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Facebook Live…….Are You Taking Advantage of This Powerful Tool For Your Business, Yet?



Powerful content ideas and tips for your Facebook Live Stream that will surely help boost your business.


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Last week, I shared HOW to get started with Facebook Live with some awesome tips (click here to view the post)……In today’s post, I am going to share with you some creative content ideas that you can use to make your live stream exciting and full of value.


Hopefully you’re starting to see the full potential of this new medium and perhaps your mind is beginning to brim with ideas for exciting content you can create.



livestreamcontentideasHere are 7 Awesome Content Ideas for Your Facebook Live Stream

#1. Sharing Exciting Moments

  • Simply sharing exciting moments is a great option –and this will also help you to stand out and to reach people who perhaps are not already engaged with your brand.
  • You might opt to stream a concert that you’re at, or another live event. Or perhaps you might stream yourself arriving at a new hotel, or at a party or festival.
  • You want your audience to feel engaged and you want to build trust so that they will read your content and so that they will believe what you have to say.

#2. Vlogging

  • If YouTube has taught us anything, it’s that the content you share doesn’t have to be exciting at all
  • Vloggers on YouTube make videos of themselves talking and presenting to their audience and very often this includes nothing but just an insight into their daily lives.
  • This is the perfect kind of content for a personal brand as it allows you to engage even more with your audience and that level of connection and of trust will make all the difference when it comes to getting more sales, followers, and subscriptions.

#3. Top Tips

  • One thing to remember when creating your content is that you need to cater to people who are just arriving as well as people who have been watching right from the beginning.
  • Most of your viewers probably won’t watch from the start.
  • This makes structuring your video as β€˜top tips’ perfect – because people can understand each tip without needing the context of the last tip.
  • What’s more is that this format is perfect for speaking freely while still having some structure.
  • The list will keep bringing you back to the main topic but you’ll be able to speak freely on each point.

#4. Reviews

  • Live video is ideal for reviews.
  • Again this gives you a good focus while still allowing you to talk freely.
  • At the same time, a review works well live because your viewers can ask questions and ask to see specific things or
    have you demo specific features.
  • What works especially well of course is to review your own products!
  • At this point, it becomes a little like shopping through the TV!

#5. AMAs

  • An AMA is an β€˜Ask Me Anything’.
  • This idea was popularized by Reddit and is almost a form of live media in its own right in that format.
  • It’s also ideal for discussing things directly with your audience.

#6. Discussion

  • Another option to do some influencer marketing.
  • Get someone well known in your niche around and discuss the subject with them for all to watch.
  • Your viewers can join in.

#7. Tours

  • A tour of your home, your office or even your local town is a great way to be personal and open with your audience as well as to build your image.




How to Create Engaging Live Videos

When presenting your video, try to speak slowly and clearly and to project your voice as much as you can. The best videos will have some kind of focus and some kind of purpose (remember the above content ideas)

Let your audience interact with you and be sure to acknowledge them when they log in or when they comment. And remember that you need to cater to people who are just arriving – keep recapping on what has been said and remember that not everyone has been watching since the start πŸ˜‰



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