapidly building their trust and credibility and showing you how to get them pre-sold and excitedly APPLYING to work with you….




Step 1 – Define Your Ideal Client

  • First of all, you need to know what their problems are, what their biggest fears are, what their frustrations and desires are.
  • What would motivate them to invest 1000’s in your coaching.
  • If you don’t know what these are – interview them, or ask them with a survey.


Step 2 – Go Where Your Ideal Client Hangs Out

  • Once you’ve defined your ideal client – you will know exactly where they hang out.
  • You’ll know what magazines they read, what forums they attend, what events or networking groups they go to, what sites to put your advertising on etc.
  • Go there


Step 3 – Get them to identify themselves as ideal clients

  • At the moment you don’t know who might need your services.
  • All you have to do is create some type of ‘bait’ your ideal client would love to eat.
  • For example: Create some type of free offering, i.e. a free report, a free webinar, a free presentation, a free book etc.,
  • How do you know what they would love to consume?
  • If you’ve done step 1 all you have to do is create the giveaway to help them solve a current problem they’re having as it relates to your coaching niche.
  • Giving information is an easy, non-threatening way to do it.
  • If they take the bait, (i.e. if they download your free report, or ask you to send them your book, or show up to your presentation) – you will have a potential ideal client.
  • Now you have a great lead.



Step 4 – Build Trust, Credibility & Communicate the REAL Value of Coaching with Ideal Clients

  • Coaching requires a lot of TRUST before someone will invest in you.
  • There are a few different aspects of trust you need to build…
  • They need to trust you’re a credible expert (you know what you’re talking about)
  • They need to trust in you as a person (so they can open up)
  • They need to trust in your ability as a Coach (so they can get results)
  • They need to trust they’ll get value from their investment (so they get an ROI, and won’t get ripped off)
  • They need to trust they themselves will be able to achieve the result you’re pitching (inner trust)
  • The way to build this type of trust in all these different areas is with the content you provide.
  • It’s how you tell your story of your successful clients. (testimonials)
  • This step is really all about providing value in advance.
  • If you want a potential prospect to see the value of your coaching, provide value upfront, and for free, BEFORE you ever pitch them anything
  • Building this type of trust to sell high-ticket coaching takes TIME
  • If you do this right, they’ll be chomping at the bit to work with you


Step 5 – Get Them Pre-Sold and Excitedly Applying to Work with You

  • How do you pre-sell them?
  • If you’re struggling to get clients right now giving away your time REPELS your prospective client.
  • Remember…..we humans place a higher value on things that are scarce.
  • Your ideal client needs to know working with you is a HUGE opportunity only afforded to a few.
  • When you create this perception, you’ll have ideal prospects beating down your door to work with you.
  • Here’s how you create this perception…
  • First – you provide great, high value content upfront that demonstrates ALL of those trust, credibility and value factors as mentioned in the previous step.
  • This get’s them excited and eager at the idea of transforming their life with your help!
  • Second-
  • You must put barriers up between you and your ideal client.
  • You must make it HARD for them to work with you – not easy.
  • This makes you MORE appealing, and MORE attractive



So when it comes to barriers the FIRST, and most important one you must use as a Coach to make yourself and your services more appealing and more attractive is to have an application and the most important benefit of this is that you can weed out those that aren’t a good fit way before you giveaway your free time with them.



To do this you need to make sure that at the END of each of your high value pieces of content, have some type of call to action to APPLY to get on the phone with you or depending on the circumstance, move into some type of deeper relationship with you. (I.e. maybe the call to action is to a webinar, or workshop, or your membership site etc.)



You can apply to work with me and get your FREE 30-60 minute consultation by APPLYING HERE now 🙂  




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What Are The Four Proven Services That Are In Demand and Are Easily Learned As You Blog?

Do You Know What The Four Proven Services Are That Are Easily Learned as You Blog?


