Does Your Content Strategy Focus On Your Ideal Reader?

How To Focus On Your Ideal Reader With Your Content Strategy









Remember that your readers aren’t interested in you, your business, and your products.





They just want to know what’s in it for them.









Before you start planning your website or blog, consider these tips from Henneke….



Who are you writing for – this is your ideal reader or buyer persona.

  • Define what content helps your ideal reader understand your type of products or services – perhaps you need to educate your reader




Collect the reader questions

  • You should answer and consider how you can help your ideal reader make choices – your ideal reader might not know whether he needs a web designer or a web developer




Think about how you can help your ideal reader.

  • Does he want to grow his business to make more money?

  • Or would he prefer to find a way to work less and still make enough money?

  • To start a conversation with your ideal reader and to sell to him, you need to understand what drives him, what motivates him, and what he’s dreaming off.




List the objections you need to overcome.

  • Why would your ideal reader hesitate to hire an interior designer or business coach?

  • How can you nudge him and overcome his hesitations?




How can you quickly tell web visitors what they’ll find on your site?

  • Confirm that people are in the right place.

  • Avoid a clever headline

  • Have a clear call-to-action.

  • What are people supposed to do on your home page?

  • Don’t push your services but focus on what your web visitors want to do.

  • Minimize distractions so web visitors can quickly find what they’re looking for.

  • Include an interesting image.

  • Make a product photo clickable so people can find further information on the featured product.



What’s the purpose of your about page?

  • The question your about page should answer is this: Which problems do you solve for your customers?

  • Writing about your products bores your readers.

  • Writing about their problems grabs their attention

  • Remember to address your reader with the word YOU

  • Include some interesting tidbits about yourself, but avoid self-indulgent content.

  • Ensure that your about page reflects the right tone of voice.

  • Include a photo of yourself or your team.

  • People connect with people and we like seeing faces.

  • Don’t forget a call-to-action.

  • An about page is often one of the most visited pages.

  • What would you like web visitors to do next?

  • Include a sign up form to your newsletter or links to your service pages.

  • Don’t expect web visitors to figure out what to do next.

  • Be bossy and tell them what to do.




Your contact page should encourage readers to connect

  • Show you’re interested in hearing from someone with a friendly introduction.

  • Include social media profiles and encourage people to connect






Your blog educates and inspires


  • People are tired of sales pitches.

  • They’re looking for information that’s helpful, entertaining, or inspirational.

  • Share helpful advice because it attracts visitors to your site, and it builds trust and authority.

  • Follow the rules for conversational writing – ask questions and use the word you

  • Publish content only when you have something to say.

  • Publish content you’re proud of.

  • Create a newsletter sign up form that stands out and encourage people to sign up by telling them what they can learn and how you can make them feel better.

Check the flow of your content.

  • You’ve created wonderful content.

  • Why would you make it difficult to read?

  • Don’t make your lines longer than 75 characters.

  • Longer lines are difficult to read as you need to move your head like you’re watching a tennis match.

  • A shorter line length becomes stressful as your eyes have to move back to the beginning too often.

  • Increase your font size.

  • Don’t make your readers strain their eyes with a tiny font.

  • Have plenty of white space because blocks of texts are tiring to read and turn readers away.

  • Your text is left-aligned because our eyes automatically return to the starting point when we’ve finished reading a line – just like in books.

  • Use dark fonts on a light background for maximum contrast.

  • Make headlines stand out in a larger font in a different color.

  • Use bullet points to make your content easy to scan.






Create a website that wins business





Always start with your ideal reader.





View your website through his eyes.





Overcome his objections and nudge him in the right direction.




Be yourself…….Be enchanting…….





And business will come.







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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington


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  1. Great tips! I particularly like that you say your contact page should encourage people to connect. I haven’t looked at mine for ages. I think it just has a contact form on it.

  2. Joan, I was at a writers conference last weekend and I heard this time and again: the reader immediately wants to know what’s in it for them! Thanks for breaking it down for us.

  3. Well said Joan, and you are so right about the importance of the About page. I track all the links on my site and outside of the articles the about page is the most active. I do draw the line a bit when it comes to my contact page. I’m readily available to my subscribers but the problem with the contact page is far too many people use it to pitch a blogger, and I have a double whammy because I’m also an author and a top rated reviewer on Amazon so I’m constantly receiving messages from writers wanting me to review their books – now I’ve got some guy bugging me about reviewing his game! I don’t believe my obligation to bare myself to the world extends quite that far 🙂

    1. Ah yes I agree with you on how far we should go 🙂 Thanks so much for your insights, Marquita!! Much appreciated! Have a great weekend 🙂

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