How To Have Content Success On Social Media

Here Are The 4 Steps For Creating Content Success On Social Media







Social media is a phenomenal tool for building your audience, connecting with new people, and growing your business but it will only work when you are consistently present, engaging with your audience, and giving them content they will love.




“Just like stretching a canvas gives you a place for a great painting, having a framework for your content allows you to open up your creativity and connect in whole new ways”…….says Rivka Kawano, Firepole Marketing



The framework consists of four parts:

  • Goal-based posting
  • Using tools to support your social media
  • Creating content based on post types that resonate with your audience
  • Using your “live” time to engage, take advantage of trends, and connect in real time



And yes, this works in any niche and with any type of audience.



Step 1: Know the Goal

  • Effective use of social media requires that you have a goal in mind.
  • Each and every single piece of content should be for a purpose within the framework of building relationships with your audience.
  • What is the action you want them to take?
  • Make the shift to thinking of social media as an active back and forth conversation of mutual expression and action instead of another broadcast medium.
  • In other words, social media is more like the telephone and less like television.



Step 2: Pick Your Tools

  • There are many tools available to help you be consistent with your content.
  • It is impossible to be on every social network all the time.
  • There may be times that you have something important to say and you won’t be able to post in real time.
  • This is where a content scheduler comes in.
  • It allows you to post content, automatically,  that will go live on your social media profiles at a later date and time.
  • The one that I highly recommend is PlatinumPoster.
  •  Click here to get yours.




Step 3: Create Your Content

  • 1) Inspire– Give your audience something to aspire to, get excited about, or be in awe over.
  • 2) Engage – Get your audience to take some kind of immediate action such as commenting, sharing, or retweeting your content. Make this kind of content easy, obvious, and enticing.
  • 3) Reward – Every relationship includes rewards. Make it worth their while to be in a relationship with you. Rewards are completely free with nothing asked for in return. It can be as simple as saying thank-you or as complicated as giving away a free piece of content with no strings attached.
  • 4) Entertain – Don’t forget to make your audience laugh!
  • 5) Understand – You can only improve your content by getting to know your audience better. When you seek to understand your audience through your posts, you get a chance to peek into their lives, thoughts, and feelings.
  • 6) Connect – Social media is social, not just all business. This is true regardless of your industry. So share a little bit about yourself. If you have a team, share a little bit about your team, too! Candid pictures, fun goings-on, and sneak-peeks are all great ways to connect on a more personal level.
  • 7) Educate – What does your audience want and need to know more about? Become the resource that they turn to again and again, and you will have a special place in their life.
  • 8) Promote – Now that you have taken the time to do all of the above, you have earned the right to do some promotion too. The key is to do this in such a way that you still keep your audience top of mind and connect with them in a real way, rather than pushing something on them that is not a good fit.

Yes, it is okay to ask people to buy stuff from you on social media.

  • Always balance these types of posts with other goals and post types.
  • Let people feel like they have a chance to be part of something great, rather than being pushed into something that maybe isn’t right for them.

Nobody likes to be forced.



Step 4: Real Time Connection

  •  You need to get online and actually have conversations.


  • Respond to comments and messages
  • Comment on other relevant pages
  • Like and share great content from others


  • Participate in a live Twitter chat
  • Retweet the best posts from others
  • Live Tweet based on trending hashtags
  • Follow new people
  • Start conversations with individuals you want to get to know better


  • Repin photos that appeal to you
  • Comment on others’ pins
  • Follow new people


  • Join the conversation on relevant communities
  • Circle new people
  • Comment and plus one on posts you resonate with


  • Read and participate in group discussions
  • Read and comment on news and content
  • Give someone a recommendation or endorsement
  • Ask for a recommendation
  • Send an inbox message to someone you haven’t connected with in a while to say hello





Once you have taken all these steps, it’s a simple matter of rinse and repeat!




Consistent effort over time is essential to social media, just like anything else you do for your business.





Tweet it!  Those who become successful with social media will have an incredibly unfair advantage in building an audience.




Just like letters, the telephone, and e-mail, social media is simply another tool for connecting with others.




The more we can learn to use our real world social skills in social media, the better our online relationships will be.





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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington


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