In today’s post, I want to introduce you to four services that I found from Neil Patel ,that are in demand and can be easily learned as you blog and you won’t need more than a month to be market-ready and start pitching clients for these services




If you are a blogger and are willing to start your OWN journey to building a six or even seven figure service business , then the  following four proven services will help get you there:



1. SEO Consultation

  • Strategy #1 – Guest Posting is an extremely effective technique to attract clients.
  • Strategy #2 – You can also pull customers by writing data oriented and actionable blog posts
  • Strategy #3 – Probably the best strategy to attract clients for offering SEO consultation is by showing the results you’ve personally achieved for keywords.
  • Nothing removes objections from a customer’s head more than a live case study.
  • As an SEO expert, you will need to be result-driven.
  • If you are ready to get yourself started as an SEO consultant, here are 4 payment models you can use.
  • You can charge anything from $50/hour to $300+/hour.


2. Content Marketing

  • It costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates 3 times the number of leads compared to traditional marketing.
  • You need to learn the fundamentals of marketing before you write a single word.
  • You can get started with Neil’s Advanced Content Marketing Guide.
  • Once you’ve honed your writing skills to suit the content marketing climate, you can start offering your services at freelance marketplaces like Elance.



3. Social Media Marketing (SMM) Consultant

  • Social media presence is critical for most kinds of businesses now. And most of them don’t have an in-house team for managing their social media properties.
  • Did you know that the average industry rate for a comprehensive social media marketing management program costs $4,000 – $7,000?
  • As per Curata, 56% of leading business bloggers will hire additional resources in the next year.
  • So how can you help?
  • By offering these businesses to manage their social media presence.
  • For getting your first client, you’ll need to show successful results.
  • Start with your own blog and develop its social following.
  • Once you’ve built substantial social proof, businesses will be ready to pay you as much as $250/hour.
  • Not sure how to launch your social media marketing strategy?
  • Then start with reading Neil’s social media marketing guide.
  • For setting your social media marketing project prices, read Alexis Grant’s article on setting and owning your social media consultancy price.


4. Advertisements and Affiliate Marketing

  • Do you know the traditional business model of most media companies?
  • It’s selling print and digital advertisements in their publications.
  • What is the service that these media outlets provide?
  • The service is information and the readers are the receivers of this service.
  • As a blogger, you can add value to a niche community by offering high-quality content as a service.
  • If you consistently serve in-demand content, you can build a considerable audience.
  • Soon enough you’ll gain trust and authority in your niche. And your visitors start to buy the products you refer on your blog.
  • Then, you can earn a great commission by endorsing valuable products that you personally like in your niche.
  • It’s affiliate marketing 101.
  • Many 7-figure bloggers rely on this model because its low-friction and once you build a good level of traffic, the business can become completely passive.




You don’t need a Harvard MBA to earn six-figures as a consultant. You can start a blog, develop your expertise and start offering services to businesses.



A service-based business has the highest margins. Once you see clients rolling in, you can even hire a team. 




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The Missing Puzzle Piece That’ll Make You Massively More Memorable

What You Need To Know For You To Become Massively More Memorable



Growing your traffic, building an email list, and writing value-packed posts are great and all, but they don’t guarantee that you will stand out.




So what will help you to stand out and become massively more memorable?


“You need to make a conscious choice to stand out and must decide to be different, larger than life, and someone worth talking about. Otherwise, you’ll remain just another Average Joe. Another ordinary, rules-following, perfectly average “Joe” who never steps outside the box”……..says  (a self-proclaimed “blogoholic” on a mission to help other bloggers stop twiddling their thumbs and start getting measurable results) in her blog post “9 Surefire Strategies for Standing Out in a Sea of Sameness”


That missing piece that will help you to stand out and become massively more memorable is called a standout maneuver-(a bold, calculated move to attract attention, imprint yourself in the minds of your readers, and persuade them to spread the word about you).



Here are Mary’s 9 standout maneuvers that will help stop you from being an ordinary, forgettable blogger and start being remarkable.


1) Craft Your Public Image

  • What’s your public image?
  • Are you the brazenly done up guy, the woman with the powerful signature look, the smart guy with the nerdy glasses, or the fun-loving girl with the red balloon?
  • Hire a photographer to take your portrait (or shoot your own self-portrait), and carefully choose your clothing, your accessories, and your pose to form a distinct perception about yourself in people’s minds.


