Does Your Copy Engage Your Readers?

How To Be More Persuasive With Your Copy









What makes good copy?





“The copy, the emails you send out and the newsletters you mail to clients and prospects are your voice and as such you want people to read them, love the content, be moved by it, share it and respond to it.” – says Charlie Cook






Does your headline jump out and grab your reader’s attention so they know right away, “What’s in it for me?”……

  • Is it clear who your target audience is?
  • Is it written in the readers’ language, filled with “buzz words” ,” the key words and phrases that tell your target audience, “I speak your language”?? 
  • Does your copy demonstrate to the reader that you understand and empathize with their problems, making you a logical person to offer solutions?
  • Is your headline a compelling attention-grabber?
  • Will it “stand out in a crowd” of emails, blog posts, and flood of information fighting for your readers’ attention?
  • Does the copy successfully, completely and quickly answer the question“What’s in it for me?” so the reader never has a chance to ask, “Why are you bugging me?”
  • Are you using a story to paint word pictures that change what you’re saying from “an intellectual idea” into “an emotionally and tangible idea” so your reader can relate to it?
  • Do you point out your prospects’ most nagging problem, “pour salt on the wound” by listing all the negative consequences of having that problem, and then step in to “save the day” with the solution you share?
  • Have you addressed your readers’ “hidden desires”?
  • Do you talk about the living large, long and easy… depending on your readers?
  • Do you make use of powerful words like “right away” , “today” or “immediately”  other ways to imply “instant gratification” to today’s“give it to me this second” readers?
  •  Is the solution presented in way that will make the reader say, “this is just what I’ve been looking for.”






Remember to ask yourself this always with your copy…..“Is your message crystal clear, what the primary problem is, the easy “aha” solution and what to do – so that anyone of average intelligence would understand it?”








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  1. Every time I read an entry on your blog, I only come away better informed, and with new ideas for my own blog. Thanks for that! You have such an encouraging writing style, and I appreciate that about you. Keep it up!

  2. These are great points made Joan. I consider these factors when I am writing my emails. The only thing I would like to be better at, is coming up with better ideas for headers that can get those points across. When I do have a good idea, I sure enough get a huge amount in open rates. It is hard to be your best everytime, but try anyway, right! As always, you have written vaulable info that helps!

  3. Thanks again Joan for your “in your face” tips to add to my growing “Gospel According to Aunty Joan” checklist. You are making us all better because of what you do. Thank You, Thank YOU, THANK YOU. 🙂

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