How To Convert Your Blog Post Content Into Sales

Here are 5 Valuable Ways That Will Help You To Convert Your Blog Post Content Into Sales









It is a fact that well-written, compelling and interesting blog posts,  attract a wide following.





When done in the right way, you can attract more people who want to spend money on your product or service.





Most people fail to take advantage of their blogging platform……are you one of them?






Here are 5 valuable ways that will help you to convert your blog post content into sales and convert users at a phenomenal rate from George Nielsen ,




1.  Be beneficial

  • Above all else, your readers should enjoy your content.
  • It is not always easy to make content that is useful to the reader.
  • To do so, you should think of your reader and do a little research.
  • When writing a post, you should read it back to yourself and ask a simple question.
  • “Does this offer value and did I learn something from the blog”?
  • Remember, without providing something of interest to the readers, you are going to face an uphill battle to convert them into a customer.
  •  To do this, you should also remember to keep your blog posts short and sweet.
  • By keeping it under 1,500 words, you can provide value without boring the reader.
  • If you can master this important part of blogging, you are well on your way to enjoying a solid following of people eager to buy your product or service.



2.  Increase your followers

  • While it is possible to write a great and compelling blog post, you must go further if you want to enjoy a high conversion rate and a lot of new customers.
  • One way to do so is to make sure that you have adequate followers.
  • When you make a new entry, you should post links from your social media accounts to the new blog post.
  • You should also try to share that link with other like-minded bloggers in the same industry.
  • By doing this, you can see a boost in traffic.
  • Not only that, the people landing on your pages are going to have a serious interest in the product or idea and are likely to convert into a customer at a decent rate.
  • Without doing this, you are going to face an uphill battle as it is hard to convert visitors into customers if you only enjoy a few followers.




3. Use call-to-action

  • Simply put, when you write the content, you should speak to your audience in a way that compels them to sign up for services, spend money or buy a product.
  • Now, when making a call-to-action script, you should opt to put it in the middle and end of the post.
  • This way, a reader will see it without becoming overwhelmed by a sales pitch.
  • Instead, with a simple offering of an idea, you can get someone excited without making them feel like they are part of a commercial.
  • When mastered, you are going to have an easy time making money with your blog posts as this is beneficial for anyone who wants to get their visitors to shell out cash.



4.  Comment Engagement

  • While some comments sections fill up with spam quickly, it is still wise to go down this route.
  • The benefit of accepting comments is twofold.
  • Number one, you can answer any potential client’s questions before they rush off and buy another product from the competition.
  • Furthermore, when encouraging the sharing of ideas and thoughts, you can see your readership thrive as people love to share links and discuss ideas on the Internet.
  • While this is all true, you must take the comments section seriously as trolls and other people can fill it with bad ideas or junk quickly.
  • One must understand the true importance of the Internet, and when they do, they will have an easy time setting up and moderating a blog comments section.
  • Without this, a blogger will always have a hard time building his or her fan base as many end up finding links and other information in blog posts and it is wise to avoid shutting out people who want to voice their opinion.



5.  Leave no question unanswered

  • As mentioned, you need to provide value to your reader.
  • They need to walk away from the blog post and have their questions answered.
  • This is important as most people, while online, are looking for an excuse to avoid spending money.
  • For this reason, when thinking about the product or service you are selling, you should try to outline every possible benefit.
  • This is just the beginning.
  • You should prepare for the onslaught of questions people will have about a product.
  • Without a doubt, when you can quell their inner voice and prevent them from backing down, you are going to enjoy an extremely high conversion rate.
  • One must understand that, while on the Internet, it is harder to sell products and a smart blogger must act as a salesperson who can help the customer spend his or her money wisely.
  • While this is hard at first, a great writer will have little trouble in creating blog posts that people both enjoy and find informative.






When running a blog, you can make more money with some effort but you must understand how it works and what you can do to excite people and get them to shell out money.




While there is a lot of competition online, you can rise above everyone else if you simply provide value, gain a lot of followers, encourage sharing and leave no questions unanswered.




Once you master blog writing and posting, you will kill the competition who still relies on old methods to find, attract and convert visitors into customers who want to come back over and over.








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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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  1. A lot of great points made in this piece. The one that I like and stands out is that you need to create value. The value will keep people coming back for more, and help build that trust to gain great and wonderful customers.

    1. Yes creating value lots and lots of VALUE is the most important thing that we need to focus on and agree with you Mike, that value will keep people coming back for more 🙂 Thank you for your awesome comment, Mike 🙂

  2. These are great points you have written which are of value when trying to make sales from the content you write. Point 3 is very important, many times the reader does not make that decision of what to do after reading the content but with clear instructions it helps.

  3. Joan, Thanks for these tips. I do find them super general, though, and would love to see some examples. Also, I wonder if you have suggestions for a novelist to apply you tips. Thanks!

  4. Joan,
    I always expect great tips and great content from you, and this blog post didn’t disappoint! I personally (though I completely understand time constraints that make this understandable) am disappointed when I ask a blogger a question and the question never gets answered. In a perfect world, bloggers would answer comment questions!

  5. One tip that really made the difference for me was having a consistent call to action at the end of my blog post. Your tip here made me always think to begin the end in mind of what do I want my reader to do after they read my post….

    Your site continues to give me great tips and info to grow my home biz. Keep em coming!

    Dr. Lisa

  6. Totally agree with everything that you said here Joan. Blogging also helps a person get to know, like, and trust you which are 3 key ingredients needed for a person to either purchase a product or join in a business opportunity.

    You always provide so much value and I plan on implementing all the strategies outlined in this post.

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