2) Swing Your Slingshot

  • If you’re looking for a way to get people talking about you, take a shot at a piece of popular wisdom or a widely held belief.
  • You’ll likely receive a furious reaction from some, so if you want to become famous and not infamous, you’ll want to attract supporters as well as detractors, so the trick to pulling this off is to take advantage of a phenomenon known as the “common enemy effect.” (Creating an “us” versus “them” scenario)
  • Which will not only help build solidarity but will bring your tribe closer to you and they will come to your defense and become even more invested in you than they were prior to publicly taking your side.
  • Who (or what) is the common enemy of your audience?
  • Expose that enemy in a blog post, and tell everyone about it
  • Then, sit back and watch the debate ensue.


3) Be a Flawed Superhero

  • As psychologists have found, people have the strong tendency to like other people who they perceive to be similar to themselves.
  • So if you want people to like you, you need to show your weaknesses.
  • You have to become a superhero with a flaw. (like superman is with kryptonite)
  • If you do publish something that you later discover to be incorrect, don’t sweep it under the rug.
  • Instead, bring the mistake to your reader’s attention before they catch it.
  • This creates a “positive trust incident,” which will actually cause your readers to like and trust you more.
  • Can you think of that weakness in a blog post or in your writing style?


4) Go Skinny Dipping… In a Fishbowl

  • Whaaaat???? LOL, it just means that you want to be completely transparent to show that you are a living, breathing human being, rather than just another cluster of pixels on your reader’s computer screen.
  • By giving proof that you actually “walk the walk,” transparency also serves to make you far more credible in your audience’s eyes.
  • Just do your thing, and document it.
  • Test a new theory.
  • Learn a new skill.
  • Publicly challenge yourself to accomplish a new goal, and let your audience hold you accountable.
  • Keep a journal, and publish it as a weekly blog post series or an e-book.
  • Turn your blog into an online reality show.
  • Your readers will eat it up, and they won’t be able to resist talking about it.


5) Put Yourself in a Pigeonhole

  • If your readers were asked to describe you in just one sentence, what would they say?
  • You don’t know?  You think they’d all say something different?
  • Word of mouth is a powerful force for spreading your message, and if people talk about you in a consistent way, they’ll reinforce – instead of dilute – each other.
  • Also, they’re more likely to talk about you, and say the right things, if you help them to know what to say.
  • Whether you’re crafting some text for your About page, writing an author bio for a guest post, or introducing yourself at the start of a podcast interview, make sure you have a consistent way to talk about yourself.
  • The more different places where you are described in the same way, the more people will remember you for it (and come to believe it).


6) Ditch The Diplomacy

  • Are you sensitive to other’s feelings, avoiding conflict at all costs? Or do you speak your mind freely and pity those who disagree?
  • If it’s the former, you’re missing out on a big opportunity to stand out.
  • Researchers have found that people who use opinionated statements are more persuasive.
  • An opinionated statement doesn’t just express a point of view; it also expresses disapproval of alternative views.
  • Of course, it only works if the person making the statement is deemed credible.
  • The more credibility you have prior to making an opinionated statement, the greater the effect.
  • Worried that making opinionated statements will make you sound like a jerk?
  • Sure, some people will be miffed, but if it also causes them to take positive action, you’ve done your job.
  • What’s a fear-inducing, opinionated statement you can make to kick your readers’ rears into gear?


7) Act Like a Fool

  • Did you know that self-deprecating humor has a particularly persuasive effect when compared with other forms of humor?
  • People who are speaking against their own self-interest (or who at least appear to be) gain a lot of credibility with their audience for doing so.
  • Therefore, self-deprecating humor may work to persuade by increasing trust in the speaker or writer.
  • So when you go to write your next blog post, poke some fun at yourself.
  • It will gain your reader’s trust, and they will be more open to believing what you want them to believe about you.


8) Be a Creature of Habitat

  • Sometimes everything you need to be big and memorable is right in your backyard.
  • Where do you live?
  • Don’t think that it has to be the exotic land of milk and honey.
  • Simply use your own unique locale as the connecting theme in all your photos, videos, and in the stories you tell.


