Why Content Marketing?

Why Is Content Marketing So Important As A Marketing Strategy?









Creating a content marketing strategy can take time and effort away from other things you could be doing for your business.





It’s definitely not a magic pill that you can use to experience instant profit making results.





It is however a very valuable process you can use multiple times to build your business.





If you’re on the fence about content marketing because you’re wary of making the investment, consider that you’re already doing some form of content marketing without even realizing it.





Your website, emails and company newsletters are all forms of content that you use to contribute to your company’s brand.





Everything you create has the ability to drive sales or build an audience.








Here are 10 benefits of Content Marketing to help get you off the fence





1. Cost effective

  • The root of content marketing is information that you already have.
  • All you need is to put it in a format that can be easily shared and digested by potential customers




2. Helps you build a relationship with your audience

  • Any time you communicate with your audience, you make room for a dialogue which leads to a relationship.
  • Brand loyalty comes when consumers have a relationship with a brand.




3. Lets you be a resource

  • By sharing valuable information and insights with people, you can demonstrate the value that your company can provide.
  • By presenting yourself as a resource, it gives you the opportunity to build a level of trust before people become customers.




4. Gives you a competitive edge

  • Sharing content gives you an edge because it levels the playing field.
  • You have a unique perspective and can provide professional insight just like someone at a larger company.




5. Isn’t industry specific

  • Every industry can benefit from sharing valuable information and insight with consumers.
  • You don’t have to be in a creative or entertainment oriented field to benefit from sharing content.
  • As long as you are providing value that people can use, you will benefit from content marketing.




6.  Creates educated customers

  • Many business websites have frequently asked questions pages.
  • It’s done in an attempt to field some of the more common questions asked to ensure that when consumers make contact, they’re knowledgeable
  • By sharing content, you help increase that level of knowledge even more.
  • It makes your interactions with customers more focused on how you can help than and less focused on why they need your help.




7.  Creates empowered consumers

  • When people are informed and knowledgeable about something, they’re empowered to make informed decisions.
  • When your customers are empowered, they can be more savvy and easier to work with.
  • People can be appreciative when they are given the ability to become empowered, especially when it’s through the sharing of information.
  • Appreciative customers can turn into long term clients.




8.  Can lead to a viral campaign

  • By creating content, you are much more likely to experience a viral piece of content than if you don’t create content at all.




9.  Lets you control your message

  • When you are the one creating the content being used to represent your business, you can control what that message is and what it says.
  • You can determine who your ideal audience is and craft messages solely for them.
  • You can also determine which piece of content will work best.




10.   Allows you to recycle information

  • When you create a valuable piece of content, it’s always possible to reuse that information for additional purposes.
  • You can turn a white paper into a series of articles and then turn those articles into short videos.
  • The possibilities for what you can do with your content are limited only by your own creativity and imagination.






Content marketing gives you the ability to use your knowledge and experience to differentiate yourself from the competition.









You are leaving money on the table if you don’t take full advantage of it.









Plus, no one has the same knowledge and experiences as you.






Most importantly, creating content allows you to explore and use your own unique selling proposition.








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