How Rewarding Is Your Content?

How To Make Sure Your Content Is Rewarding









Be creative and rewarding for your reader by providing little“cookie nuggets” in your content.




What do I mean  by “cookie nuggets” ?




This is what I learned from Sonia Simone from CopyBlogger about creating copy that is rewarding…..






Every post or article you create needs to have a little nugget of “cookie content”.

  • Cookie content is a little piece of useful information that benefits that reader.

  • The best “cookies”  show off your unique area of expertise in your content
  • Every tip should be something your customer can act on right away.
  • Most people don’t come to the Internet to find long-term strategies.
  • If you have great long-term tips, think about how to translate them into immediate action.
  • Make sure that most of your cookie “nuggets”  can benefit your customers today.





Always reward your customers for taking the time to read your posts or articles……..Give them a cookie “nugget”  each and every time.





It works!





The biggest reason prospects don’t buy is that they don’t trust you yet.

  • Content marketing lets you build that trust up over time.
  •  Cookie “nuggets” helps build that trust.
  • Not only does it get your customers reading your messages, but you’re doing them dozens of little favors, and sharing your expertise with them.





Just continue showing up in their mail box, keep providing useful information, and they’ll come to you when they’re ready.






 Are you creating little “cookie nuggets” for your readers?







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0 Replies to “How Rewarding Is Your Content?”

  1. Joan,
    What wonderful advice! I notice that on VisionAware, the one who converts our posts to the site as peer mentor blogs does that and I love it! It looks so prefessional. I rarely do it on my own. But I need to start. Thank you for that piece of advice!

  2. Great post Joan! What I love to do is create a tip of the day for Instagram for my followers. It’s a great way to get leads for your business.

    Love the term “cookie nuggets”

    Keep the content coming!

  3. You are completely right Joan! I try giving those cookie nuggets in each one of my posts so that my readers can improve their blogs.
    As you say, once you get often into someone’s inbox, you start building a trust relationship. I see it myself, when I get emails from websites that I have signed up for, my state of mind changes day by day and I start trusting them more and more, and saying myself “why not signing up for their e-course/e-training.

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