9) Throw Yourself to the Lions

  • Ever wondered why televised debates are such big news during election season?
  • It’s because we love seeing candidates thrown into a situation they can’t completely control, where they’re forced to go “off script.”
  • And the perceived winners get a big credibility (and popularity) bump because we admire people who can think on their feet and stay cool under pressure.
  • Want the same benefit as a blogger?
  • Take on your audience’s questions in real time.
  • Other ways of putting yourself on the spot include hosting a Google+ hangout, a webinar, or a Blab.
  • Whatever platform you use, the key is to allow people to ask you questions in “real” time. 




“Haters gonna hate,” say Mary , but being a memorable blogger is so much bigger than you: it’s about persuading other people to take positive action in their lives.  You have to put yourself out there, stand up for what you believe in, and be unafraid to ruffle some feathers. 



To start, pick just one of the strategies above and give it a try. Go for broke and see how your audience reacts. When they start talking, you’ll know you’re on the right track.




Don’t you think it’s finally time that you stand up, and stand out.








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Joan Harrington






Build Your Brand Blogging…..What You Need To Know

How To Build Your Brand Blogging……Here’s What YOU Need To Know



Your personal brand is your icon.


You know hundreds of individuals and online entrepreneurs.


You know them because they are good at what they do.


You follow them. Because……They have built their personal brands.



Here are the 3 secrets of how YOU can start making a personal brand:

  • Be good at what you want to do which means you have to prove that whatever you do or make is worth the attention.
  • Start changing someone’s life – You can’t win alone. You need an audience to help you out. In order to achieve that goal, you have to start helping others with no strings attached.
  • Be social and helpful for everyone – Always be there to advise people if you can help them in fixing something.



It all begins with the publishing of quality content, giving away life-saving tips and sharing everything possible with your fans. Give them value. Share stories. Tell them solutions.


The following 6 steps will help you  build your personal brand as a blogger:


Step #1 – Secure your name and domain

  • You have to be prepared to be found.
  • In order to do that, you have to have a proper identity on the internet.
  • So, you need to use your original name or at least the same name everywhere including:
  • Website
  • Domain
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Emailing
  • If you’re new to blogging, website launching, and online business…
  • Make sure you register your domain with Namecheap or Godaddy.


Step #2  – Use the same name and picture across the social media

  • One of the perks of making a personal brand is that people know you from your name and recognize you from your face
  • You might observe that many of the top social media experts use the same name (spelling), display pictures, and covers on their social media networks.
  • There is a science behind this.
  • They believe in brand positioning.
  • Brand Positioning is a process of creating an image in the customers’ mind by showing them the same thing for a long time or over and over again.
  • People search on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other platforms to connect with friends and experts.


Step #3 – Create a certain type of content for a targeted audience

  • You have to be targeting a specific audience.
  • Targeting a specific audience helps you to become an authority (in that niche).
  • There are four elements you need to be focused on while targeting that specific audience:
  • Clarity of niche
  • You should be very clear about your niche in order to serve the right audience.
  • Setting up the targets
  • In order to develop a personal brand as a blogger, you have set your targets.
  • Define the content strategy
  • A ProBlogger knows what his/her targets are, what the readers want, and what he/she has to deliver.
  • Hangout with the relevant people
  • You have to meet with the like-minded people. Join meetups, conferences, and webinars.


Step #4 – Discuss and mention influencers in your content

  • You know blogging is more about giving than receiving.
  • You give knowledge, skills, and experience.
  • And get appreciation, following, and love.
  • These shout outs help you in building your relations with the influencers, and hence contribute to your personal brand.
  • Don’t just mention their names.
  • Instead, link to them.
  • Not only just does it help the readers, but it also gives (influencers) a hint that you linked them.
  • You can’t just make a website and sit tight waiting for clients to land on your site.
  • You have to be running, finding, building, and developing relationships.


Step #5 – Build a community of readers and responders

  • You need to develop a recognition.
  • One of the most important elements of making a successful personal brand is building a community.
  • A loyal followership can help you in building your personal brand faster.
  • The purpose is to develop an engaging echo-system with your followers and readers.


