What Is Content Marketing?

What Is Content Marketing and Why Should You Care If You Are A Blogger?



Simply put, the definition of content marketing is : the use of any type of media (like blog posts, articles,videos, images or books ) as a tool for garnering exposure and sales for your business.


The overall purpose of content is to make a statement in a way that is compelling and attractive to your preferred audience.



When you’re using content for marketing purposes, you want to include some kind of call to action that encourages people to do something.  You can be asking them to click a link, make a call, sign a petition or simply share the information.



The most important thing to remember when you are using content marketing is to focus on providing value. When you use content as a marketing tool, your purpose is to educate, inform and engage people with the goal of turning them into customers


It’s not about direct sales to increase your bottom line; it’s about using information to show customers and potential customers that your business can provide value they need to enhance their lives in some way. It’s an indirect sales method that can turn customers into consistent clients.


By sharing content, you are encouraging a form of two way communication.  Not only do you want people to become customers, you want them to become an active community of clients that use your business consistently. 


The reason you’ve been hearing about content marketing so much is that businesses are starting to recognize that communicating with customers is much more beneficial than communicating at customers.


Read that again.……..

Businesses are starting to recognize that communicating with customers is much more beneficial than communicating at customers.


People tend to tune out advertisements so you have to do more of it to make an impact.  People don’t tune out information.  In fact, in this age of information, people are consuming it in large amounts.  If you are able to contribute to their desire for knowledge and information, you won’t be tuned out.


You have the opportunity to connect with your audience in a way that is meaningful.  You have the opportunity to help quench their thirst for knowledge while providing a product or service to back it up.


This is why utilizing a content marketing strategy in your business is important…it is the key to your online blogging success.


The great thing with content marketing is that anyone can do it.


Once you lock in on the type of content you feel most comfortable creating you can do it.



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0 Replies to “What Is Content Marketing?”

  1. HI JOAN,

    Thanks for explaining content marketing so well. We cannot use our blogs as a place to scream out “buy my stuff” otherwise you will find yourself all alone in dead water.

    We always have to provide value to others no matter what! And of course, if we follow the 80/20 rule where by 30% is content and 20% is about a product/service we offer, then it’s fine.

    But even when we are showing our readers our opportunity, it is a great thing to keep in mind not to make it so salesy. We need to write it in a way where we have benefited from something and want to share it with our readers.


  2. This will be of a lot of value for the many marketing people who are in my LinkedIn network. I have already shared some of your other fine posts with my network, and will be sharing this one, too.

  3. “Sharing is a two way communication” was my favorite line from this post. I will definitely try to keep that on the forefront of my mind when creating content. I do try to sit down before I create anything and think about how someone might receive the content I am sharing. Will it move them? Will it help them? Will they find it engaging? You really got me thinking with this post.

  4. Nice one Joan, content marketing is a fab way to tell our audience about our business in an indirect way, which shows them we may have what they are looking for.
    It’s very rewarding to write, or produce content on social media which is going to have a positive result on readers or viewers, and attract them to us.
    You also mention a Key point… the call to action!! And if we are producing and targeting the right content and people, then the Clicks wil follow 🙂

  5. I don’t care for blog posts that are trying to sell me anything. However, storytelling that makes me want to know more can entice. There is a fine line. Unfortunately, I will totally disconnect once I think someone is trying to get me to buy something rather than simply trying to form connections.

  6. As well as providing value for your customers you need to get found by potential customers. Content marketing is the best way to achieve this. New content will be favored by the search engines and can be promoted on social media sites, increasing your reach further.

  7. Good morning, Joan.
    I’m still trying to figure out if I talk to my vision-impaired reader or at them. I know that my content is honest and compelling but I don’t get many responses from other vision-impaired people. I think it’s difficult physically for vi people to figure out how to leave comments. But 2 or 3 is really poor. I get discouraged and stop marketing myself to them. But that’s not the answer either because I’ve had several people who HAVE purchased my book over a four-month period and really, really like it. But I just don’t get a lot of feedback from over 6,000 vision impaired people so I feel discouraged. I’ll keep working on it.

    1. Hi Amy 🙂 I would talk TO your vision impaired readers not AT them 🙂 And DO NOT GIVE UP ok? Just keep at it and stay consistent, because I know that you will get people that will relate to you, so do not worry, as long as what you are doing and sharing is your passion then keep on doing it 🙂 If you are interested I know of a great marketing platform that could help you…..

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