Connecting With Your Audience What You Need To Know

Connect With Your Audience Just By Learning This One Important Skill



So, What exactly is “this” one important skill and how will it help you to connect better with your audience?


Well, I will tell ya……..


The one MOST important skill that you need to learn is…..








Here are the dos and dont’s of communication that you need to know from  Gary Korisko, Reboot

  • The purpose of communication is NOT to boost your ego, impress your peers, or to achieve notoriety, fame or attention.
  • When you’re the one sending the message, communication is… NOT ABOUT YOU.  Communication is all about the receiver….The listener, the reader, the audience.
  • The purpose of communication IS to ENGAGE , CONNECT and to MOVE YOUR AUDIENCE FORWARD.


The real way to get noticed is by serving……says Gary. To serve, you have to pull your audience into your message and vision. And you need to provide them with something tangible that will help them take a positive step forward in their lives.



Here are Gary’s six ways to pull your audience into your world and make the communication process useful and engaging for them…



1: Empathy

  • Empathy, simply put, is walking in another person’s shoes. It’s demonstrating that you’re in touch with their thoughts, feelings, and their situation.
  • Show your audience that you understand them early and often.


2: Story

  • Weaving a good story into your message is one of the most powerful ways to connect with an audience.
  • Storytelling takes your audience on an emotional journey that pulls them into your message and gives them a way to relate your message to their own lives.


3: Commonality

  • Commonality is when you demonstrate to your audience that you have things in common with them.
  • It’s been proven in study after study that people respond well to those who they believe are like them.


4: Clear, Common Language

  • Stay conversational and show your personality.


5: Similes and Metaphors

  • Make sure to use similes and metaphors in your communication whenever possible. Metaphors are a direct comparison.
  • Similes use “like” or “as” to make a comparison.
  • The bottom line is that comparisons help connect your audience with your message.


6: Provide “Next Level” Resources

  • When all’s said and done, leave your audience with tools and resources to take a next step.
  • These could be handouts, links to websites, a book suggestion, or an assignment.
  • Something to give them the ability to take what you’ve just communicated with them to the next level.


The key to powerful communication is to pull your audience into your message, not to push your message on them.  Work these 6 ways into your speeches, meetings, and articles from now on and watch what happens to your level of engagement.


Here is Something Special for You….Gary has created a  free downloadable PDF of these 6 ways for you called 6 Ways to Genuinely Connect With Your Audience for you to use as a guide when crafting your next communication.



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29 thoughts on “Connecting With Your Audience What You Need To Know

  1. Hi Joan,
    First time visiting your blog and I’m finding some excellent info! I completely agree with you that connecting with your audience is key to blogging success, especially empathy. Not just in content, but with products and services you plan to create and sell. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I loved this post. Yes communication is so important. I loved “it is not about you” because it is not. We are trying help and reach out to our readers. I know my goal is to encourage and inspire my readers. I loved empathy… Yes, yes, and yes…. we need to have more empathy towards our readers and others. I’m loving reading your posts. Thanks love. 🙂

  3. My mother is a Therapist. I heard her say over and over and over – speaking AT each other is not the same as speaking TO each other. The definition of communication IS that the message SENT is the one RECEIVED. (Sorry for the caps, bold is not an option here I do not think). There is an art to communicating and it is about being in tuned to those others. Listen, process, confirm you understand it the way they mean it, respond. All your points are awesome, the best of which is getting out of our own way and SERVING.

  4. Hi Joan

    Loved the new design of your blog.

    Coming to the post, you are so right about communication. communicating to the audience is the key to success.

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful ideas!

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