Step #6 – Use and share useful tools with your readers

  • When you need to grasp the audience and convert them to loyal followers, you have to empower them.
  • Help them succeed.
  • Change their lives.
  • Remember, content isn’t enough.
  • The content (means useful content) will only work if the readers understand it and digest it without leaving the blog.
  • The best way to do is create attractive, meaningful, and appealing content.
  • Offer useful tools and resources in your content.




You’re a blogger.

You will succeed when you will help others

You don’t need an online advertising budget of hundreds of thousands of dollars every month.

You need a heart.

You need a passion of helping others.




The secret is here: Build others’ brands, people will build yours.



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Joan Harrington


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How To Create A Marketing Message That Resonates With Your Audience

Create A Marketing Message That Resonates With Your Audience



The question is: how do you make people fall in love with your brand?




It all starts with a marketing message that resonates deeply with your ideal persona”……says Ramona Sukhraj, IMPACT

Creating a marketing message that resonates can be done by answering these three questions:


  1. Who are you trying to connect with?
  2. What do you bring to the table?
  3. Why should they care?


The Who: Creating a Buyer Personawhoamitryingtoreach

  • Trying to please everyone never works.
  • While it might sound logical to try to attract as many customers as possible, ask yourself the following questions:
  • Would you rather have less total customers that are loyal to your brand, or a large number of customers that aren’t loyal?
  • Would you pay more money for a product or service made specifically for your needs, or for one that had a one-size-fits-all feel to it?
  • Instead of desperately trying to win over people who aren’t right for your product or service, you are better off focusing intently on the perfect customer — your ideal persona.
  • When you are creating a buyer persona, you want to gather as much research as possible about them: Look for trends among your current customers.
  • Once you complete your research your finished buyer persona will be a detailed profile that includes:
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Income
  • Profession
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Goals and aspirations
  • Problems and fears
  • With this background, you will know exactly who your marketing message needs to resonate with and have detailed insight into how to make it do so.
  • To make it easier for you, Ramona recommends downloading their free kit: The Marketer’s Buyer Persona Kit. Inside you’ll find everything you need to research and create your personas.



The What: Understand Your Brand

  • Do you lack focus in your marketing confusing your audience?
  • You also need to understand what you are presenting to your persona.
  • To craft a marketing message that truly resonates with your persona, you need to be brutally honest with yourself about your company’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Consider the things your business is best at and the things that your persona cares about the most.
  • The sweet spot of where those answers intersect should be the core of your marketing message.
  • Here’s why:
  • You message needs to highlight your best strengths
  • You message needs to connect with your ideal persona
  • What’s the one thing that you want people to immediately understand about your brand?
  • Without a clear message that accurately describes your brand, it makes it much more difficult for your persona to find you.
  • For your marketing message to resonate, you have to execute on what you claim to offer.
  • That’s why it’s crucial that you understand your brand before trying to pitch your persona.
  • Consumers care more about your ability to execute extremely well on one thing than they care about a long list of features.
  • What’s your brand story?
  • Stories are powerful marketing tools, because people connect with stories.
  • Creating a brand story helps you stand out in the mind of consumers and makes it easier for them to connect with your brand emotionally.
  • Your marketing message resonates when you follow-through on what you offer.



The Why: Your Unique Value Proposition

  • You know your ideal persona.
  • You understand their hopes and dreams, their fears and struggles, and what makes them tick.
  • You also have an honest understanding of your brand and what you bring to the table.
  • Now you just need to figure out how to connect the two?
  • Why should your persona care about your brand?
  • The answer to that question is your unique value proposition.
  • So, how do you create an unique value proposition?
  • Your unique value proposition should explain:
  • What your business does
  • Who your persona is
  • Why your brand is different
  • First, you want to make a list of all the benefits that your persona desires, based on your research.
  • Think about their hopes, dreams, fears, goals, etc — anything that’s attached to an emotion. (i.e. solving a specific problem, reducing a fear, saving time/money, etc.)
  • Then you are going to look for ways to connect those benefits to the things your business is the best at.
  • Your value proposition should be read and understood in about five seconds.



You want to make it as clear as you can to who you are targeting and why they should choose you, and the most effective way to do that is to speak the language of your persona.



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