How to Come Up With Blog Post Ideas Quickly and Easily

How To Come Up With Blog Post Ideas Quickly and Easily









Coming up with blog post ideas can be very challenging.





Essentially every blog post should answer a question.





Great blog posts must be interesting, informative, and captivating.





 Blogging is key for driving traffic to your website from search engines and social media channels.





It will establish you as an industry thought-leader, and you’ll get the opportunity to rank for search queries with every blog post you write.










Armed with the following 6 tips, it is possible to develop interesting blog posts quickly and easily.






1. Read Comments on your Own Blog

  • The first place to look for ideas is in the comments given by your readers.
  • Often you will find questions posted by people who read your blog, or those who have a different perspective on the issues you have raised.
  • Similarly, you will find comments seeking clarification on some of the assertions you have made.



2. Read Comments on Other blogs

  • If your blog is not very active, you can find ideas in other blogs that deal with the same issues.
  • Read their posts and then read the comments to see the areas readers are interested in.
  • While at it, you can also identify gaps left by the writer which you can fill through a blog post.




3. Participate in Online Forums

  • A very effective way of finding ideas for your blog is by participating in online forums that deal with your areas of interest.
  • People often post ideas and questions in forums which can be the basis for great blog posts.
  • Therefore, register and participate in a few forums to enable you get a constant source of ideas for your blog.




4. Find Ideas in News Articles

  • You can also get ideas for your blog by reading news articles and online magazines that deal with the same issues as your blog.
  • This will make it easy for you to find ideas for your blog based on your take on current affairs.
  • Use Google to create news alerts based on your areas of interest.
  • This will give you an edge because you will be among the first to write a blog based on breaking news




5. Ask Your Readers to Tell You What They Would Like to Know

  • Another idea that you can use to find ideas for your blog is to ask your readers to tell you what they would like to know.
  • This works best if you have developed a loyal following, and have an email list.
  • The beauty of this idea is that you will get real concerns from real people.
  • You will also be able to know which issues are of the greatest interest to your readers.




6. Respond to Issues Raised by Other Bloggers

  • How about responding to issues raised by other bloggers?
  • If you are an ardent reader of blogs in your field (which you should be), you will often come across issues you disagree with, or those which you have a different perspective.
  • Never forget that controversy sells.
  • This idea can help you to establish yourself as an alternative voice on the subject.















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